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Weekly Happenings #358 (February 1-7)

 I literally typed this up as soon as I realized what had happened (through (I'm assuming hormone induced) tears). Later, as I was working on these posts, I realized um, this was actually the second time it happened. OMG. It was less painful that time, at least.

Peyton got up and went to the grocery store on Monday. He dropped off the groceries and woke me up and ran to the library. I stayed in bed a minute and then put up the groceries and straightened some.

The kids seemed to be tag-teaming it that week. It was a sort of rough day with Annie (rough with her is such an entirely different beast from rough with Graves). BUT, I had to share-- Peyton woke me up and asked me to put up the groceries but I stayed in bed a bit longer. I heard Annie say "Oh! We already had cream of chicken soup". I got up to go see how she figured that out and what she was up to. She was standing on the counter and said "I was putting these groceries up so you could sleep a little bit longer". Sweetest girl!

I had breakfast, got on the computer, and took a bath. I helped the kids get ready and we headed to the park in Brandon for a science project day with the homeschool group we're in. Annie participated and Graves played. We stayed a bit so she could play some too and then came home.
 He's a spit fire but he's so sensitive, too. He ran over and buried his head in my jacket because some big kids laughed at him for not playing on the playground equipment "the right way". Um, there's no right way. You do you, Bud. 

I wasn't feeling great at that point. I rested and talked to Minnie and then had a snack.

 What's hysterical is that I legit had gained about  much weight as I had with Graves at thirty weeks.

I straightened some, planned school, and got on the computer a bit. Peyton fed the kids supper and got them settled and I did school with Annie and then did dishes. I dusted in the den and vacuumed in there and in the kitchen and sunroom. I mopped in the kitchen and sunroom and read some blogs. I ate something and went to bed.

Tuesday was a busy day. I was subbing at St. Augustine and then we were supposed to have some friends over for dinner. I got up and was feeling pretty good. I got ready, got a few last minute things together, wrote Peyton a note, and then left a little later than I should have.
Oh and this is where I left Annie that morning. I had told her there might be tornadoes that day. Whoops.

 There was bad traffic and I was a little frazzled when I got there. I got my plans and got settled, though. The morning started off feeling sort of overwhelming but smoothed itself out pretty quickly. I had a wonderful day but a couple of things threw me off- the power went out and the kids ended up spending some of art and lunch inside. They usually go outside and burn off some energy. It was fine, and I adjusted, but they seemed to have extra energy for the rest of the afternoon. An assistant comes in to help in the middle of the afternoon and I finished grading papers and she talked to them a bit and got them settled (which made me feel self-conscious that I wasn't doing enough). I finished checking everything and they read and played a game of Heads Up, Seven Up. Towards the end of the day I started feeling pretty rough, too.

I came home and talked to Peyton and he told me our friends weren't coming over- their little girl had a fever. We talked some more and I had a snack and then took a nap for about an hour. We ran to the store in the rain and got Maddie a treat since she was sick and couldn't come over. We delivered it and the kids ate supper and played some. I felt SO bad. I got on the computer for a minute but I ended up going to sleep at like 9:00.

The kids both joined us in the night and then they ended up sleeping late on Wednesday. Peyton worked an extra shift so he left EARLY. I got up after ten. I slept more than TWELVE hours?!? I had breakfast, straightened a bit, made the bed, and got on the computer. The kids played Legos and had some iPad time.

If you're going to urinate on a flag, make it a Confederate battle flag.

I started some laundry and put up dishes and then we did morning school (power cards and finger plays, critical thinking, read aloud, and their devotion and a short activity) and then I played with them some. I changed over the laundry and they had a snack and then had rest time. I had my lunch and got on the computer. They got up and ate a very late lunch and then cleaned up their room. I folded laundry and did dishes. Annie did some English and I cooked some soup and did more dishes. Peyton got home and the kids played while I finished the soup. I let it simmer and read to the kids. We all ate and Peyton went to bed- he was feeling really bad with a sinus headache. I cleaned up supper, swept, took out the trash, and flossed the kids' teeth. I read some blogs and worked on my header for the month and went to bed. Peyton woke up and said his body was aching and he was scared he had the flu. He realized later that it was just a pulled muscle but he had a really weird, restless night and subsequently, I did too.

Thursday was sort of weird. I got up later than I should have and we HURRIED and got ready for Book Buddies. Peyton was going with me for the first time and Minnie was keeping the kids. We kissed them bye and headed off. It was a good morning at the school, but it wore me out. We got home and visited with Minnie some and I checked my email, made a hair appointment, cancelled a Zulily order I had accidentally shipped to Brooklyn. I started laundry and ate some lunch. I fell asleep and Peyton fixed the kids lunch. He needed to get some rest, too, since he was working that night. I got up and helped them finish lunch and get settled for rest time and then I fell back asleep. I slept almost their whole rest time. I got up and fixed them a snack and started more laundry, folded some, and put up dishes. I did a little English with Annie and folded more laundry and then Peyton got up. We got ready and headed to Newks for supper. When we got home, I brushed the kids teeth and got them settled. I got on the computer and read a few blogs and started more laundry and did dishes. I finished English with Annie (I really wasn't planning on it but she requested/reminded me, so we did) and then worked on two blog posts. I finished folding a bunch of laundry, packed for the trip, and packed a bag for the kids for the time they were spending with my in-laws.

On Friday, I got up and got ready. Peyton got home and the kids woke up. He went to bed and I fixed them a quick breakfast and cut up an apple for myself and Carrie got here. We got on the road and made pretty good time. We stopped for lunch outside of Oxford right after Carrie realized she left her whole purse at home. We had lunch and bought her some new lipstick at Walmart =) We got back and the road and stopped several times and made it to Nashville around five. We headed to Ashley's sister, Alyssa's house and visited a bit and then all went to dinner. It was great to see Ashley and we had fun getting to know Alyssa a bit better. We ran by a Walgreens and then drove to the hotel and unpacked our stuff and visited a bunch.

We had a fun Saturday!
Nashville with these girls! Such a fun weekend!

We got up and got going and went to brunch in Franklin (the area we were staying in) at a little grocery place. We walked around the little shops for a couple of hours and then got a snack. We headed back over to Alyssa's and had some time to kill before dinner so we went to a couple of antique shops. We had dinner at a great little Italian place and then came back to Alyssa's house and visited with her and her roommate. We got back to the hotel and stayed up LATE talking.

On Sunday, we got ready and headed to meet Alyssa for brunch. We ate at this wonderful place called Sinema. After that, we went back to her house to freshen up and then went to Belle Meade, which is an old plantation. We walked around the grounds and took a tour of the house. It was really, really interesting and a fun way to spend the afternoon. We stopped at Sonic for a drink and then went over to Cookie's house (she had been gone for the weekend but got back on Sunday at lunch). We had some appetizers and Conrad grilled a bit and we just visited. It was fun to see their house! After that, we headed to dinner with Cookie. We ate at a fun Mexican restaurant and then headed back to the hotel. We visited and got packed up for the most part and went to bed.

It felt good to start posting about February, but I'm still wanting to get caught up (or a lot closer to it) this month. Hopefully I can knock out a few more WH posts soon! I'm planning to do another one Friday.

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