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Weekly Happenings Post #348 (November 23-29)-- Thanksgiving and the Begining of the Attic Purge

So, this was Thanksgiving week. And I'm blogging about it before Christmas. Win.

The kids and Peyton slept pretty late on Monday and I slept even later. I got up and visited with them and got on the computer and Peyton got a bath and headed out to meet a friend for lunch. I got my bath and then folded and put up a bunch of laundry and did dishes from supper the night before. Peyton got home and we talked and I ate lunch and the kids played outside. We got down a bunch of boxes from the attic and I changed over my shoes for Winter and then we got ready and got the kids ready.

We decided this would be a great time to tackle the HUGE project known as the attic. (Because honestly we couldn't get to our Christmas decorations if we didn't.) This is the kids' clothes from just their first two years. I did downsize a good bit in preparation for Babykins #3, but we still have WAY more than we need.

We drove out to the nursing home to visit Granny and Graves fell asleep on the way. I ended up waiting with him in the car and AP and Peyton went in and visited. We ran by the grocery store and then headed over to the Cox's house to grill hotdogs. We had such a fun night! We got home pretty late and got the kids ready for bed and Peyton took a bath. Annie had some sort of rash on her wrists and had a hard time going to sleep. I got on the computer and uploaded pictures, read blogs, and sent an email. I listened to a podcast and the pictures took awhile because it had been a long time since I had done it.

I slept a little late on Tuesday and then got up and had breakfast and got my bath. We got more boxes down from the attic and after that we started to tackle them. We went through quite a few before lunch and then stopped for a break. Then we got right back to work. I got through all the kids' boxes from their first two years and a few other boxes of baby stuff, which was my goal. We got to a stopping point and headed to go vote in a local election. We got home and the kids ate supper and I went through more boxes. Minnie called and I talked to her and we got the kids to bed and then Peyton and I ate supper and watched several SVUs.

While Peyton was off, he was sweetly preparing all my meals. The grilled cheese at lunch was amazing. This? I feel like I'm eating in a cafeteria or hospital. But, beggars can't be choosers.

I caught up on my Thankfuls on IG and then started a post, read a few blogs, and sent an email.

Peyton and I woke up early on Wednesday and chatted and then I went back to sleep for awhile. Then the kids and I got up and we had breakfast and started a movie. I took a bath and threw up while they ate their breakfast and then we finished the movie while we slowly went through more boxes.

The purge that never ends. Bud found my twenty five year old yellow kazoo-- the one that, along with my insistence I always be the very last one in line, won me the "caboose with the kazoo" award at the first grade end of year ceremony. He also found batty-- who was won at the fair, and who I cried many hysterical tears over whenever he went missing. Let's just say it was a special box.

Also, this.

 We sped up the process and Peyton went to get an oil change and to the grocery store. I ate lunch and Graves played outside and Annie built a little fort inside. I worked on more boxes and Peyton got home and then went to the library. I finally got to a stopping point in the den and got our room organized some so I sent an email, browsed my reader, and worked on a post. Peyton cooked and the kids played outside and then Peyton gave Graves a little haircut and we bathed the kids. I hung up a bunch of laundry in our room and Peyton cleaned up the kitchen. We got ready and headed over to my parents' house. We were eating supper there and then seeing Cookie and Conrad when they got in around ten. It was a long night but so much fun and I'm thankful we got to see them!
One of my favorite parts of living here again is enjoying my family's quirks. Last time Cookie and Conrad were here I realized that my dad had a spreadsheet of mine, Peyton's, C & C's, and BUD AND ANNIE'S (who only ever order edamame) Japanese take out order. Then tonight I found this. It's hysterical to me that he can be so deliberate and detailed with this type thing. Dude, your pocket protector is showing.

Graves fell asleep in the car on the way home and I finished a post and did a few things and went to bed.

Thursday was Thanksgiving!

Happy Turkey Day from Annie and Midnight!

We actually got a pretty slow start and then headed over to Peyton's parents. We stayed several hours and got to see his parents, Granny, Andrew, Syvie, Peyton's Uncle Richard, and Elizabeth and her family. We ate lunch there and the kids had a blast with their cousins.
These cousins are getting so big. What a difference two years makes, but they are still such good friends!

And one of the little cousins! Not the best picture, but I wasn't about to leave out our sweet Baby Graves and Chel Belle!

Then we headed to my parents' around three. The kids played some more and Graves rode his bike (we had brought it so he could show off his skills for both sets of grandparents) and Minnie took both the kids for a walk. I took a couple of naps =) I got really emotional over a library book and then we ate supper. It was SO good and I felt better. We came home around nine and got the kids to bed. I wrote a post, started another one, glanced at my reader, and ate a snack.

