Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Weekly Happenings Post #344 (October 26-November 1)-- Wicked Witch Rides Again and More of the Stomach Bug,

We all slept super late on Monday, which was nice since we had all stayed up late the night before. Peyton cooked breakfast and then I took my bath and got on the computer and made a list for the day. Peyton was working so he left. By that time it was noon =) The kids had been cleaning up their room and I helped them finish that and then I fixed them lunch. They ate and I made beds, did dishes, and collected laundry. After that, we had morning school. They did their calendar and power cards, then I read them their devotion and they did a craft, and then we read some from a library book of Greek myths, learned about Halloween, and had a dance party to Halloween music. They had rest time and I ate my lunch, got on the computer, texted with a friend, and rested some. I had a bad headache again and took some medicine and then I started roasting zucchini and butternut squash for supper. We did their Five in a Row book and then did math. Supper was ready so they ate and I did dishes and changed over the laundry. They went to bed and I got on the computer a bit.

Peyton found this "party light" online for $4 and night parties just kicked it up a notch. Actually, unsurprisingly, Graves is obsessed with the rave scene in his room but it's giving Annie a little bit of anxiety.

Then I worked on my quote of the month and my chalkboard. Peyton got home and we talked and then he ran to the store and I watched The West Wing and folded laundry. I put up the laundry and worked on the snack I was bringing to Bible study the next morning.

No, you woke you six year old up at two in the morning to ask if you could use her "special honey" from her special bee adventure for a recipe you need for the next morning.

Peyton and I chatted and went to bed.

Tuesday ended up being pretty busy but really fun. I got up earlier than usual, got dressed, and hustled off to Bible study with my snacks. We actually only had three more times and I knew I wasn't going to make any. Anyway, it went great! I had a wonderful time and headed home. I relaxed a bit and got on the computer, had a snack, and did some dishes.
Fall foliage!

Then we all headed out to do errands. We dropped by Peyton's parents house because Graves had to potty and Andrew was there and wanted to ride around with us. We went to Target (the one that's not as close to us) first and then to Toys R Us because we had some OLD giftcards to burn. We dropped Andrew off and headed to Pier 1 to look at some cushions for our kitchen table. We came home and ate and played some of the kids' new games and then Peyton got something down from the attic and I helped him. I worked on my chalkboard a bit more and then backed up some pictures and cleaned out my closet a bit to make space for Peyton's thing that makes his bike stationary inside. I sent a couple of FB messages and we took our family picture and then Mallory picked me up. We got cheese dip and chips and ate in the car. Best time. We came home and I did a few things and then went to bed.

I slept pretty late on Wednesday and then I took my bath and ate breakfast. Peyton and Graves went to the library to return some books and AP and I did math. I worked on my chalkboard some MORE and then we all got ready and went to Cock of the Walk for lunch. We came home and had rest time and I basically just took a nap. We all got ready and went to a Trunk or Treat thing at our friends, the Cox's, church and then went over to my parents' house. We ate dinner and came home and got the kids to bed. Peyton and I went through some boxes of toys for the kids for later and organized and I wrote a couple of shorts posts and went to bed.

Thursday was sort of a bust. Peyton got up before us and went to get a haircut. The kids got up and played and looked through their candy and then I got up. Peyton got home and I got my bath and he did some geography stuff with AP. I got on the computer and had breakfast and he left for work. I put the kids in the tub, collected laundry, and tried to make copies of something for school but the printer didn't work. I also went on this dumb hunt for an old text. I wasted way too much time and drained my phone (Peyton had the only charger). I got so frustrated. I fixed the kids lunch and then they had rest time. I laid down too, ate my lunch, and got on the computer. I felt horrible. They cleaned up their room and naptime stuff and then watched Life of Birds. I sort of tidied around the house aimlessly and finished reading something on the computer. I fixed their supper and washed a TON of dishes. I read to the kids and played with them and got them to bed. I got on the computer a bit and sent an email and did some things and then ate my supper and watched The West Wing. Peyton got home and we talked (and I cried) and then I got back on the computer and we went to bed.

