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Weekly Happenings Post #352 (December 21-27)-- Christmas and a Fainting Spell


Well, I'm waaaay behind again. But here's Christmas week!

Monday was SO busy. We got up and got ready in a HURRY (somehow I turned off my alarm) and headed out. We dropped off Graves around nine thirty with Peyton's dad and then Peyton, Annie, and I headed to Haydn's swearing in. It was a really nice ceremony and I do think Graves could have might it through it fine, but we just wanted it to be a little more less stressful.
I'm sure it was hormones, but I literally got teary that Haydn was holding his own somewhat fretful little boy as he took his oath of office. Haydn is such a wonderful man for this job because he cares so deeply for little children and will work so tirelessly on their behalf. "Whatever you did for the least of these..." It's an honor to call him a dear friend (no pun intended).

There was a reception afterwards and I PASSED OUT. Eeek.
 I had some of these for breakfast but I had literally nothing to drink all morning. It ended up being no big deal but I was sort of mortified and it freaked me out so badly while it was happening. I grabbed Peyton's arm and told him I was so dizzy all of a sudden and then everything got so blurry and I literally thought I was dying (which seems so stupid and dramatic but I've never fainted before). Then when I woke up on the floor I thought "this can't happen; we have so much to do today". Then I PANICKED and was like "where's Annie?" (Haydn had grabbed her and distracted her but honestly she's six, she's pretty self-sufficient, and things like that don't really scare her.) Then I finally started fretting over my spilled drink, making sure my dress wasn't pulled up, and telling deputy guy who called the ambulance he could cancel it and every one else how far along I was. That's when I knew I was back to my old self.

We picked up Graves and were going to head to Lenny's because I had been craving it so badly. The kids didn't really even one want sandwiches, though, so we went to Chik Fil A first. We were just going to drive through but the line was LONG so we went in and they ate. Then we headed to Lenny's. We're so absurd. After that, Peyton got a cookie from Primos and we mailed something at the post office and got stamps. Then we headed to Office Depot to make copies of the Christmas letter. The letter got raindrops on it and they made some letters bleed through (I at least had the sense to get the girl working there to make one copy before doing them all). I was able to white them out on the photocopied copy with White Out and then the stack turned out normal. We came back home in really heavy afternoon/Christmas/rainy day traffic. I took a nap and then we played with the kids some. Then Peyton brought boxes up to the attic and I organized them up there.
The specificity of my labeling is intense ("decorative and functional bins and boxes").

I did their Advent reading and they ate supper and Peyton read to them and then they went to bed and we worked on going through some more attic boxes. I got on the computer and read a couple of blogs and then wrote a post. It was late but I finally got our Christmas cards ready- envelopes stuffed, stamps on each, and return address stamped. Peyton and I chatted and then I went to bed after that.

I was so, so excited to see this day. Peyton took off two days the next weekend (he tried for all three but couldn't get one) and because of his weird schedule, he was off nine out of the next ten days. Unbelievable. Lately, I've been feeling like the days that Peyton works long shifts feel not just exhausting but particularly lonely. Hormones, man. However, I have two damn good teammates and I'm so thankful for my time with them. But four is more fun than three (and I'm counting on five will be more fun than four). Also: Graves has never loved a chapter book like he loves The Mouse on the Motorcycle.

Tuesday was a fun day. We got up around eight and basically hopped in the car to go get the truck so that Peyton could get some stuff to hang the swing I had gotten off Craigslist.

We got home and I took a bath, helped the kids get ready, and packed some lunch.

We left and headed to Carrie's for a MUCH overdue play date. The kids had so much fun seeing their friends and Carrie and I had a good time catching up. We came home and the kids finished their shows and I got on the computer briefly and then worked on cleaning off a bookshelf in the study. I ate something and the kids played outside while Peyton and Mickey kept working on the swing. They finished up for the day and the kids ate supper and I put up dishes. Peyton read to the kids and I made a grocery list, started laundry, and then washed dishes. I did the kids' Advent reading with them and changed over the laundry and Peyton and I sorted through more stuff in the den. Graves fell asleep and Peyton and Annie went to Kroger. I caught up on a bunch of blogs and wrote a post. When they got home, I put up groceries, ate something, and finished reading blogs.

