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Weekly Happenings #346 (November 9-15) -- Working Hard, Partying Hard

[Aww, Annie, sometimes I feel just like this.]

Whew. This was a crazy week for us. I subbed twice and between those two days Peyton took an extra shift in Tupelo. The kids also both had parties to go to that weekend. I realized another thing about this week when I read over it is that I was really frustrated with Graves a bunch. My guess is that it had more to do with the circumstances and my stress level than his actual behavior. Anyway, overall it was a good week even though it was busier than I prefer.

Monday was a pretty good day. The kids slept late and then I fixed them breakfast. They watched their shows and I took my bath, had breakfast, and got on the computer. We did morning school, cleaned up their room, and then they had lunch. I got super frustrated with Graves.
When you have to apologize to the kindest person you know for treating him terribly. Just because he has so much energy and you are so ill-equipped and anxiety prone and some days you feel very much like you're drowning. I could never tell you how much I love you or what a gift you are, sweet boy.

I did dishes and then it was rest time. I sent several emails and read a bunch of blog posts. When rest time was over, I got the stuff together and Annie and I did English and then we did Five in a Row. I went ahead and read them some library books and their Bible story and then they had supper. Peyton got home and they watched a movie that Netflix had sent. We actually watched most of it with them. We got them to bed and Peyton picked up a pizza and we watched SVU and then I folded a ton of laundry. I finished a post, read my Bible, and got on Instagram. It was SO late.

I got up early and got ready to go sub at Mother's Day Out on Tuesday. I was so tired, but it was the best day. I stayed until two and when I got home I talked to Peyton and the kids and then straightened, made the bed, and cleaned up the kitchen. Peyton read to the kids some and then got ready to drive to Tupelo where he was working the next day. We said goodbye and I read some to the kids and they had super. They took a super fast bath because Annie told me she never watched her show. They watched the show and then went to their room. They were up SO late. I ate supper, uploaded pictures, sent an email, texted a friend, started a post, and read some blogs. I was in bed before eleven (and before the kids).

What is going on here? Chair in her bed, conked out in my old nightgown she loves to play dress up in, map book positioned for easy access in the morning. Just another night at the Herrington house. [I took this when I got up to go to the bathroom before I feel asleep.]

The kids and I slept super late and I actually woke up well rested on Wednesday. I did have an upset stomach, though. UGH. They ate breakfast and I made the bed and got on the computer. I took a bath and they watched their shows. There was some drama and the streaming stopped working during AP's. I got dressed and ate something and they had a snack and then we cleaned up their room. I got pretty upset with Graves again. Minnie called, we finished and got dressed to go to her house, and then I took their October monthly pictures over a month late. I collected laundry and straightened some and then started dishes. Minnie came over and we visited a bit and then headed over to her house. We played some and Mickey got home. We ate super with them and then they brought us back. I let the kids finish the show they were watching when Minnie got here and then got them ready for bed. They didn't go to bed until after TWO. Literally at 2:15 in the morning Graves dropped Wheely Bug over the gate and it crashed. We were already asleep. AP told me later that Wheely Bug is the "two AM alarm" and he will do that every morning from now on. OMG.

What are you doing at one AM? If your a student at the Schoolhouse in the Suburbs, you're wearing a clearance 6-12 mo. (purchased this year) monster costume from Walgreens and creating dramatic productions with Steggie and your circa 1960 cowboys and Indians. If you worked ten hours in Tupelo and drove back and then went grocery shopping, you fell asleep with your glasses on and computer on your chest. If you are ten weeks pregnant and have a teaching job somewhere other than the Schoolhouse in the Suburbs a few hours later, you are kicking yourself pretty hard.

I had such a rough night and then I had to be up EARLY to go sub at St. Augustine on Thursday. It was an amazing day, though. I love love love third graders. I had been sort of nervous about it because it's a a self-contained class (all subjects done by one teacher) and it was a lot of content. But the day flew by.

I stopped by the grocery store on the way home and when I got home, I rescheduled a doctor's appointment and straightened a bit. I vacuumed in the den and wiped down counters in the bathroom and then worked on my personal budget. Our friend Miranda was in town and she stopped by for a visit for a couple of hours. When she left, we fed the kids supper and Peyton returned some library books. We got Graves to bed (he had gotten in trouble earlier) and Annie stayed up with us and read and Peyton taught her to make a grilled cheese. I read some blogs, sent a few emails, and wrote a post. I went to bed around midnight and woke up a lot in the night.

