Sunday, March 6, 2016

Weekly Happenings #356 (January 18-24)-- Meetings, Meetings, and More Meetings (AND ANOTHER SISTER!!!)

Peyton has a ton of meetings this particular week. He and I have both cut back on a LOT of things since we moved home, but we're still involved in several things and sometimes it all hits at the same time!  

We had a nice day on Monday and we got alot done, but not near everything I wanted to. Peyton and I got up EARLY and chatted and then he went over to visit one of his bothers who was in town and the kids and I got up around nine thirty. I took my bath and had breakfast and he got home. The kids played on the iPad and I got on the computer, planned the day, and got some things ready for school. I called Minnie and made the bed and hung up some of the kids' art and then Peyton left to go visit another one of his brothers (they drive trucks and work offshore). I did morning school with the kids- some read aloud, a few finger plays, calendar and power cards, their devotion and activity, Annie's critical and a little ice cube activity. I got some laundry going and Peyton got home. We all had lunch and relaxed a bit and then Minnie came over. I helped her make Valentines on Shutterfly and she helped me put some decorative stuff that she had gotten me for Christmas up around the house. She left and Graves watched a bit of a movie and Annie played on the iPad. Peyton took them to the park in the dark and I read some blogs for a bit. They got home and I fixed them supper and then Peyton got Graves to bed and I did math with Annie. I read more blogs, did dishes, got things ready for the next morning, and folded towels. I went to bed later than I should have.

New system: I keep the house on (basically) whatever I want during the day and we turn it down LOW at night. Perfect compromise and doable as I'm sleeping so comfortably in Peyton's sleeping bag that goes down to 35ish degrees. Possibly TMI bonus: it's a great barrier. Peyton isn't as bad about swinging his heavy tree trunk legs on top of my delicate self or trying to snuggle up way too close for my liking. Keep to yourself, Pal, I'm uncomfortable enough trying to deal with the human inside of me. Also, yes, I washed and put the flannel Christmas tree sheets back on. The kids convinced me to let them keep theirs out a bit longer so I figured why not break all the rules?

Tuesday was such a busy crazy day. I got up early and got ready for MDO and made a little graphic and Instagrammed it. When I got to the car I realized that it was frosted over so I texted Julie and told her I was running late. I made it there about fifteen minutes late and it was a fun morning! Peyton had the kids at the pool and I got gas and came home. I made the bed and briefly checked my reader and group messaged with some friends. Peyton and the kids got home and I quickly got them ready and we headed to lunch at Newks and then on to my doctor's appointment. The wait was SO long. My appointment was at 2:30 and it was past 4:30 by the time we got back there. It was at a different facility than my normal clinic and I'm glad I won't be going back even though the doctors and nurses were super sweet.

Sugar and spice (and five more years of bubbles and probably ten more of smocking) and...

We got home and I texted my family and a few friends and then trimmed Peyton's hair. He was getting ready for a meeting, Annie was melting down over various things, and Graves was still disappointed about the baby being a girl. Graves watched his show and I read to Annie (she had lost her show the night before for being disrespectful). I fixed them supper and then brushed their teeth and read them their Bible story. I got on the computer for awhile and ate my supper. Peyton got home and we discussed the meeting and several other things and then I finished a couple of posts and went to bed.

Wednesday was more low key but we got some stuff done. I slept super late and so did the kids. Peyton wen to the grocery store while we were asleep =) He got home and right after we got up, Minnie popped by. I visited with her, got my bath, and ate breakfast. After she left, I made the bed, prepped for school, and did a few other things. Peyton left for a Board of Pharmacy meeting. The kids watched their shows and I got on the computer for a bit. We did morning school (power cards, calendar, read aloud, and a devotion with a craft) and then the kids had lunch. I did a bunch of dishes, collected and started laundry, and put up a few groceries. The kids had rest time and I read some blogs and then Peyton got home and we talked. We all got ready and headed to the library. I made some copies and got some books we had on hold. Peyton got some books and so did the kids. We got home and I fixed the kids supper and they ate. I dusted in the den and sunroom, folded dish towels, and put up dishes. I did English with Annie and Peyton gave Graves a bath and then Annie took her bath and I did dishes and vacuumed in the den, kitchen, and sunroom. I mopped in the sunroom and kitchen and Annie went to bed. I uploaded some pictures from my phone and backed them up and then started a post and read some blogs.

