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Weekly Happenings Post #350 (December 7-13)-- Time to Decorate (for Christmas!)


Well, we finally got around to decorating for Christmas even if it was the second week of December! It was a nice week and was mostly low key.

Monday was fun! We got up around seven thirty and got ready and packed up some stuff and headed to Granny's.

Peyton was going to help his dad with farm work and the kids and I were just going for the fresh air/change in scenery. We found out that Peyton's mom was going, too, so that was fun. I slept all the way down there and then we stayed for four or five hours. I rested, played with the kids, read, worked on my personal budget, and visited with Peyton's mom. It was such a nice, relaxing day.

A little tractor driving!

Graves stands in the tradition of some great men, who are kind, and generous, and hardworking.  

We headed back and dropped by Andrew's house (he lives down near Granny) on the way out of town. We also stopped to pick up some sausage. Graves fell asleep in the car. We got back and I put up the refrigerator stuff we had taken and then Graves watched a show with Peyton and I did math with AP.
Know how some kids hate word problems (I was one of them)? Our little English lover wants me to turn the regular problems into word problems. Whatever works! Also, math has been better lately.

Peyton took the kids to the park even thought it was late and I read a few blogs and started a post. They ate supper and I read their Advent reading to them and then they took quick baths and we got them to bed.

This story had always been one of my biggest struggles in Scripture but even more so now that I have my own "son of laughter", who surprisingly to me- just like his sister- is starting to ask hard, serious questions when we read the Old Testament. I've read this many, many times and I have not ONCE been confident I could have acted as Abraham did. I do take comfort in the fact that I think he either knew God would intervene at the last minute (as the text of course says He did) or that he thought God would raise Isaac from the dead (as many commentators believe). I'm sure he didn't think it was the end, which is convicting because I'm often much less trusting in not near as seemingly hopeless situations. I also take comfort in the humility and transparency of a minister who told me that if Christians were being persecuted and his son was about to be killed, he'd very likely bow the knee to the emperor and renounce his faith. This same man helped me to realize so deeply that our standing with God is not conditional upon our obedience and that the ultimate sacrifice has been made. I'm grateful for Abraham's faith but I don't live in fear of the consequences of my imperfection anymore and my anxiety doesn't permeate my reading of the Bible. I'm also grateful for SLJ and how gently she leads us toward and away from such a terrifying altar and also points ultimately to the greater sacrifice. I hope that I am helping Annie and Graves understand the unfolding of the great Rescue Plan in the way these two individuals have helped me.

We did some things around the house and then I got back on the computer and finished my post and read some more blogs. I ate supper and Peyton and I chatted and went to bed.

I got up and got ready on Tuesday morning and headed to a Junior League meeting. In December they have home meetings and that's always fun. I went to one sort of near our house and I saw a friend I hadn't seen in a good while there. She had her little tiny baby, too, and he was adorable. I ran by Target on the way home and then Peyton had to leave for a meeting of his own. I made the bed, straightened, got on the computer, and read a good bit to the kids.

I heard these awful gagging sounds coming from the bathroom and I asked him what was going on. He said "just what happens when a baby's coming". Of all the people to have sympathy symptoms, he should be the one. Guess "his baby" was making sick.

I folded laundry and when Peyton got home we talked and had lunch and then left to get our Christmas tree. We picked up his grandmother's truck from his dad's house and then met Mickey at the tree stand. We dropped his tree off and then came home with ours. Peyton worked on a resume for something and I started more laundry and read a few blogs and then cleaned up the kitchen and fed the kids supper. I did their Advent reading and Peyton got stuff down from the attic. I took a little nap and then we got the kids to bed. We spent several hours going through more boxes and watching TV.

Peyton was wiping down baby gear we uncovered in the attic. Graves came out of his room and said "it smells good in here, but what's going on?". He's certainly Mickey's Bud- I know no one else who loves rubbing alcohol as much as him!

Peyton and AP brought in some wood and I wrote a post and went through my Reader again.

 Since she's almost always up at 11:00 anyway, Peyton had this one helping him pull wood our of his work room to use to floor more of the attic the next day. Of course she loved it. [She told me "Momma I'm wearing this little light on my head because I almost tripped on the bike trailer. Haha.]

I didn't go to sleep that late, but a little later than I meant to.

I meant to get a TON down around the house on Wednesday and we did make some head way, but I was feeling pretty rough all day. I got up late and visited with a neighbor and then had breakfast and took a bath. Annie and I went outside and did a long math lesson and then we all had lunch. I folded a bunch of clothes and Peyton's parents came over to get the truck and we spent a good chunk of time visiting with another neighbor. Peyton took the kids around the neighborhood on their bikes and I got on the computer a bit and then went in the attic. Peyton had brought up the boxes we had been through and I went through that as well as some other miscellaneous stuff up there. The kids had supper and I put up a bunch of mine and their laundry. I did the Advent reading with them and got their teeth brushed and flossed. I finished putting up my last bit of clothes and straightened the house a bit. I ate something and got on the computer and finished a post and read some blogs.

