Thursday, February 18, 2016

Weekly Happenings Post #354 (January 4-10)-- Indoor Swimming and Wonderful Friend Visits

 Baby Graves was asleep for this one. So sweet! I just love him!

This was a fun week. Peyton took the kids swimming a couple of days, we took a nice nature walk, and Carrie and her kids came over for a playdate and then we had the Roberts over for dinner.

Monday was a really good, productive day. I got up around 9:30 (Peyton and the kids were already up) and took my bath, had breakfast, and got on the computer. After that, the kids and Peyton and I all went for a nature walk. We came home and had lunch and then I did math with AP while Peyton and Graves cleaned out and vacuumed the car. The kids watched their shows and I read some blogs and talked to Minnie. After that, we all straightened. I went through piles all over the place. Peyton and the kids left to go swimming and I collected and started laundry, straightened some more, cooked super (sloppy joes and baked beans) and cleaned the bathrooms and dusted, swept, and vacuumed in the kids' room.

 Peyton decided it would be a brilliant idea to bring their jams to the Y since they went to the late Family Swim. The he decided it'd be even more brilliant to just get them to wear their pjs. Of course she chose the Tail End flap jacks and Hello Kitty knock off crocs.

 They got home and we had supper and then I dusted and vacuumed in the study and our bedroom. I put the laundry in the dryer, did dishes, and vacuumed and mopped in the kitchen. I polished the wood floors and then got on the computer. I read some blogs and wrote a post and went to bed pretty late.

I got up around nine on Tuesday and got my bath and picked out the kids' clothes and then put up dishes in the kitchen. Carrie and her kids came over and we had a great visit. After they left, we got ready and left ourselves to go over and visit Peyton's parents. We stayed a couple of hours and enjoyed seeing them, too.
 when your hands are sticky because you're mid banana pancake your grandmother made for you but you just can't bear to stop reading...

 We came home and I was pretty tired. We let the kids watch a movie and Graves fell asleep. Uh oh. No, it wasn't bad. I was working on making a slideshow of pictures from 2015 and Peyton took AP to the library. I think they had a really nice time without having to worry about keeping up with Graves. They got home and he woke up and I talked to them some. Peyton got them super and then got them to bed while I started my Year in Review post. I usually do it over SEVERAL (like three or four) days because it takes so long to read through old posts to remind myself what we did each month and to put in all the pictures. I really wanted to knock it out, though. [Sidenote: I realize it's EXTENSIVE, but I mainly do it for myself and I like details, clearly.] Anyway, I took a break and ate supper and Peyton and I watched a couple of episodes of Making a Murderer and then I spent a LONG time finishing the post. I went to super late.

Wednesday was fun and full. We got up and got ready and headed to the Children's Museum after we all had a late breakfast.

We stayed a couple of hours and then came home. I had lunch and quickly FB messaged with a friend and then left for my doctor's appointment. It was a pretty good visit but it took longer than I had expected. Peyton and I had planned to drop the children off at my parents' and go to an Epiphany service at Northside (Peyton suggested we drop them off so that I could relax and just enjoy the service). I ended up being too late for that but we dropped the kids off anyway, grabbed a little dinner and bought Peyton's dad a little happy for his birthday and dropped it off. I had gotten a little stressed at the appointment and it was good to have some time to ourselves for a bit. We picked up the kids and came home and put them to bed.

I wrote another post and read some blogs and planned out the next week and got some things on the calendar for the month.

I got up around nine on Thursday and took my bath and had breakfast and we got ready and practiced driving on the Interstate. I didn't feel really great but we did it and I did pretty good. When we got home I made a grocery list and read some blogs and started working on my header. We all had lunch and then I dropped the kids and Peyton off at the Y to swim and did a big grocery trip. The thing I needed most- a brisket to cook when friends were coming over- was not to be found. I picked everyone up and we got home and I put up groceries. Peyton and Graves headed to another grocery store and AP and I did math. They guys got home and we took a break for supper and baths and then finished math. We got the kids to bed and watched a movie and got ALL of Christmas taken down. I was so proud! I talked to Minnie on the phone and worked on my header some more and finished it up and then read a few blogs and ate something and went to bed.

Peyton worked on Friday and both kids slept pretty late. I got up and talked to my mom again and got on the computer and started a couple of posts and checked my reader and then I started the brisket and ate breakfast. I took a bath and collected and started laundry and then fixed the kids lunch.

I read a comment on a blog post that week and I hadn't been able to stop thinking about it. In it, a woman admitted that she no longer believes in God but she lives in the Deep South and has been afraid to admit it to anyone (it sounded like even her close friends). It made me even more grateful for how kind and supportive our community has been in light of Peyton's uncertainty and how willing our friends have been to sit with me in this tension and encourage me as I navigate it daily. Here in the deepest South. Honestly (I hate admitting this) this was a great fear of mine when we moved back and personally I see it as another case of God's provision in our lives.

They ate and I did dishes. They had rest time and I started a post, read a few blogs, had my lunch, talked to a friend, and folded some laundry. I straightened a bit. Peyton got home and he took the Christmas stuff to the attic. I helped the kids clean up their roo and then got dressed. I made caprese skewers and started cooking green beans and kale.

Morgan and Haydn and their crew got here and we had the best time visiting. The kids played so well and Morgan was SO sweet and helped me with the dishes. They left around nine thirty and we got the kids ready for bed and I finished up just a bit in the kitchen. I texted with a friend and finished up a post and went to bed.

The kids slept SO late on Saturday.  We all got up and they just played while I had a bath. We all had breakfast and they watched their shows and I did a few things on the computer and started laundry. Graves helped me make lemonade and they had lunch while I changed over the laundry and did dishes. They had rest time and I got on the computer and wrote most of a post, folded more laundry, and rested some. We did a craft and they had fun but it didn't end happily. I played with them and then read them a book and a Bible story. I fixed them supper and folded more laundry. They took a bath and I finished folding that load and swept in the kitchen and did dishes. I finished my post and read a few blogs. I worked on putting some things on Google Calendar and addressed a few Christmas cards to people whose addresses I wasn't able to get until after Christmas. I got everything ready for church and then read over some old emails and went to bed.

Sunday was a really good one. We got ready quickly and headed out. I get up about forty five minutes before we leave and I just get dressed and fix my hair. Peyton dresses the kids and I fix Annie's hair. I don't do my make up or eat breakfast because I do that in the car. We dropped Peyton off and ate breakfast and I got on Facebook on my phone and even read some from a book I had brought. We went to church and it was really good. They're doing a four week series for new members and visitors and this was the first week. It was about the history of Northside and it was fascinating. Graves did GREAT at church and I caught most of the sermon and loved it. We came home and they watched their shows and I hung up our clothes and had my lunch. I fixed their lunch and read a few blogs and then they had rest time and I rested most of it myself. They had a snack and I took out the trash and compost and straightened a bit and then we cleaned up their room. I played with them and read them the Bible and then they had supper and I did dishes. We picked up Peyton and both kids fell asleep on the way home. We ate supper, watched TV, and chatted and then I read a few more blogs and worked on planing out my school goals for the semester.

Hopefully, I'll get another one of these in this week and then I'll just be a month behind =)

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