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Weekly Happenings #359 (February 8-14)-- Winter Sickness


Carrie and I headed back from Nashville on Monday of this week and I realized a little later that I was trying to get sick pretty much the whole trip. Tuesday was incredibly busy and Peyton was working some extra that week and by the weekend I was exhausted and truly sick. It also ended up being the start of coughs for both kids and it took us awhile (me most of all) to get over it all.

Monday was the day Carrie and I headed home after our girls' weekend in Nashville. We all got up around nine and got ready and checked out of the hotel. Carrie and I stopped at Whole Foods for a quick pick up breakfast and then got gas. It took us awhile to get on the road. We made really good time, though, and stopped for lunch at a Panera. We also stopped a few times for bathrooms and a milkshake. We had fun visiting and made it home around six. I talked to Peyton and we played with the kids and they had supper and then we got them to bed. I got on the computer and read some blogs and did a few things and then I ate something and went to bed myself.

Tuesday was such a full day and I had slept sort of restlessly the night before. I got up around nine and got ready for my OB appointment. I grabbed some breakfast and headed to the clinic. The wait was a little longer than usual but not too bad. After the appointment, I stopped and ran in CFA for a super quick lunch and then headed to my Jumble shift from one to five. It went well but I got SO tired being on my feet and I really started to feel bad. I also sort of hated leaving P and the kids at home all day after being gone the whole weekend. I came home and changed clothes and got the kids ready and we picked up pizzas and headed over to Patrick and Haley's for supper. The kids had a great time playing. We left pretty early since the Harkins had school. We came home and got the kids to bed and I got on the computer briefly but then went to bed before ten myself.

I was super tired on Wednesday but it was a pretty good day. We got up and got ready and headed out for haircuts. Annie was in TEARS because she wasn't getting one. I got mine cut and then Peyton did. We came home and talked some and then I rested a bit. We all had lunch and I started to unpack and straighten up some. Peyton and Graves cleaned out his car and AP had some iPad time and I started laundry. Peyton took the kids swimming and I read a few blogs and started a post. They got home and the kids played with kinetic sand while I organized some in the laundry room and straightened some more. They cleaned up legos and I changed over laundry and put up dishes and went through some piles. I gave them a quick bath and fixed them supper and I did dishes. I got the kids to bed and finished a post and then read some blogs. I watched TV and folded clothes and went to bed.

I woke up later than I meant to on Thursday and we hurried to get ready for Book Buddies. Minnie got here, I threw up, and we kissed the kids bye and headed to the school. I was SO tired and felt a little sick about the half the time and then I really got to feeling better. We came home and visited with Minnie and then she left. Peyton read to the kids and took them for a bike ride and I had lunch and started laundry. He left to work an extra shift and the kids played outside.

I'd love it if the weather would stay like this forever! After a few days of somewhat nasty attitudes, they were particularly delightful that day and I can't help but attribute it to the abundance of sunshine and fresh air they got. It certainly improves my own disposition.

It was the perfect afternoon to leave the door open and enjoy my little cottage room. 

I folded some towels and sat outside a bit myself and just relaxed. I fixed them a big snack and then they had rest time. I ate something, rested myself, and read a few blogs. The kids did a little craft and I changed over the laundry and folded it, cooked noodles to go with the spaghetti sauce Peyton had made, and put up dishes.

"This is Aubrey, Jude, Alaina, and Francie". The big girl and the papa are in a different part of the house. I love that Carrie's the "big girl" (he means "big" as compared to the small people she's always got with her) and that "Aubrey" has black hair.

The kids ate and I washed dishes and folded more clothes. We cleaned up toys in their room and I cleaned the bathrooms and dusted. I read to them, did their Bible story, and played a bit and then got them to bed. I read some blogs, did English with Annie, and wrote a post. Peyton got home and we talked and I finished up some stuff on the computer, ate something, and went to bed.