Wednesday was a really great day for whatever reason. I just felt good, which can be rare these days. Peyton got up and took Graves to Walmart for a few things and then picked up me and Annie and we all went to The Children's place to look for some pjs.

 We had a few errands and Peyton wanted to get out before Lakeland got crazy (which, to be fair just meant us leaving before ten and he took Graves to Walmart before that and let me and Annie sleep late, which was SO appreciated). Still, they got home and I had no time to shower or anything. I brushed my teeth and put on a hat, y'all. I'm all about loungewear on the go, but I never really go in public without taking a bath, fixing my hair, and putting on some makeup. Peyton told me he loves this look and thinks it's so cute He wasn't being sweet, he was being weird. It's probably because I don't have a sporty bone in my body and I have to search DEEP for the nature girl, so it's just different and fun. I guess?!? Grateful for a hot bath, a blow dryer, and mascara. 

We stopped at the library and I just hung out with Graves while he built a "house" with the pillows in the comfy area of the library. We stayed about forty five minutes and then came home. I talked to Minnie for a good while and Peyton fixed lunch. I got on the computer briefly and uploaded pictures from my phone and we had lunch. 
 Trying to stay hydrated. The limes would make me twitchy (I'm very compulsive about certain seasonal eating and they feel so Summery) but it's literally seventy nine degrees, so I'm going with it.

 Follow up: I heard it was supposed to be 72 degrees in New York on Christmas Eve. As hard as it was for me (and y'all know it was HARD) I'm grateful that our two Winters there were actually unusually cold instead of unusually hot.

I made a list for the day and then Peyton and I took baths. The kids watched their shows and Peyton made a trip to Gateway and I scanned our Christmas card, started a post, and backed up pictures from my phone. They had rest time and I read some blogs and organized some new homeschool stuff in the kitchen.

Rest time was over and the kids (and Peyton and I) had a snack and I tried to start supper but we didn't have an frozen chicken tenders to use. I finished up organizing more school stuff and then straightened and organized in the laundry room. The kids cleaned their room, Peyton took stuff to the attic and then worked on some other messes around the house, and I organized in the attic for about two hours.

 I mean, his "new" (from his cousin, via the attic) shoes are a different brand, they don't *seem* that much bigger to the eye, and he does have a good bit of room in them. But there's a certain amount of mom guilt inherent when your baby goes from an 8.5 to an 11. I feel like my life is getting predictable. I kept thinking about how I was more thankful than ever for that manger baby who takes all the guilt away.
You know the late nights are catching up with her when she can't even stay awake for the new today bald eagles library book. This was around 5:30 so I knew we were in for a long night!

 I collected laundry and Peyton cooked supper. The kids ate and had a bath and I washed a ton of dishes while he picked up some medicine for me and did the recycling. I did the kids' Advent reading and Peyton read to them and played with them and then he baked a pie and I got on the computer and wrote a post and read some blogs.

I slept pretty late again on Thursday and then got up and took my bath and ate breakfast. It was Christmas Eve! I made the kids' Christmas scavenger hunt cards. I made the bed and started laundry and then wrapped a bunch of presents- it took a lot longer than I had expected and they didn't look very good at all.

 We are every kind of ridiculous (it was actually some random baby doll clothes we found in the attic).

 I made my parents and in-laws these calendars. I was thrilled with how they turned out!

 Peyton spent most of the morning outside cleaning out the carport and Graves played out there a bunch and AP read inside.
  Who is this grown person at my door?

 I changed over the laundry, did dishes, and had lunch and we got ready to go. We drove out to Clinton to drop of a cranberry pie with Peyton's co-workers and then went to my parents' house. Cookie and Conrad were there and we had a wonderful time visiting. We got there a little before three and stayed until about eight thirty. We had sushi for supper and got to visit alot. We came home and got the kids to their room. I read a few blogs and then got things together for the next day. I folded laundry and went to bed around twelve thirty.

We got up early on Friday and chatted and then I went back to bed. We were all back up at 7:30 and hurried and got ready and headed to my parents' house for Christmas morning. We had such a great time opening presents and having brunch.

