Friday, March 25, 2016

Babykins #3: Twenty Nine Weeks

 Pregnancy Highlights:
 How far along: 29 Weeks
Size of Baby: (via BabyCenter) Babykins #3 is about the size of a butternut squash, weight wise, at two and a half pounds and is a little over fifteen inches long! Her muscles and lungs are continuing to mature and her head is growing a lot to make room for his developing brain!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: twenty three pounds as of my last appointment (we don't have a reliable scale at home)
Maternity Clothes:  Again, the jumper I'm wearing isn't. Actually, the leggings and shirt aren't either but it would be BAD NEWS if you could see how they look under the actual jumper. I am questioning what these clothes look like when I'm not pregnant because I'm thinking that if they look this way now, they probably look like a potato sack when I weight twenty five less pounds. 
Gender: It's a girl!
Movement: Tons! Peyton and Annie were feeling her kick tonight. It's crazy how visible and strong her movement has gotten!
Sleep: To be honest, it's been another rough week.
Cravings: I've actually been LOVING salads recently. I had a wonderful cobb salad with avocado lime ranch dressing at Chik Fil A and Peyton and I are both OBSESSED with the Newk's "Favorite Salad" (it has dried cranberries, grapes, artichokes, grilled chicken, and some other yummy stuff on it and this amazing dressing on top).

Symptoms:Well, I made another trip up to Urgent Care, this time in the middle of the night.
I had been feeling a lot of abdominal pressure on Monday night and then Tuesday morning but that's happened before and it wasn't really painful or anything. Tuesday morning we ran errands and did some fun stuff with the kids and when we got home, I just started feeling weird. I had this pain that was really similar to period cramps but it would get more intense every so often. I assumed it was Braxton Hicks contractions and I just spent a lot of the afternoon and evening laying down. We got the kids to bed and I got in bed at that point, too. Peyton and I watched a couple of shows and it hurt but it wasn't terrible or anything. [Earlier that afternoon, I had called and moved up my appointment. It was actually supposed to be on Wednesday but Peyton was supposed to be working. Well, their soccer games got cancelled due to wet fields last weekend so he switched back and worked Saturday and was off on Wednesday, which ended up being such a blessing. ANYWAY, I had moved the OB appointment when I thought he was working that day and I had to move it to next week. So I called and got it moved BACK to this week but today (Thursday) was the first opening. Anyway, I was just going to try to make it until then.] Well, Peyton fell asleep and I couldn't. I finally got in the tub and things got much better. But within half an hour, I felt the worst I had all day. I knew I couldn't go to sleep and mostly it just worried me. So, I woke Peyton up and he said he thought I probably did need to go on to the hospital and we loaded up the kids. He checked to see if River Oaks or Woman's would take our insurance since they were so much closer and we didn't know the Wiser building would be open and thought we'd have to go to the regular UMC ER which would have probably been a nightmare. Woman's would and they were just going to wait but then Peyton said he thought it would be better for me to be down at University where my chart was and in case I had to be admitted for real. So he dropped me off. Annie was wide awake and apparently they discussed going to Waffle House and even pulled in but Graves was sleeping so hard they wanted him to stay asleep and Annie was really sweet even though she's been requesting we "try Waffle House" for months. LOLOL. So they just came home. Peyton said he handed his phone to AP and was like "if I fall asleep and momma calls or texts will you wake me up?". Apparently, he got a bit of sleep but she was up the WHOLE time from like 1:30-5:30 playing on the iPad. They hooked me up to the monitor and picked up some light contractions and my urine sample indicated that I was somewhat dehydrated. I was a little dilated and she's already REALLY low but no huge contractions showed up on the monitor and the tests came back okay so they gave me an IV of fluids and said just keep on trucking.
What I Miss: Um, just normal life. Ha! 
Best Moment This Week: Despite it being a HARD week, there have been a couple. First of all, we went by CFA on the way home from the hospital at like six AM and the chipper server was very curious about our story. We told her and she asked what else we had on for the day. Peyton told her just soccer practices and she smiled and asked if neither of us had to be at work and we told her he had the day off (he didn't mention that he has the week off because there's probably a time limit on these drive thru convos). It made me so aware of yet another way I see God providing for us with our decisions for Peyton to be home more. Can't wait for this little girl to join our crazy! Secondly, I had my regular OB visit today but with the nurse practitioner. I also had my glucose test and was so pleased that I didn't throw the sugar concoction up, as the woman administering it warned I'd have to retake it if I did. I absolutely adore the nurse practitioner at Dr. Shiflett's clinic. She's so cheerful and engaging. I was telling Peyton on the way to the hospital the other night that I had no idea what I hoped they'd say. I desperately did not want to have to be on bed rest again, especially this early but I also knew I'd be mad at myself if it was nothing. The doctors and nurses were nothing but kind but when they sent me home after giving me fluids and saying they weren't concerned about the small contractions and tiny bit of dilation I did feel like it had maybe been a bit unnecessary. Today, Nurse Bates made me "promise her" I'd go back if I was having any pain or any more than five contractions in an hour (it was probably at least twice that, even if they were small). She totally validated my "mother's instinct" and told me it could have gone very differently if I hadn't listened to my body, which was a powerful thing to hear. I'm really bad at a lot of physical things (I can't make myself burp, I was about twenty before I learned to blow my nose, and I was nearly thirty before I could tell when I was about to ovulate) and sometimes I have a hard time even reading cues. We are SO not people to run off to the ER (I used to joke I'd have to have a gunshot wound for Peyton to take me when I'd hear about people going for the flu or something) but it's hard when a tiny person who is still very vulnerable is inside you. Things are a lot less cut and dry and I have to protect her. I really needed to hear those affirming words that I was doing a good job at doing just that.
What I Am Looking Forward To: I'll be really happy to hit thirty weeks next week. In one sense, I feel like I should be way further along than three quarters of the way, but at the same time it's a milestone and I'll be glad to see it! 
Comparison to Graves:

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