Friday, December 11, 2015

Always an Annie to Me

Milestones don't come so often anymore, but the other night we hit one. I can't articulate why, but it was a very important one to me. A couple of Annie's soccer teammates still call her "Ann" and we were discussing in the car how she needs to be able to correct them if that's not what she wants to be called. Suddenly, it occurred to me to ask her (maybe a little nervously) what she WOULD like people to call her. I explained that she could go by Ann Peyton, AP, Annie, or if she wanted- Ann or Peyton. She quickly told us that "I really like the name Annie and I love when people call me that". She did say later that she doesn't mind Ann Peyton and it won't bother her at all if her friends who have used her double name all her life continue to do so.

Names are a really big deal to me. They are so, so important. And I loved this moment so much. To be totally honest (and it's probably obvious but it's been hard for me to admit even to myself) I like her double name more in theory than in practice. I think it's a beautiful name and it represents two of the people I love most in this world- her papa and her aunt. But she's always an Annie to me. It fits and it's been my preference for awhile. It's one of my favorite names in the entire world. But I'm still glad I have her permission to go back and forth, which has been one of my absolute favorite things about the name we chose- that it has allowed me to go back and forth between her beautiful double name and a cute diminutive for six years pretty seamlessly. In fact, I consider that a lot when thinking about this next baby's name.

I was just a little younger than her when I dropped the "Sarah" and became Denley for the next twelve years until I entered college. Another really fun thing about having a double name is that, if you have gracious enough friends, you can go by different things at different stages of your life.

 So grateful for my sweet Annie girl and her strength of opinion on things.

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