Sunday, January 17, 2016

Letter to (Four Year and Eight Month Old) Graves

Dear Graves,

We had a great Thanksgiving. You loved getting to spend a lot of time with your cousins, Simeon and Michel. Cookie and Conrad also visited and got in around ten one night. They were just stopping for the night on the way to Baton Rouge so it was our only chance to see them that week. It was so late but you and Annie were such rockstars. Okay, actually y'all aren't rock stars; your mom has let you guys get on a really jacked up schedule. But sometimes I give back pats for incidental things that really don't deserve them.

We also had a very simple Advent. We have this wonderful Advent calendar that is also a magnetic nativity and the kids love it. And in my stress over Advent, I saw something that mentioned that there are exactly twenty four stories leading up to the birth of Christ in The Jesus Storybook Bible- one of my favorite books of all time ever. I realized that it's okay if we don't craft a Jesse Tree every year- there's grace for that. And a series of nightly stories that point continuously to a Rescuer who is overwhelmingly for them is plenty sufficient. As is the Rescuer, praise God!

You've gotten really brave with climbing as high as you can on the playset in the backyard. You can get that high by yourself but then you get stuck and scared on the way back down.

I think I've mentioned it, but I've never seen you love anything or be as committed to anything as riding your bike.

The other day it was in the forties. And you were in shorts. Guess the two Yankee Winters gave you some resistance. Papa swears you can't get sick from this. And since he's the one in the medical field, I go with it on that kind of thing. Also, I feel like I've been a huge nag lately and it's nice to have a reason to not fight a battle. Although, apparently once the sun goes down, you do request your best Winter coat.

Papa announced that a caterpillar had eaten the basil in our garden (it was actually you- I watched you) and you insisted I get the 6-12 mo. glow worm costume down because you ARE The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

You got your first NIB (from 1997) action figures recently. As we cleaned out the attic we came across a diorama with 3 Star Wars figures from the final duel scene in ROTJ. You were excited all day about putting up/giving away some of your old toys so you could open and have them. 

We've been super particular about what y'all watch and the vast majority has consisted of PBS shows and animal docu's. So I think it's sort of hysterical that y'all watched their first PG-13 movie recently. We're so weird. But y'all love dinosaurs so much so we decided it was time for y'all to see Jurassic World.

So, since Annie always requests her hair cuts based on a princess (we've been Snow White for over a year now), you started requesting Mandy cut your hair like Batman or Superman. However, recently you found a Hercules book at the library and subsequently watch the movie on Netflix. So last time, you walked in and said you either wanted your hair to look like Hercules or Hades. I QUICKLY determined we'd go with Hercules. But one night Papa decided to style it like Hades all spiky and stuff. It was so funny and you loved it.

During the big purge, you found my twenty five year old yellow kazoo-- the one that, along with my insistence I always be the very last one in line, won me the "caboose with the kazoo" award at the first grade end of year ceremony. You also found batty-- who was won at the fair, and who I cried many hysterical tears over whenever he went missing. Let's just say it was a special box. Finally, you dressed up in these huge glasses and a fuzzy boa and looked just like Elton John.

I know I've mentioned that you are dressing like a big boy for church, but I think you've decided you want to go grown in causual wear, too.  You had an end of the season soccer party and you wanted to wear jeans and your Star Wars shirt. I didn't have the time or the energy to fight you. Plus, as hard as self-autonomy is in the wardrobe department, I know it's important and it's probably time.

Sleep is always such an interesting subject with y'all. 

Annie said recently "UGH. Graves just goes RIGHT TO SLEEP if you don't play with him". Right to sleep equals after about an hour and a half.

Y'all slept until 10:30 one day.. This is because you were up until SO LATE night before last. Literally at 2:15 in the morning you dropped Wheely Bug over the gate and it crashed. Papa and I were already asleep. AP told me later that Wheely Bug is the "two AM alarm" and he will do that every morning from now on. Thank goodness that hasn't been the case. OMG.

I have to say that I don't love that you teeteed all over the toilet seat, floor, and SHOWER CURTAIN, but the fact that you made it to the bathroom unassisted and got your cords(?!?) unbuttoned is a gamechanger so thankful. Yes, you fell asleep in corduroy pants that night.

You are so sweet. Annie was reading to you from a book and it said "would you like to go space?" and Graves said "Yes, but I'd want to take my best friends-- like Uncle Andrew. 'm glad we get to see a bit more of this guy now that we're back in Mississippi- such a sweet bond forming between two little brothers.

They couldn't find a heartbeat at the doctor's office back when I was around twelve weeks so I got an ultrasound. Our new little guy or gal was BUSY- he or she kept kicking his or her legs and flipping over. The girl doing the sonogram was cracking up and could barely get a what she needed. I think this one might take after big brother! [Also, we were talking about where the baby would sleep and Annie suggested attaching a cradle to your bed. "They would love that", she said. Haha!

You're also so funny to me. This was one of my favorite recent exchanges:
G: "I'm Hulk and I will not let you floss my teeth."
SD: "I'm Hulk's momma and I will floss your teeth."
G: "Well, I think Hulk's momma died."
Good think I'm not literally the most emotional person I know and also very hormonal.

Peyton was wiping down baby gear we uncovered in the attic. You came out of your room and said "it smells good in here, but what's going on?". You are surely Mickey's Bud- I know no one else who loves rubbing alcohol as much him.

Probably my very favorite story from the month, which is both very sweet and very funny is when I heard these awful gagging sounds coming from the bathroom and I asked you what was going on. You said "just what happens when a baby's coming". Of all the people to have sympathy symptoms, you should be the one. Guess "your baby" was making you sick.

You are absolutly the sweetest boy.

Momma (and Papa)

P.S. Your pjs are a 3T. They're a little small but you love the crocodile so much!

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