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Weekly Happenings Post #349 (November 30-December 6)-- Busy Birds Won't Stop

 Whew! Reading this post made me tired! Especially knowing how lacking in energy I was at that point. This was such a fun week but we had so much going on. In retrospect, I think it really exhausted the kids a bit. I'm a little shocked I was able to manage to do what I did without making myself ill (not to be dramatic or anything, ha). I will say, we started back with school but we basically used December to catch up on math and we really relaxed with our school days overall. It's nice now to be back in the swing of things but it was also nice to give ourselves a little freedom, especially on weeks like this when we had several social things, Peyton was working extra, and we were trying to fit stuff like errands, volunteering, doctor's appointments, and Christmas card pictures in.

Peyton was working his last extra shift on Monday (he had picked up several in November). The kids slept sort of late but not as late as I thought they would. I got them breakfast and started their shows and I made the bed. My dad got here and worked on the computer for an hour but nothing helped (Chrome wouldn't start). During that time both the kids acted TERRIBLE. After he left, we had a talk and then they went outside to ride bikes and I ate lunch. They came in and watched a Charlie Brown movie and I tried to get Firefox set up with all my Delicious and Pocket bookmarks and glanced at my reader and responded to a couple of FB messages. I was going to hop in the tub but the movie ended and the kids were hungry. I fixed them their lunch and finally got a bath right before two in the afternoon.

They went outside (again) and misbehaved (again) and we had a discussion (again). We went ahead and had rest time and they actually did pretty well. I changed over laundry and got on the computer and read some blogs and started a post. I got farther along than I expected! After rest time, we had a snack and they cleaned up their room and then I started cooking some veggies for supper and read a bunch to them from The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and then I read our story from The Rhyming Bible for the night. We put up their gingerbread house and I snapped their monthly pictures- they had sleeping bags instead of their quilts on their beds and they were both wearing pjs and would cooperate for about three pictures each, but I wanted to get it in during November. 

We all three ate supper and I changed over the laundry and folded towels and brushed and flossed them and read one more chapter from the book. Peyton got home and we talked and I got on the computer and finished a post and read some. I washed dishes and folded a bunch more laundry and then Peyton and I stayed up SUPER late talking.

We had a lot going on Tuesday. I had to get up pretty early for a doctor's appointment. I headed to the office and it went really well. I got bloodwork, a pap smear, and a sonogram and I grabbed breakfast at CFA and still got home within about two hours.  Funny aside: I was listening to MPB in the car and there was a guy on there discussing the "divorce rate" of birds. Flamingos have (he said "as you would except"- what's with the flamingo shaming??) incredibly high rates. The albatross, however, is incredibly faithful to it's partner. It's amazing what I find interesting now that I have a Crazy Bird Lady for a child =)

They couldn't find a heartbeat at the doctor's office (I was only twelve weeks) so I got an ultrasound. This little guy or gal was BUSY- he kept kicking his or her legs and flipping over. The girl doing the sonogram was cracking up and could barely get a what she needed. I think this one might take after big brother! [Also, last night we were talking about where the baby would sleep and Annie suggested attaching a cradle to Graves's bed. "They would love that", she said.

I talked to Peyton and the kids and then took a quick nap. Then AP and I got ready for her first little book club. She had a really fun time and I enjoyed it, too.

 Before her first book club with the homeschool group we're in. I procrastinated digging it out of the attic and we had to read it all in about three days but we all LOVED The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (I was Gladys in the play in high school so I've read it quite a few times, but it never gets old!). Also, dressing to match the weather. I paid more this dress last year than I usually do for play clothes- I bought it from a fair trade company in Europe. but she's probably worn it more than anything else she's owned over the years. I will say that it's super well made and doesn't show a single sign of wear. And, while this hasn't always been my absolute favorite style, it just looks like Annie to me. As do the ladybug slip-ons we've been trying to tell her are getting too small.

Told you guys we love this dress. This very day last year!

We got home and the kids ate a late lunch and I talked to Peyton some and then got on the computer a bit and sent an email. Peyton had gotten a call that another pharmacist was sick so he got ready to go to work and I got ready to take the kids to get haircuts (we currently have his grandmother's vehicle while she's recovering from a broken shoulder). Anyway, I was sort of bummed to be taking them by myself but it went okay. Graves was a busy bee while Annie got her cut, but nothing too awful. We did have a little meltdown toward the end over getting different kinds of candy. We came home and I fixed the kids supper. They ate and I straightened and did dishes and then we read and played and I got them to bed. Annie's precious, precious choir director from Northside called to remind us they're singing in the worship service this Sunday and and she goes "Is this Annie?". HAHAHA. I sound like a six year old! I got on the computer and finished a post and read some blogs. Peyton got home and we ate something and went to bed pretty early.

Why was this girl with the fresh bob brushing her teeth at midnight for the second time?  She was "SO HUNGRY" and I told her to go to the kitchen, get an apple, and wash it (Graves was already asleep). I asked her where she put the core and she said she ate it. I said "the seeds?" And she took me to her little bathroom trash can. Sure enough, about six Apple seeds. I love her so much.