 He takes his superhero job very seriously.

 Cookie asked her the night before if she wanted to be Santy and pass out presents on Christmas morning and she said "Well, I'd rather be Rudolph and Graves be Santy. Usually I'm the animal and he's the person."

About to fly...

Around noon we headed to Peyton's parents' and got to visit with his brothers and sister and his parents and uncle. We had good food and presents there, too! Then we headed BACK to my parents' and talked, watched movies, and had red beans and rice.

 Tinker Toys, a golden-doodle photobomb, and my favorite retro cowboy shorts. It's basically a Norman Rockwell painting.


We got home around nine thirty and put the kids to bed. We went through the presents and got a lot put up. I read a few blogs and then went to bed.

Saturday was another great day, but we were tired. I slept pretty late and then got a bath and had breakfast. I helped Peyton find a box of Christmas stuff we were getting rid of for his brother and his wife to come look through and I made the bed and straightened a bit. The kids did their scavenger hunt for the Baby Jesus that goes in the nativity since we ran out of time the day before. I got myself and the kids dressed and Peyton finished installing a fan in the study. He took a quick bath and we finished getting ready and then dropped off the truck at his parents' and headed to my parents' house. Conrad's sister was home (in Baton Rouge) from Portland and they obviously don't see each other much, so she and her husband and Conrad's mom drove up for the afternoon. We had a really nice time visiting (and eating more!) but the kids both struggled some. They were just so worn out.

 I guess we know what his new go-to outfit is. Minnie was so proud of herself with how she did with his presents (he's very laid back but his preferences are near as distinct as Annie's, typically, so he's harder to buy for).

We did end up leaving around five (Conrad's family left an hour or so earlier) and came home. I helped the kids clean up their room and then we did their Bible reading. Peyton fed and bathed them and I took a nap. I felt TERRIBLE.

When Peyton put up the fan, he decided he didn't want to include the lights (they hung pretty low and he wanted a more minimalist feel and also he hates overhead lighting anyway). I said okay because he's been really sweet to compromise on a good many things in the room that's supposed to be "his". I actually really like the feel with just the lamps. And the room is finally neat and that's refreshing too. I laid down on our pull our sofa bed from Brooklyn (memories!) and was just resting. I was feeling SO awful and I was worried I was going to faint again. The bad news is that the multiple sausage that I ate that Mickey grilled that day are apparently on the Things I Can't Eat list. The good news is once I spent some time next to the toilet I felt significantly better. I really figured by sixteen weeks I'd be done with this stage. At least it was getting less frequent.

I got up and talked to Peyton, read a few blogs, started laundry, got our church stuff together and had some supper. I changed over the laundry and folded some and then went to bed.

Peyton worked on Sunday and for some reason I hit snooze on my alarm or something and didn't get up on time. I was pretty frustrated since I had gotten up thirty minutes before to use the bathroom and actually felt pretty good. But there just wasn't time. Since we have to drop Peyton off, it's not like we can just be running a few minutes late. Anyway, the kids both slept really late and I did, too. We got up and had breakfast, I took a bath and got on the computer, and they played with their new toys some. They were about to watch their shows and Graves locked us all out of their room. I tried to get it unlocked but I ended up having to call my dad. I read a few blogs and Annie and Graves watched their shows. Mickey came over and unlocked the room and they finished their shows after he left. Both the kids were just in the worst moods and I sort of was, too. They ate lunch and I had mine, too. I put up dishes and started some laundry. The kids had rest time and I mostly just napped. When I got up, I felt a good bit better. I changed over laundry, folded some towels, and swept and scrubbed the bathroom floors. I emptied trash and visited with the kids. They did a little crafting and I cooked tomato soup and washed dishes. They ate and I finished the dishes and I scrubbed the tubs, sinks, and potties in both bathrooms. We brushed and flossed teeth and then read, did our Bible reading, and played. They went to their room and I talked to my mom. Peyton got home and we ate supper and then watched a couple of shows while I folded more laundry. I put up laundry and read some blogs and worked on a post. I did dishes and went to bed.

Next up, January! 

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