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Weekly Happenings Post #347 (November 16-22)-- A Little Sickness

Well, this was a sort of crummy week in that Peyton and I were both sort of sick. We still managed to have a good bit of fun and accomplish a few things, though!

The kids (and Peyton and I) slept pretty late on Monday. I got up with a bad headache. Peyton made breakfast and then had to run out the door to work in Columbus. The kids and I ended up going through some of their dress up clothes and putting up some of them and some blankets because Graves wanted to get down something from the closet.

Peyton announced that a caterpillar had eaten the basil in our garden (it was actually this caterpillar- I watched him) and Graves insisted I get the 6-12 mo. glow worm costume down because he IS The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

They watched their shows and I sent a couple of emails and a Facebook message and did a few other things on the computer. After that, Graves wanted to go outside.

I was getting sort of stressed again because it was so late and we hadn't even started school (because I hadn't even planned school). [Sidenote: I know lots of people with kids my kids' age don't really plan but I try to incorporate a lot of different things, I recently realized how much more I gave Annie at his age than I am giving Graves and I want to work on that, my personality sort of necessitates it, and I spent several years in the School of Ed and well, old habits die hard.] So I kicked the kids outside (well, I kicked AP out; Graves was begging). And then I kicked myself out. And then Minnie came over for a (lovely) spontaneous visit and I realized it was time to throw in the towel and reassess our plans for the day. I decided to let them continue to just free play and I leisurely planned school/our week (something I rarely attempt when they're up/around me). They were more content than they'd been in a long time and I was more at peace and WAY less snappy when they were been difficult than I had been in awhile, probably the better part of a month. The tree outsidewas without a single leaf (Annie pointed out to me that it was "ready for Winter") and I realized I hadn't even looked at it in weeks. This was good and this is a reminder to slow my pace and enjoy the fresh air when I can. Very very few things are more important.

We literally stayed outside for about four hours (at which point it started thundering). We came in and they finished lunch and then had rest time. I read some blogs, listened to a podcast, had a snack, and started several posts. After rest time, Annie and I did English and then I fixed the kids supper. I dusted in the den, put some covers back on the couch cushions that I had washed, and started dishes. When the kids finished eating, I helped them brush their teeth, read to them, and played with them. They went to their rooms and I finished the dishes and vacuumed and mopped in the den and kitchen. I got on the computer and listened to another podcast, finished a post, sent an email, and read some blogs. I ate something and went to bed right after Peyton got home (he didn't get home until 1:30).
This was so much worse than it even looks. Literally it was piled about two feet high and covered our queen bed. Peyton hates laundry but he told me to get all the piles that were spread around the den and our room together and he'd help me on Saturday night. It too about three SVUs to finish it all. Then on Sunday, we fell asleep with the light in probably around ten. The kids and I did some overdue organizing. And this was Peyton's last extra shift to work for awhile (or so I thought). I have several things I had meant to have done (because I fell asleep the night before at ten) but it had been been a LONG time since I had felt this good about a Monday.

Tuesday was a bit hard. I subbed at St. Augustine and it was actually a very smooth, wonderful day. I did have a headache for a good portion of it, though. When I got home, I caught up with Peyton and the kids and went through my reader and then I got in the bed around five. Peyton brought me supper (and hot chocolate!) and I just rested. And rested. And rested. He was so sweet and really put out ALOT of fires with the kids. A little before midnight the tornado sirens went off and we all had to head to the bathroom for half an hour. 
 Annie was full on sobbing/screaming about the tornado sirens. Peyton gave her the whole bag of what was left of her Halloween candy and went and fetched her Animal Encyclopedia from the path of potential destruction and she remembered that "Aunt Elizabeth said that, even if they hit a house, usually tornados just damage the roofs" and she got a lot better. I had been in the bed since about five that afternoon with a headache and the good news is the front seemed to pass through with the twister(??) and I felt much better. I was really happy once I was not in a 10 x 10 space with three other people and a cat.

She moved from the hall bathroom to their bathroom and spent the rest of the night there "just to be safe". Honestly, I'm sure it's not the most uncomfortable/unconventional place she's ever slept, but bless her heart.

The kids finally went to bed and I fell asleep, too. It was a really restless night, though, I guess just because I was so congested and couldn't really get much relief.

We all woke up around nine on Wednesday. I felt a lot better. I talked to Ellis on the phone, sent an email and a FB message, and glanced at my Reader. Peyton's parents came over to get something and the kids played VIDEO GAMES Peyton had found at the library/on his system. I ate my breakfast, took a bath, and got dressed. Then we started the big attic clean out. The kids played and we spent several hours going through stuff. I helped the kids clean up their room (which included a LOT of scrubbing on their mirror because Graves had caked soap on it the night before) and then got on the computer for a bit. We headed to CiCi's again for Annie's pizza party this time. She had a fun time with her soccer team.  I also ran into one of the students from a school I've been subbing at recently. He was so incredibly friendly and happy to see me at the drink fountain, then his mother introduced herself and we had a wonderful discussion about Latin, and later before his family left he came up to my table alone (I think he's probably about ten years old) and told me how good it was to see me and how he hoped I enjoyed the rest of the evening. I told him I hoped I'd be back up at the school soon. That little school is full of precious, precious people.

