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Weekly Happenings #357 (January 25-31) -- Still So Sick

 gotta include the Beanie Boos!

This was the week I went to the hospital for my dizziness. I didn't remember but I was also STILL throwing up a ton. Ugh. It was a hard week, but I seemed to do pretty good at pushing through! 

Monday was a good productive day. The kids, Peyton, and I all woke up around nine something. I got my bath and got on the computer and Peyton cooked some cinnamon rolls for breakfast. We ate and then I started laundry, made the bed, and did dishes with Peyton while the kids played. He left to meet a friend for lunch and run some errands and I did morning school with the kids. We read a bunch, did our power cards and Graves's critical thinking, did some finger plays, and colored a coloring sheet. Annie did her critical thinking and Graves cleaned up a bit in their room.

 Graves was all over the place during their joint "morning school" time and Annie finally took it into her own hands and tried to distract him by telling him "there's some really amazing carrion over there". She's also started calling him an Irratator, which was apparently a type of meat eating dinosaur. 

I fixed them lunch and did dishes and folded a load of laundry. They helped me sort some library books and take pictures and then they had rest time.

Graves really wanted a picture of himself. Gosh, I love this squinty guy!

I read some blogs and Peyton got home. I had my lunch and he ran to the library and then took the kids outside to practice soccer.
 "I'll get the ball if it comes to the tree." states the resting soccer player.

I worked on getting stuff together for my Jumble donation. Peyton fixed the kids supper and I laid down because my head was hurting. I did math with Annie when they finished and organized some more stuff for the Jumble and then read some blogs and went to bed.
 Annie is certainly not baby obsessed like Graves but she is such a caregiver in a different way. She has a bit of a sore throat and she said "maybe someone could boil me some tea while I read to Graves and try to get him to sleep". Then she told me about a conversation she had with him in which she reminded him that they "have all of naptime" to play in their room and suggested she just read to him at night.

Tuesday was such a weird day. I got up early and hurried and got ready for Mother's Day Out. I checked the weather, made a list, and ate some breakfast. I was running a little late but not too bad. I threw some snacks together and left. Well, I got super dizzy on the way there. I should have pulled over, but I was on a road where there wasn't really a good spot to. Anyway, I just blasted the air and took off my glasses. I made it and felt okay but a little shaky. I went to the bathroom and threw up and felt a lot better. It was a good morning overall.
 This is how we have to talk to Graves. Reminding him constantly of his own mortality. Peyton is like the least sympathetic person when you're sick and he's the least alarmist person ever. So it's weird when HE is concerned. I'm so thankful for my friends at MDO who reminded me it's ok to be late, who refused to let me lift a single child, and who demanded I go ahead and take a few minutes to call the doctor.

On the way home, I stopped and treated myself to Chick Fil A and made a return to Hobby Lobby. Peyton and I visited a bit and I talked to the kids and then I took a LONG nap. Peyton played with the kids and took them to the library. I felt sort of bad when I got up but I did a few things. I got Peyton to take my twenty weeks picture and we took a family picture and then I took pictures of all the clothes I was donating. Peyton got the kids supper and then played with Graves and Annie and I did math. Peyton got Graves to bed and played with Annie and I read some blogs for awhile. I ate something, talked to Minnie, straightened, and watched TV and folded a bunch of laundry and then did my Bible study and finished a post. It was pretty late.

We got up on Wednesday morning and got ready to go to Granny's. Graves had been coughing some in the night, though, so we discussed me staying home with him, even though we thought it was just sinus junk. We realized that any of us could have his cold and it would be best to all stay home. We got ready anyway and I emailed the nurse from the day before and made a to-do list and a schedule for blog posts for the next week or so. The nurse called back and told me I should probably go on to urgent care at some point. It turned out to be a good idea because I got dizzy just riding in the car. We stopped and had breakfast and played a bit at CFA and then Peyton dropped me off. I was there for several hours and he took the kids to the Children's Museum.
 Lots of tests and all they could find was that I was still pretty anemic- it hadn't worsened but it hadn't gotten much better. I was a little discouraged. But it was a nice three hour break

They picked me up and we went by Walgreens and Walmart. When we got home, they had "break time" and I put up groceries, got on the computer, and had a snack. I started cooking hamburger corn pie for supper and then did English with Annie while Peyton did some stuff with Graves. We all ate supper and Peyton bathed the kids and brushed their teeth while I did a ton of dishes. I read to them and did their Bible story and then read some blogs and started a post.

Thursday was another weird day. We got up and got ready for Peyton to drop me off at Book Buddies. I threw up a ton and we were rushing to get ready. I made it, though! Peyton took the kids and did a bunch of errands and I actually had a pretty good morning. When we got home we had lunch and then the kids played outside for a long time. I fell asleep watching TV (I never do that in the middle of the day!) and when I woke up I threw up a bunch more. Like it was probably the sickest I've ever gotten in my life. I changed clothes and went back to sleep for a bit.
 Peyton took these outside! I thought the lighting was beautiful and they were hilarious!

