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Weekly Smorgasbord

Well, this should actually be a much bigger list but somethings up with FeedBurner and my Delicious links aren't being sent to the blog. Frustrating. I need to work on it and in the meantime maybe do a couple of posts where I just put the links in manually so I don't get (more) behind. But for today- a few posts on faith, reading, celebration, and more! I also decided to change up the format a bit and when I have art/photography/humor to share I'm not going to try to awkwardly squeeze it "On..." category. That makes sense for posts and articles on topics, but usually the humor and photography and such is less about a specific topic and more about the art or the humor.
On Faith:
Posted: 23 Dec 2015 02:37 PM PST
"For the desire of your heart is itself your prayer. And if the desire is constant, so is your prayer. The Apostle Paul had a purpose in saying: Pray without ceasing. Are we then ceaselessly to bend our knees, to lie prostrate, or to lift up our hands? Is this what is meant in saying: Pray without ceasing? Even if we admit that we pray in this fashion, I do not believe that we can do so all the time." Yet there is another, interior kind of prayer without ceasing, namely, the desire of the heart. Whatever else you may be doing, if you but fix your desire on God's Sabbath rest, your prayer will be ceaseless. Therefore, if you wish to pray without ceasing, do not cease to desire.
Posted: 23 Dec 2015 02:35 PM PST
"It's bright and warm and it is so, so sad. I fight back the temptation, just like always, to huddle up and pretend the problems banging on my door are not my own. I say I want a simpler way, pretending Jesus came to bring joy and forgetting that he also came to suffer life with us. We get to taste all of it, with him at our table, along with whoever else happens to stop by."
Posted: 23 Dec 2015 02:29 PM PST
"you stopped to ask about my son when you were clearly on the way to something important. You know Jesus did almost all his ministering on the way to something important? He let people interrupt him on the way, which is what you did for me.""
 On Race and Poverty:
Posted: 02 Jan 2016 03:05 PM PST
"Rain beat against the window while the windmill cranked into overdrive. It was the perfect storm of despair and desire, that moment when something crystallizes and you suddenly know a thing you had not known before. I am a white, middle-class woman who might have more proximity to the burn of poverty and racism than many like me, but I haven't gotten mad enough. I haven't stared hard enough at my contribution to this pain. I mean, I've cared. Just not quite as much as I've cared about my life goals of balance, pleasure, style, or success."

On Reading:
Posted: 03 Jan 2016 03:21 PM PST
"4. Quit it. Grown-ups shouldn't finish books they're not enjoying. You don't have to suffer through a book. Read what you love, read what you want to read, read indulgently, read aspirationally, but reading should never be torture. 5. Never leave home without a book. Keep a book in your purse, or your glove compartment, and download the free Kindle app, Fill that waiting time with reading."

On Celebrating:
Posted: 02 Jan 2016 02:21 PM PST
"What does celebration look like? It's as simple as using the good dishes on a Tuesday night. Hanging twinkle lights in a window when there isn't a holiday in sight. Hosting a kitchen dance party—for one—while I'm cooking. Wearing red lipstick to the grocery store. Making a pot of coffee at noon and sitting down to savor it in the perfect mug. photo print 24 2_zpsshz03r1r.jpg Going for a moon walk and stopping to take a picture of the shadows cast by the street light—because it makes me happy. Putting stickers on an envelope before I send it—even if it's just a utility bill. Baking a pie to give to a friend for no particular reason. Lighting candles, hosting friends, gathering my kids together and performing silly rituals in honor of a made-up holiday—Backwards Day and Wear Pink Day and Everybody Talk in an Accent Day."

On Smart Living:
Posted: 01 Jan 2016 10:54 PM PST
"Decide on one way to streamline your day-to-day life, and then invest in that, or make a conscious effort to improve. Recently, mine was washing every dish as soon as I dirty it."

This was a really awesome list.
Art and Photography Worth Sharing:

100 Comic Characters
Artist Jaakko Seppälä drew 10 of his favorite comic characters in each other's distinctive styles, e.g. Lucy van Pelt in the style of Calvin and Hobbes or Garfield in the style of Donald Duck.

Humor Worth Sharing:
Posted: 03 Jan 2016 02:40 PM PST
"Shred your calendar: November can happen any time of year. It helps if there are no flowers and the sun sets at 3:30; flowers are a challenge for November, and light can banish it. It helps if a few leaves shiver on the branches and the rest are pasted with rainwater to the ground. A needling wind, a sky like the floor of a warehouse: these help too. But in November, it doesn't matter where the actual leaves are, not really. In November, no matter what you look at, dead leaves and concrete sky are all you see. Usage: "I'm sorry I took two days off work. First it was New Year's Day, and then it was November.""
Posted: 03 Jan 2016 02:23 PM PST
"Confirming the women get together at least once a month for an all-out, anything-goes session of nonjudgmental reassurances, 28-year-old Sarah Dotson said the evening quickly turned into "a total rager," with the friends sharing excessive amounts of admiration, empathy, and encouragement for one another."

LOL for days.
Posted: 02 Jan 2016 02:51 PM PST
"The one where you jolt alert to find the golden street you walked down now behind you, the sunset down to an embarrassing smudge like an old lady's lipstick, the lovely town only visible through the window of a fast-receding train, and you have slipped like a paring knife between sense and experience, forgetting to touch it, forgetting to make it real." These are great.
Noteworthy Quotes and Stories:
"I have a counseling appointment this afternoon. Three members of my family are currently in counseling with more to come. May I send a bit of love and encouragement to everyone who steps into counseling or therapeutic space for your own soul, marriage, family, or healing? Ditto to those of you sending your hurt kids? Whether you go for preventative maintenance or because you are hanging on by a thread, I've always said that when Scripture describes "gifts of healing," I believe counselors are a part of that group. They help us heal. They give us tools. They walk us through recovery. They remind us of our hope. There is NOTHING weak about being in the care of a counselor. That is STRONG. That tells me that you are not passively waiting for your strength, your healing. You are DOING THE WORK, poking the bear. You are actively working with God and making good use of the gifts He has given someone else to develop us into stronger, healthier people. Bravo, I say! May we grab onto any tool possible as we pursue healthy marriages, healthy kids, and healthy souls. To abuse and suffering and loss and grief and pain and a horrible enemy: I say, COME AT US, BRO. We're not going to take this stuff lying down". -Jen Hatmaker

Noteworthy Images:

 LOLOL. It guess it shows that Voluntary Simplicity has taken hold because I assumed this was a room for a (very small) PERSON. Babykins #3 isn't even this lucky  He or she will be nomading between a Pack n Play in our room and a crib in the master with his or her siblings. The did it in the old days, right?

Noteworthy Videos:

Preview of the State of the Union in the Style of Wes Anderson (yes, I'm behind).

"The key to a successful resolution is not hard work and dedication. It's managing disappointment and that's it."

Brooklyn city councilwoman not gonna let CNN get away with promoting rape culture. Atta way.

And that's it! Hopefully, I'll get these issues resolved soon! 

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