Friday, March 4, 2016

March Goals and Happenings

 I don't love this month's background as much as I have the last few and at first I wasn't sure I'd even love the header. The background just isn't as "me" as some are. But it does feel fresh and Spring like! I really love the quote for this month and I love the font for the title (I don't think I've ever used it before!) and of course, the pictures just make me smile. I even love how Annie's baby cradle sort of fits with the color scheme.

As I said recently, February was a strange month. It felt long, despite it's obvious shortness. It's never my favorite month. I don't love Winter in general, but December has Christmas and I LOVE the start of a new year in January. By February I'm always just sort of over it. Also, we experienced a good bit of sickness (nothing serious, thankfully) and Peyton worked some extra shifts. I went on a trip and Cookie and Conrad came into town. Both really fun things, but I felt like we were off our routine for most of the month!

I also mentioned this, but March seems pretty low key and I could not be happier about that. We do have a few things on the agenda:
- I'm still trying to have people over more regularly. We had to cancel two different things awhile back due to sickness, so we need to reschedule those and another family we're friends with is coming over this week!
- Easter will be here before we know it and of course that's always a special time.
- Spring in general makes me happy and I'm so glad it's warming up and hopefully we'll be spending more and more time outside.
- The kids are starting soccer/blastball and they're pretty excited. Peyton actually arranged his schedule (which that in itself will take some getting used to, but it's just a month and I think it will be fun) and he's coaching Graves's team.
- I hope I can get back in my school groove like I was in January.

Here were my February's Goals.  I did really well with my goals in January, so this month I was kind of disappointed. It was a tough month, though, and I'm not going to fret over it.

1. Pick back up my devotions. I did pretty good with one of the two I read (the one I read in the mornings) but I sort of neglected the other one. (Faith)

2. Work on making a Spring "bucket list" for the kids. Nope, I definitely didn't get to this. Like I said originally, Peyton already made some and I just wanted to make it cuter. I still want to do it, but I'm not stressed about it. (Family)

3. Have at least one family over for dinner this month. We didn't do this, either, but almost (like I said, we're having some friends over this week)! (Relationships)

4. Daily practice self-care. I think I actually did pretty good about this. I spent some time enjoying our little sunroom and I fixed myself some warm tea a few nights and I let myself relax and enjoy a good show in the evenings or a book in the backyard while the kids played. Peyton was really sweet and since he was working extra we treated ourselves to take out a few times. (Health)

5. Finish another book. I came in right under the wire, but I did finish Tender Hooks (see my  thoughts here). (Creativity/Passion)

6. Continue to fine tune our Spring semester school routine. Well, no. That said, it wasn't a bad month schoolwise. We kept up with math and English. We went to our monthly book club and the kids went to the weekly science day with the homeschool group we're a part of a couple of times. Peyton did some other science stuff with them and we read a lot. We didn't do any formal crafts or activities but we made cards for the grandparents on Valentine's Day. They love that kind of stuff and I think it's good for them. Annie also wrote out a thank you letter herself and worked on a book report for the homeschool group. The book report presentation event got rescheduled but it was good practice for her. So, we weren't total slackers. In fact, it was a month I can definitely be proud of. But I like it when we have a little more structure. (Education/Edification)

7. Back up everything on the computer and wipe it out. No and this is probably the thing I'm most discouraged about. I've just GOT to do it. (Organization)

8. RELAX and enjoy our friend trip to Nashville this weekend. I did! I was really tired by the time we got home (and I realize now that I was trying to get sick the whole time), but it was a great weekend and I'm not sure it could have gone better than it did. (Travel)

9. Challenge myself not to buy anything "extra" this month and get my personal finances (my work money) up to date. No. NO. Sort of the opposite, in fact. But I decided I probably won't hit any consignment sales this season (shocker, I know!) and I wanted to go ahead and nail down most of the kids' Spring/Summer wardrobes. Graves was mostly set except for shoes and a swimsuit and Annie was good on Sunday stuff. But she needed some play clothes. I'm really trying to work with Annie's tastes (she wants more animal things and was not happy about how many animal motifs Graves has- boys are just so much easier to find animal clothes for!) and I ended up looking at Target and online. I also bought myself some new make up and one last thing for the baby's corner of their room.  (Finances)

 10. Practice being content without buying things. So clearly I didn't get much practice here. (Joy/Gratitude)

11. Clean kitchen appliances. I did the toaster oven and microwave but I didn't get to the stovetop and oven. To be fair, I was really waiting for Peyton to help me with the oven because it intimidates me and the stuff we have to clean it is super powerful and I'm not sure it's great to use when you're pregnant. [The last time I remember cleaning it was when I was pregnant with Graves. HORRIBLE, I know.] (Additional Goal)

