Monday, February 1, 2016

What I'm Into: January

On the Nightstand:
I actually finished a book this month!

Telling God's Story: A Parent's Guide to Teaching the Bible- Peter Enns
This book was really, really helpful and freeing for me and it showed me a new way if sharing Scripture the children.

We're spending a lot of time with Jesus, mostly.

And I try to read these two daily. I'm not always successful, though. Either way, I'm going to keep with them until I'm totally sick of them.
Reflections for Ragamuffins: Daily Devotions by Brennan Manning 
The Mockingbird Devotional: Good News for Today (and Every Day)- Ethan Richardson, Sean Norris

On Their Nightstand: 

Picturepedia: An Encyclopedia on Every Page- DK Publishing 
Annie said to me "The other day at naptime I spent most of my time on history. Which, I don't usually do history in the picturepedia book. I usually do nature." (Little chuckle)- "No wonder, right?" Yes, Annie, no wonder. Also, I DO wonder how many hours she's clocked in this thing. It is an amazing volume.

Spring: An Alphabet Acrostic by Steven Schnur
Explaining to my (sometimes stubborn) thinker why poetry is classified as nonfiction (because "sometimes, Momma, poetry can be a pretend story, you know?"). However, this is such a beautiful book and we've loved it. 

Among the Animals: Mississippi by Stephen Kirkpatrick 
I have always loved Mr. Stephen's photography (he lives in Jackson and I was close friends with his son growing up) and when I realized he had, along with his sweet wife, done a children's book, I knew they (especially, Annie) would be enthralled. It is so well done and engaging. Just beautiful!

On the Shelf:
I started these two back several months ago and I'd love to finish both this month. 
Tender Hooks- Beth Ann Fennelly

Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms How We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead- Brene Brown

At the Theater (or from the couch):
I only watched one movie, but I absolutely loved it.

 Inside Out- I knew I'd love it so much because I'm so into feelings and emotions and that sort of thing and the concept just seemed brilliant and anything done by Pixar is mostly fantastic. Well, it exceeded my expectation. Peyton said it was "such a gift".  He actually shared about it on Facebook and his words almost made me teary (fitting, right?):
"We had some BIG emotional outburst over having to finish math before going to the park/library and we decided to let AP cool down (and pretend to be getting dressed to walk there alone) while the rest of us watched the movie. As she undressed in a bit of defeat and asked us to help her pull off one of the 6 pair of pant layers she'd suited up in to retain her warmth outside, she was immediately captivated by the movie. She sat on the couch beside me and watched the entire thing. It was probably our first real "family movie" experience where we laughed, cried, and discussed the movie in depth. Inside Out did a masterful job of providing parents (and kids) with a tool to discuss emotions. AP moves away from showing sadness and is pretty good at being angry, the movie gave us some jumping off conversations to that subject. Graves seemed to pretty much revel in the movie and enjoyed it the way through. After it he basically crashed and slept on the couch...AP is now in the office finishing her math thanks (in part) to that great tool pixar gifted to parents like ourselves." 
It was so well done and I think we'll (all) watch it many more times. Graves has already asked to see it again!

On the Small Screen:

Making a Murderer
Oh gosh, I will talk to anyone who will listen about this. Fortunately, it got so much hype, lots of people want to talk =) I finally finished it and I've also been reading (and plan to read more) various opinions about it. Less on whether or not Steve Avery did it, more on just an analysis of ideas surrounding it.

Unsolved Mysteries 
I mentioned awhile back that we had actually gotten a dvd of the show off Netflix. Well, the other day we FINALLY set up our rabbit ears because there were tornadoes around us and we wanted to watch the weather. We discovered that of the like, seven channels we have, one is like a crime channel and Unsolved Mysteries comes on multiple times times during the day and night. We've mostly been watching the ones that air at midnight, but the other day I was feeling terrible and it was beautiful so Peyton turned the kids out in the backyard and we watched while we ate lunch (and then I snoozed). 

In My Ears:
Really nothing. I'm not sure if it'll happen in February, but two things I want to do soon are start making my playlists again and start listening to my favorite podcasts more regularly. I did heart the sermon I needed to hear the other week, though.
I was SO sick that morning and we barely made it in time to drop Peyton off and make it to church. Poor Graves was in such a grumpy state too when he woke up. I'm so glad we pushed ourselves. I'm going to a four week class for visitors and new members this month and this was one of my favorite sessions- it was a fascinating discussion about how Northside is a very liturgical Baptist church. Then, in the sermon I heard just what I needed to hear. There are times when I feel so lost without the Law/Gospel preaching we heard weekly at Calvary so I got a little teary realizing (yet again) that my calling is not to be an excellent mother or teacher but to be an adequate one who points the tiny church goers next to me toward a great Gospel of abundant grace where scarcity (of bread and loaves; of wedding wine; of time, energy and patience) is no threat to me or them.

Around the House:
I love this sunny little corner.

We finally got pretty much everything we wanted to donate (for now) donated and I have everything I want to consign or sell in the laundry room in a big tub. That's a big project, but I'm hoping to tackle it before too long. Thankfully, our house is back to normal for the most part (I still need to declutter some piles in our room) and I have a few things for Peyton to hang and then we'll be done with decorative stuff for a little while, too. I have a few projects for Spring and a few things I'd like to purchase, but that's sort of down the road a bit.  

Oh and then there's this...
New system: I keep the house on (basically) whatever I want during the day and we turn it down LOW at night. Perfect compromise and doable as I'm sleeping so comfortably in Peyton's sleeping bag that goes down to 35ish degrees. Possibly TMI bonus: it's a great barrier. Peyton isn't as bad about swinging his heavy tree trunk legs on top of my delicate self or trying to snuggle up way too close for my liking. Keep to yourself, Pal, I'm uncomfortable enough trying to deal with the human inside of me. Also, yes, I washed and put the flannel Christmas tree sheets back on. The kids convinced me to let them keep theirs out a bit longer so I figured why not break all the rules?

