Friday, February 5, 2016

February Goals and Happenings

 It took me awhile to find a background I really liked. There are just only so many themed backgrounds for Valentine's Day that I haven't used and some of them weren't really cute. That said, I ended up LOVING how the header and the background turned out. Two months out of two really loving the design. Maybe I'm getting better at this even though my options are getting more limited?

 January was a great month. I worked three different weeks at MDO and I started my Junior League placement and we really got more fully back into the swing of homeschooling and normal life in general. It felt balanced which was nice because it was a hard month as far as baby growing. Nothing awful, but I was dealing with lots of headaches and dizziness. And of course, it was really fun getting to find out that this new baby is a girl!

Coming up this month:
- I mentioned last month that Peyton is coming along and reading with me on Thursday mornings when I do my Junior League placement just because he loves this type of volunteering (and secretly, or not so secretly, wishes he was a teacher). Anyway, he wasn't able to come last month because we hadn't figured out childcare but my mom is keeping the kids on Thursday mornings now and I think it's going to be wonderful for all of us!
- I'm hoping to work a few days here and there but not too much.
- I do have a doctor's appointment coming up and I'm also going to see a neurologist for my headaches.
- I have my Jumble shift for the Junior League next week and then I'll be done with all my fundraising obligations for this year!
- Valentine's Day!!! (We have absolutly no plans and never do, ha!)
- Carrie and I are leaving tomorrow to meet Ashley in Nashville for a little girls' weekend. I'm so excited!
- Cookie will be here for a weekend later in the month, too, which is always really wonderful.

Here were my January Goals. I was more ambitious in the number I set than usual, but I think I did pretty good! 

1. Pray daily. I'm sure I missed a day or two, but I felt like I did spend more time in prayer than I have in a long while and it felt good and comforting to me.

2. Read daily. Nope. I did finish a book, but I can't say I read (a book) daily or even close to it. I do really want to work on this this year.

3. Try to strike a balance between healthy, real food based meals and snacks and unhealthy/processed meals and snacks. I feel like I was really successful with this. I did eat a bunch of junk, but I ate LOTS of fruits and veggies, too (or a lot for me).

4. Celebrate Epiphany. Yes! As I said, it wasn't really the way I wanted to, but oh well. We gave the kids some small presents in their stockings and we discussed the Wise Men a little but not as much as I would have liked. Peyton and I were also going to go to a service at Northside that night but my doctor's appointment took too long and we didn't have time.

5. Take down Christmas. Yes! Thank goodness.

6. Back up and wipe out computer. Nope. I've been putting this off for far too long. It's going back on the list.

7. Work on Interstate driving. I did some but then when I realized there were only a couple of weeks going to Book Buddies before Peyton started, I just decided to have him drop me off and put it off until later. 

8. Sort stuff for the Junior League Jumble. Yes! I still have some stuff to sell but (this feels SO good!) I got my quota together for the Jumble and then got a bunch of other stuff together and made a huge Gateway trip. Like I said, I still have some stuff to sell but we've done a lot of the work as far as the purge goes.

9. Get Graves an appointment at the GI doctor. I discussed it with Peyton and we decided to just watch his little issue for awhile longer.

10. Start school with both kids. Yes! I'd like to get a bit more disciplined, but we've got a good routine going!

11. Plan this semester. I did this and we've started to get in a routine that accomplishes most of what I want. I need to do a post about it!

12. Think about curriculum for next school year. We met with a friend who helped advise us to discuss next year and I feel so great about it.

13. Formulate yearly goals list. I got this done last week and I'm really happy with my yearly "ambitions" as I call them.

14. Work on catching up on the blog. I worked on it, but as I suspected, it's going to take awhile.

15. Find a doula. I also researched and asked around, but I haven't settled on anyone yet. I need to nail that down.

16. Finish Making a Murderer. We did! Gosh. So, so many thoughts.

 And now February's Goals. Again, I'm picking one yearly goal from each of my focus areas or at least something related to that area.

1. Pick back up my devotions. I have two AMAZING devotional books and I've really gotten out of the habit of reading them. I want to make time to read one in the mornings and one at night. (Faith)

2. Work on making a Spring "bucket list" for the kids. This was largely Peyton's idea. We have a little tin bucket in the kitchen and he thought it would be great to fill it with little slips of paper with fun ideas of things to do with the kids on them. He's already put some in but I want to make it cuter and use these preschool cards we have for Graves to come up with some ideas. They have really fun suggestions on them (like playing charades with animal crackers and acting out the animal you are) but we always forget about them. I just want to make it easy and accessible. (Family)

3. Have at least one family over for dinner this month. ACTUALLY, we were supposed to have family friends over this week on Tuesday and Wednesday but both got cancelled because both had sick kids! I hope we can reschedule with both these families for later in the month! (Relationships)

4. Daily practice self-care. There's something about February that feels indulgent and I don't think "self-care" should be considered indulgent but sometimes I feel like it is. Whatever. I do think it's a good month for me to focus on little things that will bring more joy and peace. (Health)

5. Finish another book. As I said, I want to keep focusing on becoming a reader (of BOOKS) again. (Creativity/Passion)

6. Continue to fine tune our Spring semester school routine. I know it will get a bit more chaotic once soccer starts back in a few weeks, so I'd like to try to get a little more organized with this. (Education/Edification)

7. Back up everything on the computer and wipe it out. Again, I NEED to do this. (Organization)

8. RELAX and enjoy our friend trip to Nashville this weekend.  (Travel)

9. Challenge myself not to buy anything "extra" this month and get my personal finances (my work money) up to date. I did order some homeschool supplies off Amazon and I'm going to order the kids some Summer shoes whenever they appear on Zulily again, but I don't want to spend on anything not planned. I have a few items I want to save towards for the Spring and I'm just going to keep and list and prioritize them after I save up some. (Finances)

 10. Practice being content without buying things. I spent a good bit back before Christmas and it's hard to get back into the saving mindset again. (Joy/Gratitude)

11. Clean kitchen appliances. I did the fridge recently but we need to do the microwave, oven and stove,a and toaster oven (Additional Goal)

12. Pick back up The West Wing and have text discussions with Cookie. She just started it. When I watch it I'm always like "best, most amazing, most inspiring show ever" but then I drop it for a bit. It's partly hard because Peyton's already watched the whole series and I like to watch stuff together with him. BUT, I really want to pick it back up. (Fun Goal)

Here's to February, the month of love. May we delight in our blessings and remember that they half hidden in the glimpsed city Earth longs to become.

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Rebecca Petersen said...

OMG! Making a Murderer! I don't have strong feelings about if SA is guilty, but it really opened my eyes to the legal system. In short, I feel that poor people committed of a crime will probably be found guilty because they can't afford proper representation. That was my biggest takeaway from the show.

I hope y'all have a wonderful time in Nashville!