Friday started out slow. The kids got up late and then they came and snuggled and played in our bed. Peyton had left for work and they actually weren't that rowdy. They watched their shows and I took my bath and did a few things on the computer. We cleaned up their rooms, I made my bed, and then we played lizards (as in, pretended to be lizards).

They had lunch I put up dishes, prepped for school, and changed over my makeup bag. I dug around in my closet for a cellphone cover to change out and then we did morning school. We did our devotion, critical thinking, and made pumpkin puppets. The kids had rest time and I got on the computer and ate lunch. Peyton got home and we all played (and I rested a bit) and then we got ready to go trick-or-treating.
I told Peyton that our house was so cold. Annie overheard and said "Just put on some warm pjs, then". "No sympathy from that one," Peyton said and I agreed. But a few minutes later she returned with her own favorite leopard jammies. I hugged her and said they might be a little small. "But they're the biggest ones I have," she said. Sweetest girl. 

We made just made our block. We had fun visiting with the wife of a pharmacist Peyton knows who lives in our neighborhood. Peyton took the kids in a spin in his bike trailer and I sent an email.

Hehehe, Wicked Witch rides again.

I was so tired. I ate something and we watched an SVU and went to bed. I felt really sick.

I got up on Saturday feeling really sick still. My stomach was hurting, I felt like I was going to throw up, and my head hurt. The kids played and watched their shows and I finally got out of bed and we had breakfast and I got my bath. They had a pretty early lunch and rest time and I had lunch, got on the computer, rested myself, and threw up several times. Annie had ANOTHER spell of that bug and I think I had it, too. After that, we played a bit and then they had supper. I did dishes and they watched a movie and went to bed.

Graves: "Hey Momma, come look! I put my dinosaur to sleep!" (in the bathroom cabinet) 

I finished a couple of posts and Peyton got home. He and I ate and went to bed. We watched some TV and I had a hard time falling asleep and played on my phone some.

Since we were all still sick, we missed church AGAIN on Sunday. I was so bummed. We still managed to have a really nice day, though.

I am grateful that in all my years as a Protestant Christian, we have always attended (Methodist and Episcopal) churches that recognize the first of November, and in general, to varying degrees, the importance of the church calendar. I know that, were we at Northside that week, I could still claim both these blessings and I'm so thankful for our precious liturgy loving Baptist friends now too.

Annie got up and cleaned her room before Graves or I got up. I was SO proud! Then they had breakfast and watched their shows. I had my breakfast and got on the computer, took my bath, and made the bed. I started some laundry and dusted in all the bedrooms, study, and den.

This is such a sweet spot in so many ways. Annie now quizzes Graves on the BrainQuest cards herself. And she totally gets his active learning style and just follows him around the house doing it. Right now they're on top of the washing machine while I sort laundry.

I emptied all the trash cans and scrubbed sinks, potties, and bathtubs. I swept and mopped all the wood floors and then fixed the kids lunch. I ate, got on the computer, rested, and threw up. UGH. I got up and we played some and then they had supper. I folded some laundry and did some dishes. We read and they took a bath. I vacuumed the rug in the den and vacuumed the kitchen and then mopped in the kitchen. I helped the kids finish their bath and then uploaded some pictures and read blogs and worked on a post. Peyton got home and we watched a movie and then I got on the computer. I went to bed later than I should have.

I had peeked at the next week on Google Calendars and it made me so tired just looking at it. Chancery Court election, Mistletoe midnight shift, Peyton picked up a couple of extra days, and I was becoming increasingly aware (as if it weren't super obvious) of the huge commitment human growing is for me personally. SO...I made an executive decision that if we do any school at all it would be icing on the cake. I decided to be incredibly gentle with myself the first half of November and reminded myself of the Perks of Homeschooling while we were beginning to move at a pace that's not really my preference. So that's up next! November! 

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