In the Kitchen:

Not a lot, but...
I cooked a brisket recently when we had some friends over and honestly, as much as I love the meal, I prefer the leftovers. Since I was about Annie's age, a brisket sandwich has been one of my favorite things in the whole world. And it's one of maybe three things that I enjoy just as much when I cook it myself as when Minnie cooks it.
Plus, a few guilty pleasures. 
Annie and I LOVE popcorn!  

and my sister in law gave me some hot chocolate for Christmas and it's delicious.

In My Closet:

Again, with the bump pictures. Ha! Clearly, lots and lots of tights and dresses
Cookie found this $90 dress on sale for $35 and got it because she needed to be cute when she goes out at night at Conrad's sister's wedding in the Bahamas. I saw it and ordered it because I need to be pregnant and not in yoga pants occasionally this Spring. Similar but different.

I wore this jumper a couple of times last month. It's houndstooth and feels very classic. 

This is one of my favorite dresses when I'm not pregnant but it looks a little sack-like here and not very flattering. I think it's the angle maybe? Anyway, I paired it with my Sperry rain booties the other night when it was pouring and I was meeting my sister in law for sushi.

I actually thought about getting rid of this dress recently. I just don't feel like it's very in style anymore. BUT, it fits and it's comfy so I'm glad I hung onto it for at least one more season.

In Their Closets:
Most of the pictures of the kids are in pajamas/random ensembles they selected themselves. And I'm learning to be okay with that. 
I did take this picture today in their navy. I was hoping for a better picture but they were pretty wild and rowdy this afternoon.  
In My Mailbox:
Nothing interesting really this month!

In My Cart:
I really haven't made any significant purchases. Okay, that's not true. I have bought a couple of things for the baby- a bonnet and a couple of little things I want to put in her corner of the kids' room. We really have everything she NEEDS (and much more) but it's fun to carefully pick out a few special things for her. Pictures as it comes in/comes together!

 Around the Town (and At Home):

We found this scooter on sale at Walmart for like $10. Graves loves the thing! 

We also spent some Christmas money on a dragon that makes loud noises and spits ice. They love him and I'm thankful we don't have many toys like him =)

We also had a big day recently...

I'm so thrilled to be having another little girl. I mean a boy would have been a blast, too. I'm just glad to be doing it all again! 

That said Sister Baby is doing a NUMBER on me. 
I spent a few hours in Urgent Care this week, trying to figure our these dizzy spells. Lots of tests and all they could find was that I'm still pretty anemic- it hasn't worsened but it hasn't gotten much better. I was a little discouraged. But it was a nice three hour break. Then on Friday, my doctor's nurse called and said they were referring me to a neurologist because my headaches are so frequent on top of the dizzy episodes.  

At the Schoolhouse:

We've really gotten back into the swing of things!

We had exactly ONE fiction book in our collection for the "pretend to be a librarian and sort these books" activity. She is such a little researcher! 
We've started back doing "Morning School" (calendar time, these fun "power cards" we have, critical thinking for both kids, finger plays, and some read aloud, plus a devotion and a craft) with some regularity. While Annie benefits a ton from it, it's really Graves's primary school time. I try to fit in some preschool stuff (finger plays, crafts, ect.) and ordinarily she's pretty engaged, too. The other day Graves was all over the place during their joint "morning school" time and Annie finally took it into her own hands and tried to distract him by telling him "there's some really amazing carrion over there". She's also started calling him an Irratator, which was apparently a type of meat eating dinosaur.

On the Blog:
January is always sort of a different month on the blog. I spend a good bit of time looking back and looking ahead. It's not the way I'd want to write all year long, but I always enjoy it. It feels old and comfortable and new and fresh at the same time and I always feel a certain sense of accomplishment when I spend so much energy combing through old posts and setting goals for the new year.
More Baby Updates- These have been fun to write!
The Best of In Your Warm Hold: 2015- It's always fun to gather up (what I think are) my best posts.
I Belong With You: 2015 Year in Review- This takes awhile every year, but I love doing it too!
Slow Ambitions: 2016 Goals- I finally got my goals for 2016 set and I'm excited about them.
On My Heart:
- January was a really nice month overall. I'm super excited about February and also about getting closer to Spring. Winter is sort of exhausting to me.
- I should probably write a whole post on this, but it took me a LONG time to really learn Annie, despite that she's so much like me. But I finally did. Well, I feel like I'm really starting to learn about Graves a lot more as a person. His strengths and weaknesses, his fears, his joys- all of it- is becoming so much more clear. That's such an exciting aspect of parenting to me.

In My Prayers:
- I'm praying about the children's little hearts and minds and personalities- how to best parent them both, as they are so very different.
- I'm praying for this baby and my health. And my energy. And patience.
- I'm praying for me and Peyton and that we will grow closer this year and love each other more deeply.
On the Calendar: 

February is going to be a fun month. It's always interesting to me because it's so short. Carrie and I are meeting Ashley in Nashville and then Cookie and Conrad are coming for a visit later in the month. With it being so short and two busy weekends, I'm sure it'll fly!

What I'm Into


Mallory Pickering said...

"...a great Gospel of abundant grace where scarcity (of bread and loaves; of wedding wine; of time, energy and patience) is no threat to me or them." Love this line. Beautiful writing and thinking.

Jennifer said...

I need to read that book! Spring always feels near to me after Valentines day! So excited for Baby Girl - what a fun experience for your older two kiddos!