We did get a bunch done on Thursday. I got up late and Peyton took the kids to storytime at the library. I got on the computer, made the bed, ate breakfast, and took a bath. I organized some stuff we were keeping into totes to take to the attic and the kids got home. I worked on that for awhile and Peyton made lunch and I took a break and we all ate together. I got out a Playmobil set my in-laws had given Annie years ago. At that point was really too little to enjoy it completely, so I had just left it in the box. She and Graves really enjoyed it but I did have to help them get started with snapping the pieces together and such. I got back to work and organized some more and took some small, light stuff up to the attic. The kids went outside while Peyton worked in the yard and straightened the carport. He put the infant carseat in the car to see if it'd fit and I did a TON of dishes in the kitchen- it had gotten out of hand. We went over to my parents' house for beans since Peyton was working twelve hours instead of eight the next day.
 So, since Annie always requests her hair cuts based on a princess (we've been Snow White for over a year now), Graves started requesting that Mandy cut his hair like Batman or Superman. However, recently he found a Hercules book at the library and subsequently watch the movie on Netflix. So last time, he walked in and said he either wanted his hair to look like Hercules or Hades. I QUICKLY determined we'd go with Hercules.But that night Peyton decided to style it like Hades.

 One more of Hades and his string cheese.

We had a great visit and came home and the kids went to sleep pretty easily afterwards. Peyton and I got a bunch of boxes to the attic and I organized them some. I got on the computer and we chatted and went to bed.

Peyton worked his long shift on Friday and it started out rough. I got up before nine because we were planning to go to the park to meet up with the homeschool group. My whole body was hurting though (I guess from moving boxes) and Graves was still asleep and then I looked at who was coming and it didn't even look like many people were going to be there for sure. Well, then I threw up a ton. Graves did wake up and he and AP played a bit and I got my bath and then they had breakfast. I started laundry and packed up some regular decorations to have room for Christmas ones. The kids watched their shows and I had my lunch and read some blogs and sent a couple of emails and started a post. The kids had rest time and I spent most of it resting myself. They had a late lunch and I went through some boxes and folded towels. We cleaned up their room and I hung up and put up a bunch of clothes and put Christmas sheets on their bed. Annie and I did math and then they read and played and did their Advent reading and then Annie took a quick bath and they had supper and went to bed. I got on the computer and emailed a friend, read some blogs, and finished a post. Peyton got home and he had picked up Newks so we ate and watched a show. I finished reading blogs and did my SRT study and the daily prayer service I'm doing and went to bed sort of late.

The kids got up around nine but then played for an hour. Then I got them breakfast, fed the cats, and watered the Christmas tree. My friend Catherine dropped by to drop off some baby stuff I had loaned her and then I ate my breakfast, got on the computer and took my bath. We went outside and did a math game and then the kids rode bikes for awhile. They had lunch and I did dishes and then ate my lunch. They had rest time and I worked on a post and rested some. I made them smoothies for a snack and they were so hungry it turned into supper. After they ate, we cleaned up their room and then read and played and did our Advent reading. I got on the computer and Peyton got home and we visited and then I read a few more blogs and finished a post and then got everything ready for church the next day.

We got up and got ready and hustled to drop Peyton off on Sunday

 I'm glad I was able to locate a couple of seasonally appropriate outfits for church this morning that could also be worn when it's in the 70s.

We ate breakfast in the parking lot and surprisingly, I didn't snooze any. Sunday school was nice and Graves did really well in church again. We came home and the kids ate lunch and I put sheets on our bed and swept in the den, and put up our church stuff. We went through the first box of ornaments and decorated the tree and then they watched their shows. I had my lunch and then it was rest time. I read some blogs but mostly took a nap. After rest time, we did our Advent reading and went through two more boxes and finished up most of the tree (and most of the decorating).

They had supper and I vacuumed in the den and did a TON of dishes. We all got ready and headed out in the rain to pick up Peyton. Graves fell asleep on the way home and Peyton helped Annie put the angel on top of the tree.
 We are always so late decorating but was a record. Good thing I've become more liturgical and now have an excuse for keeping it up roughly two weeks into January. With the attic project and having hardly any energy, I just haven't made it happen. HOWEVER, I'm super excited because this was the first year since Graves has been mobile that we've had a full size tree in the living room. In Brooklyn we didn't even get one, the year before we were trying to move and got a tiny one, and the year before that he was one and everyone assured me I could "tell him no" and gently discipline and he'd stay out of it Yeah, no. Guys, THIS year he knocked over two trees in the fifteen minutes we were at the tree stand and there were three adults watching him. We've had a few "look me in the eyes and listen" discussions and he knows the rules. Self-control is still not an area he's super strong in, but he actually did great. I will say that one of the biggest thing he's taught me is about doing things on their time. Wanna nurse past a year? Fine. Want to have a paci until you're three and a half? Sure. Want to potty train when you're almost four? Okay. Need to wait on the full size living room tree until you're four and a half? I'll survive. He's made me a lot more flexible and gentle and kind. Nearly half a decade without a real living room tree? Small price to pay. As far as Annie, holiday decorating is literally one of her favorite things in the world and since we've tried to downplay the consumerist part of Christmas, I love that she takes so much joy from this part of the magic.

I sent an email, finished going through my reader and planned a bit for the next week.

It was a fun week! [More catching up soon.]

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