Tuesday, December 1, 2015

SD Is Thankful (Days 21-30)

My last round of Thankfuls for this season!








And a few notes:
*Day 22- And it was Mick's spaghetti. Cooking his recipes makes me sort of sentimental because it always made me feel like he was close when I cooked them in New York. But now he really is. Yet another reason why I am thankful. 
*Day 25- Okay, actually they aren't rock stars; their mom has let them get on a really jacked up schedule. But sometimes I give back pats for incidental things that really don't deserve them.
*Day 26- This is something I'll never take for granted. Honestly, Thanksgiving was emotionally exhausting on so many levels. But I remembered that Brooklyn SD was in a LOT worse shape and she wasn't dealing with these INTENSE hormones (or reading library books about families ripped apart by slavery, good grief, WHY did I do that?!?).
*Day 27- and for writing in general, too. So often this is the case-- the things that are the most daunting to wrote through are usually the most healing.
* Day 28- (See day 27) there have been things about this year that have been especially hard, but I love him so much.
*Day 29- That's not to say I didn't have a HARD time making it to church that morning. I had nothing on my stomach but all this drainage and I swear it felt like sulfur it burned my throat and nose (and eyes?!?) so bad. TMI, but I thought it was necessary for y'all to fully appreciate the Thankful.
* Day 30- A sweet friend on IG pointed out that November only had thirty days in it. See what a challenge it was :)

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