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Weekly Happenings Post #353 (December 28- January 3)-- Purging and Projects and Kicking Off 2016


The week following Christmas was a fun one. We were finally finishing up our purge and doing some other house projects and getting back in our routine after Christmas. Peyton's schedule was a little different because he worked a night shift on Thursday instead of his regular Friday shift.

Monday was sort of exhausting, but we managed to get a lot done. We got up pretty late (okay, Annie and I did) and then ran some errands. We went to Walgreens for a health assessment that gets us money back on our insurance, by Gateway to drop off some stuff, to the tax office, and then to Walmart. I had a sub from Subway and we came home.

 hipster spotting at a Rankin County Walgreens

 Graves and AP were busy training dragons after investing some of Deedees's Christmas money!

I sent a few texts and emails, went through my reader, and rested. Then I worked on going through some boxes in our room. The kids cleaned up their room and Peyton worked on some stuff around the house, too. We had supper and I put some pictures of stuff to sell on a FB yardsale group. I FB messaged with a friend and then I started working on organizing stuff to donate/sell in the den. I texted Minnie and Peyton got the kids fed and to bed. I really worked hard on the boxes in the den and got them all organized after a few hours.
 We've made it to my least favorite part of purging- organizing what's going to Gateway/the Junior League Jumble and what to sell/consign. I guess I could have sorted all along, but that seemed way overwhelming. Anyway, we'd made a lot of progress, the attic was looking wonderfully different, and my goal was for the house to be totally back to normal by the end of this week.

I got on the computer and read a few blogs and started a post and then went to bed around midnight.

I slept pretty late on Tuesday. When I got up, I took my bath, had breakfast, and got on the computer.

Peyton said that the first thing said when he woke up,"We forgot to do my scooter-thing this morning like you said Papa". There was no forgetting, Peyton was just enjoying some quiet work whilst everyone else in the house slumbered. Also, this was his second choice for his Christmas money. We were impressed with the good choice on his part and the great deal on Wal-Mart's part ($12!).
 Mickey came over and helped Peyton with the swing and I moved some stuff around in the laundry room and moved some of the stuff to sell in there. I swept and cleaned a bit in the kitchen, made our bed, and did dishes. I ate my lunch and then left to get my hair cut. I ran by Hobby Lobby and the grocery store on the way home. When I got home, I started laundry and cooked some frozen chicken. I put up dishes and made up the swing.

A little late Merry Christmas to me! I'd been scheming about plans for the sunroom since before we left Brooklyn. It's one of my favorite rooms in our house and actually, when I helped Peyton pick this house (a couple of years before we got married, haha!) this little room-porch was one of the big draws. I've always wanted our house to feel like a cottage and this room to feel like a little enclosed patio.

I got a $20 red polka dot Ikea duvet cover to use for Christmas/Valentine's next year but I wanted to go ahead get it set up in it's standard dressing. I picked the pink buffalo check because I thought it would coordinate so well with my watermelon festival posters. It feels Summery, but I love it. 

 I made some chicken spaghetti and then left to go meet Mandy with some cash at Target because she hadn't had her card reader at my appointment. When I got home, I cooked some kale and changed over the laundry and washed dishes. We all ate and then I cleaned up the kitchen a bit. I read the kids the Bible and finished dishes and Peyton read to them and got them ready for bed. I got on the computer and started a couple of posts and read some blogs. I had a snack and then Peyton and I watched a new show and fell asleep.

Wednesday was pretty much a stay at home, trudge through some stuff day. It wasn't bad but we didn't accomplish as much as I had hoped. Story of my life lately. I got up sort of late and then took my bath got on the computer and had breakfast. Peyton was meeting a friend for lunch and I finished drying my hair and then fed the kids lunch. I fixed the bed in the sunroom where they had played, made our bed, and put up dishes. I had lunch myself and then Peyton got home. He took Graves to Old Navy to pick up something and AP and I did math. We finished pretty quickly and I got to work in their closet. Peyton had shoved a bunch of toys on the top shelf when they were cleaning up a few days earlier. The boys got home and I changed over the laundry and hung up some clothes and folded kitchen towels. The kids and Peyton went to the library and I had a bowl of chili, finished a blog post, and waited for my friend Sarah, who was buying some bedding from us, to come over. After she left, I got ready and met everyone at the library. We stayed awhile and then walked home. We fixed the kids supper (chili Peyton had cooked the day before) and then I read them their Bible story and Peyton bathed them and got them to bed. We watched a movie, ate super, and watched more of our new show while I went through some piles in our room and folded laundry. Peyton noticed the kids' room light was on and walked down the hall to turn it off and Ann Peyton looked up from behind a book and said, "look at all these books I've read!" And yes, she'd been reading quite a bit. He counted 13 books, some of which we didn't know she could fully read (because of the level of the books). I asked what she did when she came upon a word she didn't know and she responded that she flipped to the glossary in the back and it sometimes has the pronunciation for the words as well as what they mean. I'm so proud of her! I briefly got on the computer and made a list for the next day and went to bed SUPER late.