Wednesday was pretty busy, too. Peyton let me sleep late and ten cooked a delicious breakfast. We all ate and then my dad came over to try to work on the computer some more. I made the bed and took a bath and we also went through a few more boxes from the attic. When Mickey left, we got ready and headed to do some errands. We got a new car tag, made returns at Walmart and Pier 1, dropped off a prescription at Walgreens, and then ate lunch at Primos. We dropped a treat off at the courthouse in Brandon for someone who had helped Peyton with something and then ran by the library so I could print some things (our printer is broken).

We came home and relaxed a bit and then I did math with AP. Peyton dropped Granny's truck off at his dad's and got his brother's car and I read the kids our Advent reading and then they had supper. I put up dishes and vacuumed in the den. Peyton got home and bathed them and I did dishes and vacuumed in the kitchen. They finished their shows and I mopped. The kids went to bed and I wrote a post and a couple of emails and read a few blogs. Peyton and I chatted and I got things ready for the next day and then ate something and went to bed.

We were busy again on Thursday. Peyton and I got up and got ready and hurried and got the kids ready and they dropped me off for my Book Buddies Christmas party for the Junior League. We hadn't had time to do a practice run and I was sort of scared to drive in that area by myself without any familiarity. Anyway, they ran by the post office, Peyton's old pharmacy, and the grocery store. At the party, we served the kids a snack and hot chocolate, someone read The Polar Express, and then we gave them each a wrapped book. They seemed really appreciative. I talked to one of the project chairs and someone else showed us Spring readers around. Peyton picked me up and we ran by the bank, Walmart, and Walgreens. We came home and regrouped and ironed, had lunch, and took a nap. Mid afternoon we headed to my parents' so my dad could take our Christmas card picture. The kids REALLY struggled. Graves was busy but he actually did okay. Annie got so upset that Midnight the Owl couldn't be in EVERY picture.

A little warm up while we adjusted the camera for Mickey. Cute, right?

This is where it went downhill 

Of course, if Midnight was in the shot, everyone was all smiles. Grrr...

We finally got Annie to cooperate. Within seconds of seeing our card (this was the shot, but it wasn't huge because I used other pictures, too) she said "Oh! Midnight did make it in the picture". (You can see her peaking around her shoulder, she was in her hood.) Guess she got her way even if we didn't mean for her to. Little stinker =)

We did let her stage and direct a few shots afterward with Midnight front and center.

We came home and I uploaded the pictures and ironed again and got ready to meet Carrie for dinner. We had the best time! We got sushi and then went to Dairy Queen for dessert. We did get kind of scared in the parking lot when we were sitting and talking in the car (dumb) and two cars drove up and shined their lights right on us. I drove around until they left and Carrie could get her car. I got home and talked to Peyton and then stayed up REALLY late finishing our Christmas cards and calendars for the grandparents.

My friend Anastasia was coming over for a visit on Friday and I got up and took a bath and got ready and about that time the kids woke up. I collected laundry, straightened a bit and made the bed, and scrubbed down the guest bathroom. She got here and we visited for a good long while and the kids played (and visited too). She left while the kids were eating lunch. I put up dishes and talked to a friend and then they had rest time. I worked on a post and went through my reader and then ate my lunch. Peyton got home and I had to call Shutterfly about our order. I finally finished the post and the kids cleaned up their room and we headed over to my parents' house. 
 Gosh, they wear me out but I sure do love them!

The beans and rice were SO good and I napped and watched the news. We came home and got the kids to bed and I worked on my new blog design and did a few other things.

The kids woke up and played for about an hour in their room before wanting breakfast, so I got some extra sleep in on Saturday. I got them breakfast when they finished playing and then Graves watched his show (Annie lost hers for the day) and I got on the computer and took a bath and made the bed. I started laundry and fixed them lunch and did dishes. They had rest time and I worked on a post and read some blogs, ate my lunch, and took a nap. When rest time was over, we cleaned up their room and then AP and I did math. I fixed them supper and did more dishes and then got them in the tub. They took their bath, and I worked on the post some more. Peyton got home and we ate take out and watched TV. I folded laundry and put it up, got everything ready for church, finished the post, and went to bed.

We all got up and got ready on Sunday. We dropped Peyton off and did our usual breakfast routine in the car and then went to Sunday school and church. Apparently, Graves kept telling his teachers (I think in a rude way) that Graves was not his name. However, he did GREAT in church. Probably the best he's ever done. We came home and the kids had lunch and I unpacked our bags of books and food and everything and hung up our church clothes. They watched their shows and I read a few blogs. I finished that up and had my lunch during rest time and then took a nap myself. When they got up I made some soup and while it was cooking, we did our Advent reading. We brushed and flossed and then played for about fifteen minutes until it was time to go get Peyton. The kids fell asleep in the car and we got there ten minutes early and I HAD to go to the bathroom. I ended up waking them both up. UGH. Peyton got off and we ended up getting some groceries at Walgreens with some points we had. We picked up Newks chicken salad for a trip to Granny's the next day on the way home. We got home and I put up the groceries and Peyton got the kids settled (they actually went back to sleep pretty quickly) and then we ate supper. I got on the computer and went to bed.

Now I'm caught up to December =)

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