Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Advent This Year


I was thinking about Advent with the kids and it's been making me kind of twitchy (along with many things, these days). Then I read this post from Christine Purifoy (a relatively recent favorite) and she mentioned that The Jesus Storybook Bible- which is one of my absolute very favorite books of all time ever- has *exactly* twenty four stories leading up to the birth of the Christ child.

I LOVED Ann Voskamp's book but it was a little much to chew on for my two and gauging from our typical Bible study, it still will be. We have so many more years for that and I have no doubt it will be perfect for another year. And this is NOT supposed to be a stressful time. 

So, I'm reminding myself that it's okay if we don't craft a felt Jesse Tree every year- there's grace for that- and that a series of nightly stories that points continually to a Rescuer who is overwhelmingly for them will be plenty sufficient. As is the Rescuer, praise God!

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