Friday, January 29, 2016

Babykins #3: Twenty One Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along: 21 weeks
Size of Baby: (via BabyCenter) Babykins #3 is three quarters of a pound and ten and a half inches long. She is about as long as a carrot these days! His eyebrows and eyelids have formed now!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: about twelve pounds, I think. Peyton told me that he asked a pregnant costumer how far along she was because he figured hers was similar to my due date. Um, she was thirty six weeks.
Also, I was getting in the tub and he told me I looked like someone out of National Geographic. No worries. I don't mince words when I point put that he has an eyebrow hair that's approximately three inches long or adult acne from drinking milk.
Maternity Clothes: I'm trying not to because I hate them. Tights, leggings, and comfy pants, pretty much. Oh, and I am wearing maternity tops.
Gender: It's a girl! We're so excited. Oh, and an update on Graves: I figured out that this runs deeper than just wanting a boy because he's a boy. After some discussions, I realized that girls sort of intimidate him. He's wild but he's also VERY sensitive and most of the little boys we know have less dominant personalities than the little girls we know and it's clear he's less threatened. Annie reminded him that "his baby" will be very young and he responded "well, she WILL grow up". Navigating his personality is interesting because it's very different from mine, Peyton's, and Annie's. It's also made me aware that I need to focus on how to validate his feelings while helping him not to feel like a victim or like other children (or adults!) with a different personality are being "mean" to him.
Movement: I've been feeling her more and more. They did another ultrasound at the hospital yesterday and every time I have one, they say how active she is!
Sleep: Not terrible, actually.
Cravings: I have been trying to eat more healthy things. One of my favorites right now is yogurt, apples, and walnuts.

Symptoms:  I guess the last couple of weeks were just a break from getting sick. It's not every day like it was (which is SUCH a blessing) but it's been several times this week and this afternoon was by far the most intense episode of the whole thing (of my whole life, I'm pretty sure). Also, I spent a few hours in urgent care yesterday, trying to figure our my dizzy spells. Lots of tests and all they could find was that I'm still pretty anemic- it hasn't worsened but it hasn't gotten much better. I was a little discouraged. But it was a nice three hour break =)
What I Miss: Um, not having to go to the hospital? Not puking for like a solid fifteen minutes and having it come out my nose as well? Not having much bladder control during the vomit episodes? Sorry was that TMI. These will probably get there anyway when it gets closer, so whatever. 
Best Moment This Week: there wasn't really one moment, but it's been a good week overall. I'm glad it's been so low key since I haven't been feeling my best. 
What I Am Looking Forward To: Carrie and I are going to meet Ashley for a weekend in Nashville and I'm really excited about it (and really, really hopeful I don't get too sick while there).
Comparison to Graves:

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