The kids slept super late on Friday.- they didn't wake up until 10:30! Again, this is because they were up until SO LATE on Wednesday. I got up and fixed them breakfast. I got so sick and then got on the computer and ate something. I took my bath and made our bed. They watched their shows. They wanted to play in their room after that and I told them to come eat lunch and they could play at rest time. They said they weren't hungry (understandably since we had such a late breakfast) and could they just have rest time first. Um, yes. I got on the computer and started a post and ate something and read a few blogs and laid down. When rest time was over Annie and I did English and then they ate a big snack.

"Look, I made North America!" Peyton has been doing a maps unit with them and Annie is our resident geography buff.

I did dishes and Peyton got home. We headed over to see his grandmother at the nursing home and then to my parents' house. We had a wonderful supper and came home and got the kids to bed. They went to bed at a somewhat normal time. I finished my post and read a few more blogs. Peyton biked in our room and then took a bath and I was so cold I wanted one, too. We chatted and went to bed.

We all woke up around ten on Saturday. I got a quick bath, responded to an email and FB message, got dressed, fed the kids breakfast and picked out AP's clothes and then I ate breakfast and looked up directions for the party we were going to. Peyton's dad came over to keep Graves and I quickly wrapped a present and we headed to the roller skate rink in Clinton for the birthday party.

Annie roller skated for the first time at the birthday party. It was like watching a baby learn to walk. She had told us several times before the party that she "couldn't skate". We reassured her a lot and she had a blast!

I love it when she finds her confidence! She had the best time. We did have a very hard moment when I threw her armband in the nasty bathroom trashcan. She wanted it off, but she wanted to keep it (probably forever). I'm glad her meltdowns have gotten a lot more manageable (and that we had already thanked the hostess).
Look at her tiny skates! I even exchanged numbers with another mom which is sort of the end goal of going to this kind of thing- besides just being fun, since they're not in traditional school, we really want them to have the opportunity to develop friendships outside just our own friends' children. Her closest friend from soccer (who is a year older and about a foot taller than AP) told me "I wish she could come home with us and be ours". I decided that kind of frankness was enough to give me the confidence to ask her momma for her number. She was really happy I asked and I can't wait to get them together sometime. (Also, being really honest here- I would regret to this stuff every time if Peyton didn't really push me.)

We got home and visited with Grandpa Randy and then they played outside and had a snack.

 The trouble with Moose Caboose is he can get this high by himself but he gets stuck and scared on the way back down.

I emailed Peyton because I hadn't gotten the mom's correct number and sent another message and then I read outside some and played with them. They came in for rest time and I ate my lunch and got on the computer and rested. I got a bad headache and took some medicine and just tried to lay down a little longer. The kids got up and I fixed them supper and then they took a quick bath. I read some more, sent another message, and worked on finances while they ate. After their bath, they watched an hour of Planet Earth and I uploaded pictures and worked on a post. Peyton got home and visited with the kids and the documentary ended and I did a bunch of dishes. Then we got them to bed and ate supper. We watched about three SVUs and folded WEEKS worth of laundry. I got everything ready for church and we went to bed late.

We all got up early on Sunday and got ready. Peyton got the kids ready except for their hair and I made the bed. We dropped Peyton off and the kids ate breakfast in the car. I put on my make up and played on my phone and dozed off a bit while we waited in the Walgreens parking lot for Sunday school to start. Sunday school was great but Graves had a HARD time in church. It was really frustrating.
 Operation Big Boy Church Clothes: Part 2

We came home and changed clothes and since we had time we cleaned up their room. I did a few quick things on the computer and made a to-do list and we left for Graves's end of the season blastball party.
Guess we're going grown in casual wear too. He wanted to wear this to his soccer party and I didn't have the time or the energy to fight him. Plus, as hard as self-autonomy is in the wardrobe department, I know it's important and it's probably time.

When we got home the kids had rest time. Graves actually ended up falling asleep and I finished a post and then read a TON of blogs I've been "marking as unread" for the longest time. When he got up, I let them watch their shows. I fixed them supper and they ate and I unpacked our church stuff and did dishes and then got them ready for bed and we left to pick up Peyton.

We ate supper and watched ONE show and fell asleep with the light on. It was good to get to bed early to get a good start on the week!

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