Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Weekly Happenings Post #355 (January 11-17)-- Book Buddies Begins and Friday Night Thoughts on Trusting God in the Seemingly Impossible

 Ummm, I noticed we went a whole two weeks between family pictures recently and was SO upset. Apparently it's happened twice (I didn't even realize it with this one until just now). UGH. It upsets me so much.

Peyton and Graves woke up a bit before me and I woke up around nine thirty on Monday. I got my bath and got dressed. I ate breakfast, got on the computer, and planned the day. I did some math with Annie and then Peyton took the kids swimming. I planned the school week and packed them lunches. They got home and we dropped the kids off with his parents and then left to meet a friend who is doing some curriculum counseling for us. It was a great discussion and really helpful. We picked up the kids and visited a bit and then came home. I ate something and the kids had a snack. Annie was supposed to finish math and then Peyton was going to take her to the library but she didn't want to do it and was really in a state over it. We ended up calling off the library and after she calmed down we all watched Inside Out and had popcorn (Graves had oatmeal; he can't STAND popcorn). He actually fell asleep right after the movie and Annie and I did finish math. I got some maternity clothes down from the attic and then read a bunch of blogs for a long while and wrote a post and got things together for the next morning.

I got up pretty early Tuesday morning and got ready really quickly and left for MDO while everyone else was still asleep. It was a really fun morning, as usual. On the way back, I stopped at Walgreens and picked up a prescription and then ran by Hobby Lobby. I came home and visited with Peyton and the kids and ate lunch. They had had a great morning and done some school, baked bread (more for a lesson than actual eating), and had baths.

bread baking aftermath!
I got on the computer for a bit and then straightened some and made up the bed. Peyton took the kids to the library and I took a quick nap. When they got back, I did math and critical thinking with Annie. Mallory came over and picked me up and we got Chik Fil A and drove around and visited for an hour. So good for the soul! When I got home, the kids were finished supper and watching the State of the Union with Peyton.

I brushed their teeth and read to them and we read a Bible story and prayed. I read some blogs, straightened around the house, and wrote a post. I did my Bible study and washed dishes and went to bed.

Peyton went with his dad down to his grandmother's house to work on the farm on Wednesday. I got up around nine thirty when Graves did and hurried to get ready for story time. I made the bed and then handed the kids clothes and they got dressed while I got my bath. I fixed them breakfast and they ate and I finished getting ready and ate something myself. We hopped in the car and drove to the library. We had a fun time and Graves got really into the craft (he doesn't always even want to do them). I made some copies I needed to make and then we went to the grocery store. The kids were so sweet and well-behaved.

We came home and they had a snack and I put up the groceries. They watched their shows and I ate lunch and got on the computer a bit. We did morning school after that (calendar, devotion, and read aloud). Then we did a fun little tape resist art project. We cleaned up and they had lunch and I did dishes.
Graves saw this picture and said "I want y'all to look like that again". I said "oh, do you think we were pretty cute?" and he said "cutest day ever". He's so funny and sweet!

 They had rest time and I read a few blogs and started a post. Minnie dropped by and we had a fun visit with her (and I hung up some clothes in the kids' room while we were in there) and then resumed rest time. Peyton and his dad got back and we visited a minute with him and then Peyton and I ate some BBQ he had picked up and the kids had another snack. I did English and critical thinking with Annie while Peyton and Graves watched some Star Wars and then the kids had supper. I did dishes and collected and started laundry. Peyton brushed and flossed them and I read to them and we read their Bible and prayed. I folded a ton of laundry and Peyton and I talked a lot and then I went to bed.

I got up a little late and hurried to get ready on Thursday. Peyton and I had our first Book Buddies day. My mom is going to start watching the kids in February but she works on Thursdays and couldn't switch until the next month. Anyway, our favorite non-family babysitter, Claire, was still home from college so she kept the kids. We hurried out and made it in plenty of time. I had a good time reading and Peyton filled out some paper work. We ran by the grocery and got home and Claire left. We had lunch and then I took a little nap. Peyton took the kids to the Children's Museum and I read a few blogs and then straightened the house, organized and put up some dress up clothes, and started washing all our sheets. They got home and I fixed the kids supper and then did math with Annie. We got them to bed and ate supper and talked some. I finished up two posts and read some more blogs and then did my Bible study. I put sheets on all the beds and went through two boxes of maternity stuff and one box to donate.