Thursday and Friday were weird days because the night pharmacist at Peyton's store was sick and Peyton offered to work Thursday night in exchange for being off during the day on Friday. Anyway, he was going to try to sleep late on Thursday but couldn't. So I did =) He got up with Graves and they cooked breakfast and then he took both kids to buy fireworks and I got on the computer, took my bath, and had lunch.

They got home and I did some math (about an hour) with Annie and then made the kids lunch and put up dishes and started laundry. I washed dishes and they had rest time. I started a post, and read a few blogs and then during the last twenty minutes of Graves's rest time, Annie and I played the math game that went with the day's lesson. I wasn't even going to attempt doing the worksheet until another day but I thought the game would take half an hour. It took literally an hour and a half. If I wasn't so stubborn I would've (should've) just called it quits. Graves joined us and that didn't help us be any more efficient. UGH. After that, I let the kids watch their shows since they hadn't that morning and I vacuumed the sunroom (a lot on my hands and knees) and scrubbed the floor (all on my hands and knees). I sent a friend a Facebook message and got the kids' supper ready and then I got ready to go do New Year's Eve fireworks with a neighbor. The kids and I went down the street and Peyton finished making his lunch and joined us. We stayed for about an hour and had a great time. Peyton left to go into work and the kids were still hungry so they enjoyed a snack and then I brushed their teeth and got them to bed.

I took pictures of some stuff to sell and uploaded them to the computer. I needed to back up some stuff and I am so behind, so uploading and editing and organizing took a LONG time. I did that for about an hour and a half and then read blogs and wrote a post. It was late when I went to bed.

 2015 was a hard year, but also an amazing one! Announcing Baby #3, our first day home, the wonderful surprise party Peyton threw me, Cookie getting married, saying goodbye to the dreaded co-op I fell in LOVE with, Bud turning four, more Baby #3, having the chance to go out alone with my sweetie, and a rare moment where Annie let loose. What a year!

Peyton got home at 7:30 on Friday morning and Graves woke up around 8:30. They watched a movie and Peyton fell asleep on the couch. I fixed Graves some breakfast and then he and AP watched another show in our bed while I snoozed. I took a bath and got on the computer and it was almost lunch time. I fixed the kids lunch and woke up Peyton. I did some dishes and ate lunch myself and then we worked on straightening and organizing the house some. I went through some piles and Peyton took some stuff to the attic. I did math with Annie and had a snack and we got ready to go to my parents. We had beans and rice and watched the Sugar Bowl. We stayed pretty late and put the kids right to bed when we got home. I read some blogs and wrote a post and went to bed.

We had a super relaxing Saturday. Peyton got up and left for work but the kids slept LATE and then had breakfast and colored some. I got up ridiculously late and took my bath, ate lunch, and got on the computer while the kids watched their shows. I texted Minnie and Cookie and framed a printable I had printed and had lunch. I played animals with the kids a bit and started some laundry and folded kitchen towels. I fixed the kids lunch and did dishes and then they had rest time. I got on the computer and read some blogs. When rest time was over I hung up some clothes in their room and sorted books in their closet. I cooked garbonzo beans and fixed the kids supper. We did some math and then took a break and I gave the kids quick showers and then we played a bit. I got them ready for bed and got on the computer a bit. Annie as supposed to finish her math when Graves went to bed but he took a long time so they both came in the study and ate the garbonzo beans that were finally ready and did a little more math (we still didn't finish). Peyton and I chatted, and then I ate something, wrote a post and collected things for church, and wen to bed.

We got up early and all got ready and headed to drop Peyton off on Sunday. I was super dizzy and because of other things, we ended up running late. We made it on time barely and had breakfast and played in the car and then headed to church. The kids had fun in Sunday school and did great in church and then we came home home. I changed clothes and fixed the kids lunch and did some things around the house and then they watched their shows and had rest time. I took a nap and read some blogs. I got up and the kids were ready for supper. They ate and we played and I did dishes and helped them clean their room and then we got ready to get Peyton. Both kids fell asleep in the car and we ran by Kroger and got Newks. We got home and watched a show and ate and I folded laundry and then wrote a post and read some blogs and went to bed.

Made it into January! And I'm hoping to get a few more WH posts up this week. 

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