The kids slept pretty late on Friday and then watched their shows. They ate breakfast and I took a bath and straightened a bit and then they went outside to ride bikes. I made a list, ate my lunch, and started laundry. They came in and had lunch and then had rest time and I made the bed and read a few blogs and also made a few purchases since there were all these cyber sales. Peyton got home and Andrew, his brother, was with him. I changed over the laundry and then Annie and I did math and Peyton and Andrew took Graves for a walk. 
 After a nice break, we finally got back in the swing of things with school. We finished off our semester of English the week before and had about thirteen math lessons to complete between then and January to be on track with my goals. This first one, I had been particularly dreading. I think the spontaneous break was great for me and AP, though. She only finished three of the six problems- the first took who knows how long, I timed the second and it took her twenty five minutes, and the third went a little more quickly. BUT she didn't get frustrated and discouraged until the very end and I think that was largely because her wild brother, her disruptive papa, and her uncle that she adores playing with returned from their walk and inadvertently reminded her there are much more exciting things in life than base ten cards.

We all had supper (we skipped my parents' since we had been there two days in a row) and then Peyton got the kids to bed and I did dishes. I read some blogs and wrote our whole Christmas letter which took some time. I went to bed pretty late.

Graves got up a bit earlier than I was expecting on Saturday, but he read books in our bed a bit and then I got him settled with some cereal. Annie woke up after he finished and they watched their shows. She had her breakfast and I took a bath. I dried my hair and threw up. I rinsed out my mouth and drank a little water and threw that right back up, too. I was so frustrated. The kids wanted to go outside and I went with them and just laid on the chaise lounge for forty five minutes. I wasn't really sleepy, but I just had no motivation to do anything and I still felt dizzy and weak. I knew I needed to eat something. I came in and ate two baked potatoes and changed over the laundry. I made our bed and fixed the kids lunch. While they ate, I finished the dishes from the night before and folded laundry.

They came in and had a bath because they had gotten in the sand box. I wrote Graves's letter while they were playing in the tub. After they got out, they had rest time. I ate something, read some blogs, rested, and started more laundry. After rest time, we cleaned up their room which took most of an hour and then they had supper. We read and played and I got them to bed. I read a few more blogs, worked on another post, and got everything ready for church the next day.

Sunday was the first Sunday of Advent. We got up and got ready and dropped Peyton off at work and ate breakfast/did our makeup/dozed/browsed IG in the car (everything but eat breakfast is what I did for an hour- this is one situation where I love that our kids are such slow eaters). Sunday school was nice, even though it was a small group, and the kids had a blast in their class- they were crafting up a storm and they got a special visit from a church member dressed up as the prophet Jeremiah. The service was really pretty but Graves struggled a good bit and my nerves were frayed by the end. They had each made two dove ornaments in Sunday school and Graves wanted to go give one of his to Mickey and Minnie for their tree. I decided we'd just drop by. Of course, we ended up being there for two hours- luckily I don't plan too much for Sundays. We came home and they watched their shows and I unpacked bags and put up our shoes and clothes and that kind of thing. They had rest time and they BOTH fell asleep. I tried not to stress too much about the night ahead of us. I read some blogs, uploaded pictures from my phone, finished a post, wrote out my kitchen quote, uploaded pictures from my big camera, and got something from the attic.

I fed the kids supper and did the dishes and we got ready to go get Peyton. We were already running a bit behind and it was raining pretty bad. I hate driving in that. Ugh. We finally made it to Clinton and he had to finish something so we waited awhile. The kids were actually pretty patient, though. When we got home, Peyton brushed and flossed teeth and I read a couple of chapters from The Best Christmas Pageant Ever to them. They got settled and I got on the computer. I had been on a few minutes, and it shut off and restarted. Ugh. When I got it back running, I couldn't get Chrome to open without a password which I couldn't figure out. This pop up kept coming up. I ended up doing one or two things on Peyton's computer and then changing over my dresser and going through some boxes. It was good to get that done.

Peyton was teasing me because I have an entire box of cold weather "loungewear". (He has one box for all his off season clothes and he also has his old trading cards and action figures that the kids aren't big enough for yet in it). Anyway, I opened it up and had to tell him that it's actually not the real loungewear box. This is a second tier loungewear box of extras that I didn't even take to Brooklyn. 

Whew, so my next WH post will bring us into December. There are actually only two between this one and the one that ends this week- so I'm just two behind. BUT, I'm planning to do a Smorgasbord post tomorrow, write both the kids overdue letters, and post our Christmas card and letter. And also maybe take a small break while my sister and brother in law are in town and we're busy with family stuff. I guess I'll catch up on December in January =)

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