I woke up Friday with a TERRIBLE headache. Such a bummer because this week had been better. I took some medicine and laid back down after I got Graves some cereal. Annie got up and I got her something to eat, too. I ended up staying in bed through their first show and it was pretty late once I got up. I let them watch an extra show and got my bath, made the bed, ate something, and got on the computer and sent an email and a FB message. We did morning school (read aloud and their calendar and power cards and then a devotion and the craft that went with it). While they were working on their craft, I straightened and put the sheets on Graves's bed (he had been asleep in it the night before) and made up Annie's. I collected and started laundry and dusted in the bedrooms and study and cleaned a raisin out of the sole of my shoe with a toothpick. Haha.

I fixed the kids lunch and while they ate, I vacuumed under the table where they had been crafting, in our room, and in the study (their room was a mess so I waited on it). I put up dishes and washed a ton and then they had rest time. Well, Graves did and Annie did for a bit. Then she worked on math. Between her questions and him having a hard time with it, it was pretty frustrating. I started a post and read a few blogs and Peyton got home. Annie finished her math and Graves cleaned up his toys and then we actually sorted some more of them.

We got ready and headed to Mickey and Minnie's. We dropped a book off at the library and then went over there. Minnie was still at work when we got there. We had a nice time and left sort of early.
 I haven't said anything on here yet but Peyton had told the kids recently about the changes in his faith. That night at my parents' Graves kept insisting everyone pray before dinner. It was a great opportunity to talk to him about not pressuring people to do something they don't want to do/are uncomfortable with and I'm so glad I was in a frame of mind where I didn't just start sobbing. I also reminded him that I NEVER force him or Annie to pray when they don't want to. It went well overall and I am trusting God to use this all for good in all our lives, but navigating this is difficult and exhausting to say the least.

On a much lighter note, Annie told me that I should NEVER run with an ostrich. Because humans run so much slower than ostriches and then I'd be behind the ostrich and he would most likely kick me. It would only be okay if I was in a "motor vehicle".

 Peyton ran by Walgreens to get a refund on something because I hadn't had the right card earlier in the week and then we came home and got the kids to bed. I did dishes and got on the computer and finished the post and read some more blogs and then went to bed.

Saturday turned out a little differently than I had planned but it was a fun day! Mallory was sick and texted me the night before to see if Brennan could come over for a bit. Graves woke up around eight thirty and we snuggled and played and then I fixed him some cereal and got a bath and breakfast myself. Annie got up and the kids played and I dozed on the couch a bit and then Mallory dropped Brennan off.

They played some in the end and then I took the three kids outside. I read some while they played and pushed them on the swings. We came in and had lunch but Brennan wasn't really hungry. I had a snack and did dishes and the kids played a lot more. I folded some laundry, organized some books in the kids' closet, and did a few things around the house. Brennan had a little snack and Annie watched her show and Graves and Brennan played in their room and then Graves watched his show. Mallory picked him up and Graves and Annie had rest time. I worked on a post and took a nap myself and ate something. The kids were hungry and they ate supper while I straightened a bit. We cleaned up their room and then read and did our Bible story and played. They took a bath and I vacuumed. I got them to bed and talked to Peyton and then read a bunch of blogs and finished a post. I got everything ready for church and ate something and went to bed.

I woke up on Sunday and was SO sick. I mean, I threw up a lot. Somehow, Peyton helped me a ton and we were able to leave on time. I kept going back and forth about if we should even go and I'm so glad we did. We dropped him off and ate breakfast in the car. Graves needed to teetee so we ran into the store. Sunday school and church were wonderful.

We got home and I fixed the kids a snack and they watched their shows. I changed clothes and ate lunch and then fixed them lunch. They had rest time and I took a good nap. When rest time was over, we discussed their devotion from the week and talked about Winter and did activities to go with both. I started laundry. I cooked some veggies for supper and they ate while I did dishes. I changed over the laundry and then we got ready and picked up Peyton. They both fell asleep in the car. I had to run in and use the bathroom myself and then we came home. Annie woke up for a bit and talked to Peyton. I called Minnie and read a bunch of blogs. I planned about half the week of school and went to bed.

So, after this next one I'll just be a month behind =)

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