Saturday, January 9, 2016

January Goals and Happenings

 I love this header and the colors and the pictures! I chose the quote since it goes perfectly with my theme for the year (and I may need to buy this guy's book). I'm really crazy about the background, but not the gray things on the margin. Bummer, because it was my favorite in awhile. Oh, well. It doesn't have to be perfect. Few things in life are.

December was fun! We mostly spent time with our extended family and went for bike rides and read books. It was so lovely.

I love January so much. It's always fun to turn the page and press reset. Plus, I've started feeling a bit better so I'm hopeful that I can actually accomplish some things and also enjoy this month. On the agenda:
- We easing back into our school routine and we've tried to plan some other family activities during the week. I'll post more about that soon.
- I'm working quite a few days at Mother's Day Out.
- I'm starting my Junior League placement next week. It's reading with students who are struggling at an inner city school. Peyton's actually been wanting to do something like this for years (and sort of did in the Bronx) and he called the principal and asked if he could do it, too. My mom agreed to keep the kids one morning a week and we're both really excited!
- A friend is doing some curriculum counseling for us and we have a meeting coming up, which I'm really excited about.
- We get to find out the gender of the baby this month!

Here were December's Goals. I failed ABYSMALLY. Usually, I fail moderately =) I mean, I don't think there's every been a month where I've totally knocked everything out of the park (and I'm totally okay with that) but this month was brutal. Actually, it was not brutal. It was delightful. And I mostly just enjoyed it. Which sometimes, that's okay, you rip up the list and call it a win and go home. But we can still discuss them.

1. Participate from afar in the daily morning prayer that is happening every morning during Advent at Calvary. I did this some days and the days I did, I loved it but when it got closer to Christmas I just completely let it go. (Faith)

2. Read to the children nightly from The Jesus Storybook Bible and help them prepare their hearts to celebrate Christ's coming. Okay, to be fair to myself I was really consistent with this one. It was a great Advent activity and was prefect for this season of our lives. (Family)

3. Relax and enjoy spending time with family over the holidays. Well, that wasn't too hard. Sometimes, it IS hard for me to relax and be in the moment, but I think I really did that this Christmas. (Family)

4. Try to get back in the habit of cooking regularly. Um, no. We ate out, we snacked, we had the occasional soup or casserole I fixed, and we ate a bunch with my parents and in-laws. (Health)

5. Get to the semester end point I had established in math with Annie before January. I didn't happen before January, but I did manage to get there this week! (Education/Edification)

6. Finish buying our family gifts for Christmas. I only have one or two left. I did this, too. I was telling Carrie that I'm so not good at this. My sister in law and one of my good friends are amazing at gift-giving and I so wish I was. But everyone seemed to like what they got this year, so I guess I didn't do too bad. (Finances)

7. Finish the big attic purge. Well....we're done with the purge. Peyton actually took the last haul to donate today. I still have some to sell and that's going to be a big project. The attic is mostly organized but I also need to get up there and finish that part of the project up. And our room is now kind of overflowing with laundry and piles that I put off during the project. But, progress! (Simplicity)

8. Be very intentional about showing genuine appreciation to people working in retail/restaurants/ect. I'll be honest. I really sort of forgot about this one and I hate that. I need to check in on my goals more. Maybe weekly? (Joy/Gratitude)

9. Decorate for Christmas. (Obviously.) We did this and even though the house was kind of a mess from the attic project, I still enjoyed it alot. (Additional Goal)

10. Watch the Advent series at The Work of the People. Nope. Another thing I didn't even think about and let slide. (Additional Goal)

11. Drive around and look at lights. We did this a couple of nightly (mainly in our neighborhood and on our way places). (Fun Goal)

12. Make good use of my Christmas playlist I didn't and I hate that. I mean, I did a couple of times, but that was it. (Fun Goal)

13. Watch When Harry Met Sally on the 31st. No- Peyton even told me he'd watch it with me. He ended up working a night shift on NYE and I worked on a post or two I think (I don't really love watching movies by myself) (Fun Goal)

And here are my January Goals. Ironic, I guess that after last month, I'm being more ambitious than ever (at least in the number of goals). I'm not planning on usually setting this many, but I need to get some stuff DONE this month. Also, I'm not using my focus areas from last year but I've yet to set this year's. Finally, some of these I can actually check off already. I've been known to put things I've already done on a to-do list but I've never done that with a goals post. However, I actually started this list about a week ago, so I'm leaving what was already on it.

1. Pray daily. I saw my prayer life improve over the past year (it had gotten really pretty stagnant) but I want to make sure I keep being intentional about it.

2. Read daily. I've been thinking about if I want to do some sort of reading challenge this year. I DO want to read more. I was talking to a friend about this the other day. Even if it's just a few pages before bed or during naptime, I think I'd benefit from making it a daily habit.

3. Try to strike a balance between healthy, real food based meals and snacks and unhealthy/processed meals and snacks. I will probably never in my life do something like the Whole 30 and clearly this is the time of year when people are making all sorts of inspiring choices. In this area, small steps are helpful. I've actually been CRAVING some healthy foods (mainly fruits and veggies). Like not just "I could eat this instead of that and still enjoy it", like it's the thing I want the most. I want to really seize on that. I thought about setting a specific goal here, but I want to be realistic and not stress myself out.

4. Celebrate Epiphany. We already did this one. Not really the way I wanted to, but oh well. We gave the kids some small presents in their stockings and we discussed the Wise Men a little but not as much as I would have liked. Peyton and I were also going to go to a service at Northside that night but my doctor's appointment took too long and we didn't have time.

5. Take down Christmas. Did it yesterday. The house feels a little bare, but so nice and fresh.

6. Back up and wipe out computer. My computer is running SO slow and then about a month ago something happened and Chrome won't work. My dad tried so much stuff to fix it (he owns a computer business) and nothing worked. I finally just installed a new browser (Firefox) but I don't like it as much and it's still pretty slow. Peyton and my dad agreed I need to just wipe it out. But I want to back everything up on like two hard drives first. 

7. Work on Interstate driving. I'm feeling really pretty confident driving standard, but I hadn't attempted the Interstate yet (it just hasn't been necessary). This week we practice and it was fine. I want to practice a bit more with Peyton and then I think I'll be great.

8. Sort stuff for the Junior League Jumble. My "sell" pile is actually a sell/donate pile. I have a $50 obligation for donating things to the Jumble (it's like a rummage sale) and I need to sort through and find and organize that stuff.

9. Get Graves an appointment at the GI doctor. Graves has been having some issues- nothing to serious but it's (off and on) ongoing and we need to get him checked out.

10. Start school with both kids. We eased back in with math but I need to start planning and really jump in and start back with a good routine.

11. Plan this semester. I want to sort of formulate a basic idea of what we'd like to be working on. Peyton's started doing some science/nature stuff with the kids and I need to be more intentional with Graves. I'll be picking back up English along with math with Annie but I need to think about the other things we do (critical thinking, memory work, read alouds, ect.).

12. Think about curriculum for next school year. As I mentioned, we're actually meeting with a friend to discuss this and I'm really exited.

13. Formulate yearly goals list. My goal is just to do this by the end of January.

14. Work on catching up on the blog. Probably a goal from now until forever. I can't believe I've been behind SINCE WE MOVED.

15. Find a doula. I absolutely adore the doula I used with Graves but she's no longer practicing. I really, really want to get on this just for my own peace of mind.

16. Finish Making a Murderer. We only have two episodes left. No spoilers, but it's so interesting and SO SAD.

Here's to January, a month of new beginnings, fresh starts, and blank pages. May we wisely prioritize and be realistically and joyfully ambitious.

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