12. Pick back up The West Wing and have text discussions with Cookie. Again, it was sort of here at the end of the month (partly because Peyton and I started a new show) but it's been fun to get back into it. (Fun Goal)

BONUS Goal: Organize around the house and clear off shelve in the den for library books. Now that we finished the big purge, I had some time to just consolidate some piles and work on making things more neat and functional. I mainly just went through different piles on counters and in our room and put things where they should go or got rid of them. I still need to do more on this, but I got a lot done. I also moved some of our books from the den bookshelf into the study and made a bunch of room on a bottom shelf for library books. We were keeping them in a box and they totally outgrew it! 

And March's Goals. I'm trying to be sensible and set attainable goals, but there's a lot I want to accomplish!

1. Get my hymn calendar hung in the sunroom. Gosh, the year is going to be a quarter of the way over! And while this doesn't necessarily sound like something that might really grow and develop my faith, I'm learning that sometimes really small things are actually really big things in my life. (Faith)

2. Plan the children's birthday party. We were in New York in April for the past two years and just did small stuff with our little family, so this will be their first party in awhile and they're pretty excited. Peyton asked if I wanted to think about having the kids' party somewhere- CFA or Pump It Up or something. I was sort of surprised, being as how he loves to pinch pennies =) But I guess we wouldn't be inviting that many people. It was kind of tempting but honestly I like having parties here where I can just enjoy visiting with our own friends more. I guess that would be the case anywhere, it just seems less chaotic? But I know most people would feel the opposite. We actually ended up asking them and Annie said she really wanted to decorate the house like The Jungle Book and have her friends play in the backyard. Which just seemed so sweet to me and who knows how long that phase will last? I was thinking it might be fun to rent one of those jump things. I wonder how expensive that is. I really think I'm going to try to let her plan it herself as much as possible since she seems to love that. (Family)

3. Have at least one family/friend over for dinner this month. As I said above, I'm actually hoping to do this more than once. Besides our friends that are coming this week, there are the two families we planned to have over that we ended up having to cancel with because of sickness and we have a couple of other friends that I've been meaning to invite. (Relationships)

4. Find a doula and consistently take my iron and prenatals EVERY day. I know it's important, but I'm SO forgetful (I probably need to just make a note) and also, the medicine kind of makes me sick to my stomach. Anyway, I need to just suck it up and do it EVERY day. Also, I *need* to get on with finding a doula this month. (Health)

5. Enjoy our camera more. Peyton has actually started to pick it back up some and I want to do so, too. Also, Annie and Graves love for me to take pictures of things they create (with playdough, ect.) and take videos of them. Sometimes, there's not room on my phone and the other day I just got out the big camera. I actually ended up with some neat pictures! Anyway, I'm going to try to use the real camera more this month (Creativity/Passion)

6. (Again) Get back in the swing of things with a more structured school routine. It just needs to happen. Mostly for me, honestly. (Education/Edification)

7. Make a list of house projects. We've been meaning to do this for ages. We need to walk around the inside and outside and just make a list of things that need to be done. (Organization)

8. Plan NYC Trip. Peyton and I are going back for a week in April. I already know quite a few of the things I want to do while we're there, but I want to make a list and get organized. (Travel)

9. Challenge myself not to buy anything "extra" this month and get my personal finances (my work money) up to date.Um, trying this again. (Finances)

10.  Practice being content without buying things. And this one, too. (Joy/Gratitude)

11. "Spring" the house. I finally took the flannel sheets off our bed, but I need to take them off the kids' beds, too. And put up our Winter china (it has snowmen on it so we use it past Christmas). I doubt I'll even get out my Easter decorations (so tired, so pregnant) but I'd like to fluff it up a little with things that will work all Spring. (Additional Goal)

12. Work on catching up on the blog and in Feedly. I'm pretty behind on my Weekly Happenings posts still, but I'm definitely at that light at the end of the tunnel stage. I also got behind on reading blogs. I don't worry about "keeping up" with most social media anymore (IG, Twitter, ect.) but I have so many posts in my reader that I really don't want to mark as read. I used to do it all the time and at some points you just have to but I know I would enjoy reading them and they'd be beneficial so I hate to. (Additional Goal)

13. Go on a date to Babalu. A friend told me that they have the roasted street corn that I enjoyed so much in Nashville so now I've GOT to go. (Fun Goal)

Here's to March and to the arrival of another Spring. May we not take the sunshine for granted and may we lean into the showers when they come and remember that puddles are for jumping and breezes are for enjoying and these are not the days to take ourselves to seriously. 

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