When I got up, I realized that I needed to go type something up to print at the library. I got there and realized I didn't have my library card and needed it to use the computer. I came home, got the card, and headed back tot he library. I got my Jumble quota form filled out and printed and came home. Peyton read to the kids some and I had a snack. He gave Graves a bath and got him to bed and Annie and I did some English. I ate something else and read a bunch of blogs and wrote two posts. I straightened up the house and went to bed.
Annie- "Graves and Papa just, like, go to sleep much earlier than we do". I've started letting her hang out with me after the house goes to bed. She sits in the study and reads mostly to herself, telling me the most interesting things. She follows me to the kitchen and laundry room. She gets herself a drink and I hear every light switch click off on her way back. She is so, so old now.

The kids slept nice and late on Friday and we had a low key morning. We had breakfast and they watched their shows and I got on the computer, planned school a bit, made the bed, and took my bath. We did morning school and it went really well. We did the calendar and power cards, both kids' critical thinking, some read aloud time, and our devotion and craft. Peyton was getting off early and had planned to drop off my donation at the Jumble and then come home and do a few things and take the kids swimming that evening before heading to my  parents'. He called and we decided to change it up. He'd  take the kids swimming at the earlier family swim and then we'd drop my stuff off before five and get to my parents' much earlier. It was probably a better plan, but it wasn't what I had thought it'd be. I rushed around and got the kids lunch and helped them get dressed and get things together to go to my parents' later. Peyton got home and they headed to the pool. I straightened some and fixed my lunch and they got back home. The pool was closed for a swim meet. I did a few things and we got ready to go. I did some dishes and changed over laundry and straightened some more. I got Peyton's pharmacy coats out of the laundry and laid them flat and then we left.

We dropped off my stuff and had a great visit with Mickey and Minnie. We got home a little later than we meant to but we all had a wonderful time. I threw up and then unpacked our stuff and went to the attic to get something since Peyton was up there getting something himself anyway. The kids played in their room and I started more laundry and read some blogs. I worked on a post, had a snack, and did my Bible study.

Peyton worked on Saturday, of course, and the kids and I slept SUPER late. As much as I love it, it always stresses me out a little to get such a late start, but I had a bad headache and needed it. They ate breakfast and I laid down a bit longer. They watched their shows and I got my breakfast, got on the computer, made their beds and ours, straightened, took my bath, and even did a few dishes. We did morning school- calendar time and power cards, critical thinking for everyone, a read aloud, their devotion and a coloring activity. The had a snack and while they did their coloring and ate, I talked to Peyton and straightened some. They cleaned their room and had lunch and I dusted, went through some piles, and then vacuumed in the bedrooms and study. They had rest time and I ate my lunch and read some blogs and worked on a post. When rest time was over, we picked up toys and then read, did their Bible story, and ate supper. While they ate supper, I polished the wood floors in the bedrooms, and got their bathroom floor scrubbed as well as the sink, bathtub and toilet. I scrubbed thee floors in the other bathroom and cleaned in there and then gave the kids a bath. I got them settled and did dishes. I got our church stuff together and then read some blogs and worked on some posts. Peyton got home and Graves fell asleep and Annie and I did some English. I worked a bit more on a post and then went to bed.
So excited we're actually really getting a sister baby!!!

It wasn't our best Sunday. Actually, it started off great. Annie was pretty sweet and chipper even though she was getting up several hours earlier than usual and I even took her monthly picture before we left. And Peyton got Graves dressed and he went back to sleep until it was time to get in the car. We dropped Peyton off, ate breakfast in the parking lot, and then got gas. I dropped the kids off in Sunday school and it was the last week in the month long series of new members/visitors class. It was really good. After that, though, things went downhill. Graves picked up a stick on the way to church and he was pretty understanding about not bringing it in the sanctuary but he wanted to leave it by the door. In retrospect, it wasn't a battle I should have fought, but I told him no to go put it back in the grass. He got so upset. Just then Annie's Sunday school teacher came out of the other building and asked if she could take him with her for extended session (where the kids that are five and under play during most of the service). He agreed to go (he usually doesn't want to) and Annie and I went on to church. It was a nice service but I was pretty distracted. I picked up Graves and he was still sort of cranky. We came home and he ran towards a tree in the front yard and took forever coming in. 
 I wanted to take a picture and instead they ran off to climb the tree in the front yard. They both- but Graves especially- hadn't been the most behaved. But I hadn't responded with much gentleness or grace. I ate lunch and let them play with the iPad and felt a lot better. I asked Graves if he knew how much I loved him and he said "eighty five??" I told him more than that, more than "a hundred thousand" (his favorite number and an expression he loves to use about anything that merits it's greatness in his mind). Also, as an aside, he's really come around a bit and told multiple people at church he was going to rock his baby sister, give her a paci and a bottle, and change her diapers.

I was wanting to take his monthly picture and he wasn't very cooperative. I probably would have been more understanding and I felt dumb getting frustrated by it but I was just so irritated with him. Anyway, we got it done and he ate lunch and Annie had some iPad time. He decided he wanted to do the iPad instead of a show so they played on it together and I ate lunch and relaxed a bit. Annie ate her lunch and they played and had "break time" and I read a few blogs and took a nap. After that, Graves cleaned up their room and Annie worked on an English project. I folded laundry and did a little more on a blog post and then fixed them supper. I got the laundry put up, did dishes, and played with them. They brushed their teeth and I finished the dishes and we left to get Peyton.

We picked him up and came home and got Graves settled (he wanted to sleep on the couch and I let him). Annie stayed up a bit and read and made a grocery list with us. Peyton watched a show and I read blogs and finished several posts.

Next up, February =)

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