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Weekly Happenings Post #345 (November 2-8)-- MISTLETOE Week!!!

 These people in BRAND NEW infant Halloween costumes that went on clearance at the Walgreens and were selling for like $99. Peyton got a girl and boy option for the new baby and our kids quickly seized them. Oh well. 

So, we're picking back up in the first full week of NOVEMBER. Yep, I got behind again. 

Monday was such a hard day and I'm so glad that Peyton was home. I had another headache and was so sick. I got up and had breakfast, slept literally the rest of the morning, and then threw up. I finally got a bath and started the day. We had lunch and then drove around to four different Walgreens campaigning for Haydn. We went over to my parents' house and visited with them and had leftover beans and then came home and put the kids right to bed. I straightened the house a bit and then we went to bed ourselves. I still had a headache and I woke up a lot in the night.

Peyton was campaigning at the polls on Tuesday and he left early to set up and then came back home. He set up a movie for the kids and brought doughnuts for breakfast. I stayed in bed for awhile and when I got up I was so dizzy and seeing spots and my ears were ringing. He came home and we loaded up the kids and had my blood pressure checked at Walgreens. It was fine and really I felt a bit better after I took some medicine and walked around some. We got home and he had lunch and then headed back out. The kids played and I researched who to vote for and did a few other things. Peyton came home mid afternoon and we went to vote and then he and Graves headed back to the polls and I got on the computer and then did math with Annie. We headed up there and got Graves and went to the park. We came home and the kids ate supper and watched a movie. Peyton came home, took a shower, and left to go to the pizza place to watch the results come in. The kids went to bed and I got on the computer and finished a post.

 I used to love to climb on the door facings when I was little!

 Peyton may just get his wish- maybe we'll never end up buying this third baby a bed. Also, that owl they're both cuddling with? It was the first stuffed animal we ever bought and also the first toy Annie ever even asked for in a store. We explained that tears aren't always (or even usually) going to work but we did understand it was the last one and on clearance (and thus probably wouldn't be there later after we/she had time to think- she's pretty sharp), and that she loved him so. Most of their toys are hand me downs/our old stuff (they are also playing with some cowboys and Indians from like the 60s right now)/things we picked to surprise them with. It's been sweet to watch her fall so in love with a little creature she picked out herself. Sleep tight Annie, Midnight, and Baby Graves.

Peyton got home around eleven and we went to bed.

Wednesday was a mostly ordinary day at home. Peyton was here that morning but I got up a bit earlier than I had been. We planned some for the coming weeks and took my bath. He got ready and left for work, I had lunch, and the kids played a bit. I stepped on one of Annie's plastic horses and broke it and she got so upset with me. We finally resolved that and they cleaned up some and then we had lunch. I did a ton of dishes and started laundry.

Annie has been going over this print out we got at Tishomingo, trying to determine if this snake is venomous. Hysterical story about how we came by him-- Graves traded best friend, Jude, one of Peyton's old trucks for him (thankfully nobody was very sentimental about that one and we did end up having a talk to make sure we didn't accidentally trade any prized Star Wars figures or Beanie Babies from Cookie that are on loan until she has her own kids). Anyway, it's been months and they're still pretty enamored with this snake the Howies bought at a garage sale and we found in their van. Also, I think it's the hormones but it makde me want to SOB that we were finally back home and due to sickness and schedules and such we haven't seen our best friends in over a month (sidenote: I've seen Carrie since but the kids STILL haven't seen each other!).

 Speaking of stuff people in this house are pretty sentimental about. Know how I said last night that all their toys were hand-me-downs? Back when we were making trips to my parents' storage unit , Peyton had to dig Hushpuppy and Teddy Graham out. I'd be damned if I was going to let his childhood stuffed animals burn down with the house (because I have anxiety and was sure our house was going to burn down while we weren't living in it). AP got pretty obsessed with Teddy Graham, like strangely obsessed (like talked about him in a weird voice obsessed) but that's mostly worn off. And for awhile Graves may totally have decided "Hush" was a real dog that belonged to him (although AP is the one who kept his treats and dog toys in her purse). He's gradually moved on to other things too, but it's so funny to watch what their interests change and develop, especially quirky ones that become all encompassing.

They had rest time and I got on the computer, I changed over the laundry, took a nap, and ate something. The kids had a snack too and played and then they got to watch their shows. I emailed a friend and talked to my mom on the phone. I fixed them supper and we read and then I bathed them. I worked a bit on my new header and put fresh sheets on our bed and put up dishes and did some more. I got them out of the tub and Peyton got home a bit later. He felt awful and he was supposed to be taking me to my Mistletoe shift that STARTED at ten thirty and picking me up at two thirty (because I still get nervous driving standard at night in areas I'm super familiar with). He took some medicine and the kids played. I got dressed and ate a snack and we left. He dropped me off and he and the kids went to Walmart and then came home.

The shift was actually a great one. A lot of hard work and I just told myself I wasn't going to lift anything TOO heavy (I only ever carried two chairs at a time) but it was a fun group and it went by quick. We moved TONS of chairs and tables and even parking barricades. We finished a bit early and I called Peyton and he had JUST fallen asleep. He got up and hurried and got the kids in the car. I already had made sure I had a back up plan and my friend Mary Kendall was working the shift. I asked her if she'd wait with me and we went to her car and then she offered to meet Peyton somewhere on Lakeland. So sweet. We met at a gas station and headed home. The kids were OUT of course and we put them in their beds and chatted and went to bed ourselves around three something.