Friday was a nice day. The kids slept late and then I fixed them breakfast. They watched a show and I got on the computer, ate my breakfast, and took a bath. I started some laundry, put up dishes, and straightened some. They did a little craft and then played outside and I did my devotion, planned a bit of school, and read a bit. I fixed them lunch and ate something myself. They ate outside and then came in for rest time. I got on the computer and read some blogs until Peyton got home. We talked and then I washed dishes and folded some laundry. We got ready and headed over to Mickey and Minnie's. We dropped something off at Peyton's parents' house on the way. We had super and the kids played a bit and then we got ready and headed home. The kids fell asleep pretty fast. I wrote a blog post, texted with a few friends, read some more blogs, and then started adding up the receipts for Carrie from our trip (she left her whole purse at home so she used my card the whole time). I had a snack and went to bed.

Graves ended up in our bed at some point and he woke up and was so sweet and fun on Saturday morning. We snuggled, visited, and played a bit before Annie got up. The kids had breakfast and I got my bath and got on the computer. I straightened some and made my bed and theirs and then they played and I had lunch. I read a bit to myself in the book for Annie's bookclub so I could get caught up and then read a few chapters to them. I put up dishes and got ready because some of our neighbors were coming over to play. Annie's little friend and her momma got here and the kids had so much fun playing in the backyard and riding bikes and I got to know Jai a bit better, too. They left and the kids had a super late lunch while I did dishes. They had rest time and I ate something, got on the computer, and rested myself.

This is Midnight's "brother", Freeze. When Annie discovered her Christmas money from DeeDee she told me IMMEDIATELY she wanted to buy another Walgreens stuffie with it. Originally, she had planned to buy one of the smaller animals because "they go in purses better" but then she realized Freeze and Midnight could share Midnight's clothes (some random doll clothes we founds in the attic and gifted to her for Christmas) and it was decision made. Of course, just like every member of this family besides me they still like to romp around in as little as possible.

After that, I did English with Annie and Graves practiced cutting. We read more in their book, read the Bible, and played and then they had leftover spaghetti for supper. I vacuumed in the bedrooms and study while they ate. Peyton got home and helped me brush and floss their teeth and then I bathed them. I was so tired. Peyton and I visited and then I read a few blogs and finished a post. I started to get out the kids clothes for church and I noticed Graves was coughing a bunch in his sleep. I decided we weren't going to be able to make it. Peyton and I chatted and went to bed.

It ended up working out well that I had already made a decision to miss church. I woke up to go to the bathroom and threw up and got sort of dizzy. I knew it probably wouldn't have been wise to drive if I felt like that in the morning, but I was sort of relieved I had already made a decision. I went back to sleep and the kids slept pretty late.

I woke up on Sunday and it was Valentine's Day. Graves was pretty wild and I couldn't get the XBox started for the kids to watch their shows. Then I realized we had totally skipped our family picture the week before and I started crying over it. I got Graves set up with a DVD and Annie with the iPad and took my bath. I ate breakfast and tried to do something on the computer. It was going so slow and I was getting so frustrated. I should have just shut the program down (Paint.Net) and started over, but I didn't want to. I finally finished but the kids were driving me crazy. I fixed them a late breakfast, Graves hit Annie, and I threw up some more. I felt terrible and was so impatient with them.

I finally got laundry started and the bed made and I felt a little better. For about ten minutes. Then I felt just horrible. I ended up laying on the couch while the kids played. Annie read to us a bit and I dozed off and on. We did that for a couple of hours and then I made them lunch. I changed over the laundry and they had rest time. I stayed in bed the whole time. When rest time was over, I got them to come watch some shows in our bed while I rested some more.

At this point, the kids and I all had bad coughs and I'dthrown up everything I've eaten that day. Annie said she figured out why she was coughing so hard that morning-- "there was so much dried up snot in front of my nose it was making it difficult to breathe". I was counting the minutes until my Valentine got home.

I heated up some leftover pancakes for them and they ate and then went to their room. Peyton finally got home. He talked to the kids and then got us Newks. We watched a show and then Annie came in our room. She and Peyton read some and we all went to sleep.

True story. A friend asked me what our plans for the kids for Valentine's were. The narrative that is this owl's life is incredible. So much of Annie's mental energy is used on her. I was just really hoping I felt much better for the party the next day. I think it was literally more important than Annie's own birthday to her.

So, I'm now only FOUR posts behind. That's the closest I've been to caught up in AWHILE. I need to write some letters to the kids next week, but I'm going to try to do at least one more WH post over the weekend and one or two next week. 

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