Thursday was a good, full day. We all got up and got ready pretty early. Peyton dropped me off at Book Buddies and took the kids to the Children's Museum. I still didn't feel comfortable with the drive and since it's only two more weeks before he can start coming too (when my mom can keep the kids), we decided he could just drop me off. Plus, he'd have the car for the morning. Win win. It was a really good morning and I felt so good about the placement. We talked on the way home and then he rushed to get ready for a meeting. I let the kids watch their shows and I finished a post and read a few blogs. We had lunch and then they had rest time.
 Annie has such an acute sense of smell and most things that are different really bother her (like the brisket I was cooking all day awhile back, which is pretty much the best smell in the world). Graves has a pretty good sense of smell too but most things don't bother him much (sort of the case with their personalities in general). Anyway, he has developed a MAJOR aversion to the smell of Cheerios, of all things. Annie loves them and recently I've started letting him sit on the floor all the way across the kitchen because it upsets him so much (he almost cried about it). Then the other day on the way to church they were sharing a water bottle and Graves took a sip and swallowed and then made this funny sound you make when you taste something awful. Like sort of spitting/gagging. And he goes "Ahhh! That tasted like a CHEERIO smells!"

I got on the computer a bit and then Peyton got home and we talked. I did several English activities with Annie that we didn't get to in the previous two lessons and then we realized there was some bad weather. 
Explaining to my (sometimes stubborn) thinker why poetry is classified as nonfiction (because "sometimes, Momma, poetry can be a pretend story, you know?"). ETA: This is such a beautiful book and we've loved it. 
 Aside: we had exactly ONE fiction book in our collection for the "pretend to be a librarian and sort these books". She is such a little researcher! 

Peyton got the rabbit ears set up on the TV and I folded some laundry and put it up and did dishes. The weather passed and I got ready to go eat sushi with Elizabeth. I was glad the weather didn't ruin our plans; we were both so excited for a kid free night! The food was so good and we had a great time visiting for hours. I got home and Peyton and I talked some (the kids were actually asleep!) and then I wrote another blog post, read my Bible, and read some blogs. I ate a snack and went to bed.

The kids slept pretty late on Friday and Peyton had to work. I woke up and Graves and I snuggled and played for literally an hour. It was good for me. We pretended he was a mouse and the sleeping bag was his hole and or that the sleeping bag was a crocodile who ate us =) We found Annie reading in the sunroom when we got up! Graves had breakfast and I got my bath and then they watched their shows and had iPad time. I was moving pretty slow. I ate breakfast went through my Reader and responded to a FB message and then fixed the kids lunch. I straightened in the den and got our bed made and straightened in our room. They finished and we were about to start morning school but Annie asked if we could switch it up and do rest time first. I liked her request =) It did work better because I was able to look over her math; collect, sort, and start laundry; and refocus a bit. I ate my lunch and started a new post and read blogs.

I did math with Annie and told Graves he could come out of his room when he cleaned up some toys. He chose to play instead of pick up toys, but it worked out well because math went faster without him around. After we finished, I started helping the kids with cleaning up. We got it done pretty quick and Peyton got home. I put laundry in the dryer and washed some dishes. I took out the trash, recycling, and compost stuff and we got ready to go to my parents'. We had a good visit and the kids didn't want to leave (they never do). We got home and they went to bed pretty quickly. I did my Bible study, read some blogs, and finished a post and then went to bed.

Peyton worked on Saturday, of course, and the kids and I had a pretty good day. We got up late and then they played and watched their shows. I got my bath and got on the computer and we all had breakfast. We did the first part of morning school- calendar and power cards and some read aloud time and then they wanted lunch. We were going to finish up right after that but they wanted to have "break time" (what they decided to call rest time now that they neither one rest). I agreed and and ate my lunch, read some blogs, and took a short nap. After that, we cleaned up their room and did some critical thinking for Graves, their devotion, and a craft. We were going to do math but we switched things up again and they helped me cook supper. We read, did their Bible story, and played and then they had a super quick bath. They ate supper and I started cleaning up the kitchen and getting snacks together for the next day. I did math with Annie and Graves traced and then they went to bed right after Peyton got home. I did dishes, ate supper and visited with Peyton, and finished getting stuff ready for church. I read blogs for awhile and was getting together a few last minute things and realized I couldn't find Annie's tights anywhere. I searched and finally found them and then had a snack and went to bed.

We all got up and got ready on Sunday morning. We dropped Peyton off and did our regular breakfast in the car routine. My four week new members class was about missions that week and it was really interesting. We went to church and the kids did great. We came home and they watched their shows and I sort of unpacked stuff from church a bit and changed clothes. I fixed the kids lunch and I ate mine and then they had rest time. I mostly rested myself.

I felt terrible when I got up and I ended up throwing up. I felt better after that but I was so tired. I helped the kids clean up their room, rested a bit, fixed them supper, rested a bit more, and did dishes and rested again. I brushed their teeth and we got ready and headed to get Peyton. I was feeling a bit better, thankfully. The kids both fell asleep before we got there. When we got home, Peyton and I ate and talked and then he watched a movie and I got on the computer and read some blogs. I fell asleep on the sofa watching TV in the den and at some point Annie joined me and then so did Graves. It wasn't the best sleep I've ever gotten, but it sure was sweet!

One more week and I'll be up to February! Haha. I'm hoping to knock two or three more of these out next week but I have several other posts I want to do, too. 

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