I slept pretty late on Thursday and felt so rough. I mean my whole body hurt. Peyton got up with the kids and did his stationary bike thing and then left to visit his grandmother and was going on to work. I made beds, straightened, took out the trash, collected laundry, and got on the computer. I had breakfast and took my bath, texted my mom, and emailed a friend. I sent the kids outside while I made a few lists and finished getting ready and they came right in, Annie in tears. They seem so tired and overwhlemed sometimes, too, and also like they have a TON of excess energy. We dealt with it but they didn't seem interested in going back out. I finished something up and then we worked a map puzzle Annie has and I fixed their lunch. They ate and then had rest time and I got on the computer and ate my lunch.
 Graves's favorite thing is building. Honestly, the only time when he's content during rest time for more that a little stretch is when he's "working on" something at his toolbench. This particular day he made this "vehicle" by attaching Wheely Bug to his suitcase (just using the handles!) and adding his sleeping bag and a balloon. He and Annie are SO different and I love watching their unique interests develop.

After rest time, we played a new block game and Guess Who. They had supper and I did dishes and then read to them and got them to bed. I got on the computer and finished a post, sent an email, and did a few other things. I ate my supper and watched The West Wing and then Peyton got home. We talked and went to bed around midnight.

Peyton left early for work on Friday and the kids slept pretty late and then had breakfast and then I got up and talked to Minnie on the phone. I got on the computer, took my bath, and straightened some. I got dressed and dried my hair and played with the kids a bit. They were having a hard morning and I just felt sort of stressed for some reason. We cleaned up their room and I realized how late it was and we had lunch. They had rest time and I got on the computer and read a few blogs.

 Another day, another project. Most high energy engineer I know.

 It's another vehicle! 

Peyton got home and I finished that up and sent an email to a friend. We got ready to go to the 80s Flashback party at Mistletoe. It was POURING and I didn't feel great but we dropped the kids off with my parents and had a really good time.

 '80s Flashback!
Not the best shot, but I wore one of Annie's headbands with the tiny bows.
We ran into a good many friends and that was fun. We had a big talk on the way home and the hormones just got the best of me. Whew. We picked up the kids and Graves fell asleep on the way home. Annie went to bed a little later.
 Midnight goes to Minnie's. Perfect occasion for a smocked dress, yeah? (ETA: Annie herself wore a ratty princess dress with her Sylvester and the Magic Pebble t-shirt on top. True Momma moment, AP. Story of my life- "y'all put on this smocked bishop and jon jon; I'll wear gym shorts and a college t-shirt until I'm thirty".)

 I did some stuff on my phone and went to bed.

It was pouring again on Saturday and Annie's last soccer game got cancelled. I was very thankful, actually. The kids slept SO late. Graves woke up at eight and got in bed with me. He usually snuggles a bit but doesn't go back to sleep but he was out in a few minutes. He slept a few more hours and then they had breakfast and I talked to Minnie on the phone and got my bath. I had taken literally EVERYTHING it was safe for me to take because I had a terrible headache and was so dizzy and nauseous. I finally threw up so hard it came out my nose and my eyes started watering. I felt about a hundred times better after that. The relief was worth it for sure.

They watched too much TV and I sent another friend an email and went through my email and reader and then started a post and made a list for the day. They ate lunch and I washed about half the dishes and put up a bunch and then took out all the trash around the house, made our bed, put fresh sheets on the kids' bed, and dusted in all the bedrooms and study. They cleaned up their room and I scrubbed the bathroom sinks, toilets, and tubs (I even got out the toothbrush for ours) and then vacuumed in the bedrooms, study and bathrooms; mopped the bedrooms and study, and scrubbed the bathroom floors. The kids had rest time and I got on the computer a tiny bit, rested, and ate something. We had gotten such a late start when they got up they played a tiny bit and then ate supper. I dusted in the den, did the rest of the dishes, and scrubbed the counters. I read to them and then they took a bath and I vacuumed and mopped in the den and kitchen. Peyton got home and I got them out of the tub and ready for bed. I got on the computer and visited with Peyton. I read a bunch of blogs and ate supper and then made my list for the next day and got the kids church clothes together.

Peyton's grandmother's truck is here for right now so he took it to work and we took the car to church. We all got up and got ready and we left a little after Peyton.
 When you're transitioning out of jon jons, but your momma didn't have it in her to buy your first belt just yet. I've shared this picture several times, but it's one of my very favorites lately!

Sunday school and church were really nice and we came home and relaxed. We all had lunch and then the kids watched their shows. I took a nap and then read blogs and wrote a post while they had rest time. I talked to my mom some and we cleaned up their room and then they had supper and I did dishes. We read and played and I got them to bed and ate my supper and watched The West Wing. Peyton got home and I put up the groceries he had bought and we talked and then I got on the computer a bit more and went to bed.

Hopefully I'll be catching up more this week and next! 

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