We picked up some medicine at Walgreens on the way home and Graves fell asleep. AP hung out with us awhile and then went to bed. I got on the computer and Peyton watched a movie.

Thursday we had a bit more going on. We got up and had a slow a morning and then got ready. We met someone who was buying a lamp we sold on a yardsale Facebook group and then headed to Cups in Brandon for a homeschool game day. After that, we dropped the kids off with Peyton's parents and drove out to Clinton to meet with Stan since the kids and I have been attending Northside pretty regularly. It was a really, really good meeting and I left feeling great. We grabbed a pizza at Newk's before picking up the kids. We came home and Peyton and the kids changed and went swimming. I rested a bit and then sent a couple of emails. Peyton and the kids got home and he gave them quick baths. I folded up a bunch of clothes Graves had thrown out of his dresser and vacuumed in their room, the hall, the study, and our room. When we were getting stuff from the attic a bag busted and it was a mess. I straightened in the den and kitchen and started laundry but skipped the dishes. I got on the computer for a bit and then started a movie with Peyton. We chatted and went to bed.

We slept late on Friday and when Graves got up, he wanted to practice cutting on a Star Wars box he has.
Graves got his first NIB (from 1997) action figures the night before. As we cleaned out the attic we came across a diorama with 3 Star Wars figures from the final duel scene in ROTJ. He was excited all day about putting up/giving away some of his old toys so he could open and have these. 

He did that and then I got the kids breakfast. I got on the computer, had breakfast myself, and took a bath. I put fresh sheets on our bed and started feeling SO bad. The kids finished their shows and since they had such a late breakfast, they had rest time. I pretty much slept the whole time but I got up a bunch to deal with things they needed and to go to the bathroom. When they got up, they had lunch and I did, too. Peyton got home and we talked and I did a few things and then laid back down for another hour or so. He had called and said he felt sick at work but he told me he was feeling better but we still decided not to go to my parents'. He read with the kids and got them to clean up their room and then fixed them supper. I got up and did dishes. Washing dishes, scrubbing the counters, and just sweeping the kitchen really thoroughly were my main goals for the night. I ended up scrubbing the bottom part of the fridge, too. I had cleaned the rest of it weeks before, but I needed Peyton to help me get the drawers out because you have to pull the whole fridge away from the wall a bit to do it. He ran to the grocery store and I wrote a post. I helped him put up groceries and then sent an email and went to bed.

We had a pretty low key day at home on Saturday. Peyton went to work early and the kids and I slept late. They got up and had breakfast and watched their shows and I took my bath and got on the computer. I just went ahead and ate lunch and I made up the bed and started laundry. After their shows, Annie and I did English and then I fixed their lunch. They had rest time and I read alot of blogs, started a post, and worked on changing over my closet. We played pretend, cleaned up their room, and then read for a good bit. Then they had supper and took baths. I did dishes and vacuumed and then got them ready for bed. I worked on my closet changeover a bunch and Peyton got home. We watched a movie and I folded laundry. I put it up and read a few more blogs and finished  a post. I ate something and got everything ready for church the next day.

Well, we ended up not making it.
Yet another Sunday morning at home. Minnie called yesterday and said my dad had fever and body aches and I told Peyton that sounded a lot like the flu. He told me he had already been wondering if he and I had had a mild version of it earlier that week. I thought about not going to church just to be safe but I really think it's just a bad sinus infection. I was feeling a lot better the night before and got everything ready and even went to bed at a reasonable hour. Well, both kids were up several times and then ended up in our bed. I thought THEY might be getting sick but I think it's just that their room gets really cold at night and they didn't have on enough clothes/covers. But needless to say it was a restless night. I woke up and felt dizzy and my head and back were hurting so bad. I still figured it was just sinus pressure and baby growing respectively. But after walking to the bathroom and back, I just knew I couldn't swing church. I felt better after a bit and was sort of kicking myself for not pushing through, even though I know it was the extra sleep I allowed myself. We are usually not sick people so the past six weeks hadme really frustrated. I woke up thinking "another day in the trenches" but really the kids are so understanding and my cozy home is anything but trench like. This has just been a rough and sort of lonely nearly couple of months. I was praying so hard that we are all well enough to enjoy Thanksgiving with our families because I'd been looking so forward to it.

The kids and I slept late and then I got up and took a bath and they had their breakfast and watched their shows. I made a list for the day and they played outside while I had my breakfast and drank some tea.
It was in the forties. Guess the two Yankee Winters gave him some resistance. Peyton swears they can't get sick from this. And since he's the one in the medical field, I go with it on that kind of thing. Also, I felt like I'd been a huge nag lately and it's nice to have a reason to not fight a battle.

They came in after awhile and had lunch and I did dishes and made up our bed. They had rest time and I read some blogs and rested myself and then they played outside some more. I started some laundry and ate my lunch and then did English with AP. 
 Apparently once the sun goes down, you do request your best Winter coat.

 Also, I've never seen him love anything or be as committed to anything as riding his bike.

I cooked spaghetti (and let them help) and did all the dishes and changed over the laundry. We read and played while the spaghetti cooked. They ate and then I helped them clean up and brush teeth. Peyton got home and we ate and visited. I called my mom and sent a text and read some more blogs and wrote a post. I went to bed pretty late.

Hoping to (almost) fining up November with the next of these in line tomorrow! 

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