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Weekly Happenings #361 (February 22-28)-- Sick, Tired, and a Little Down


 I probably make it sound like this EVERY week, but this was a really hard week physically. I feel like I'm doing so much better these days and I had forgotten how bad I felt just a few weeks ago. I think a lot of it was just taking forever to get over that sinus infection and also that I wasn't sleeping well at all. That's still touch and go, but I think I've had more good nights. Plus, Peyton picked up several extra shifts. I really can't complain because his schedule is awesome in many ways comparatively, but gosh, it was so not the week for it. There were a couple of days where I just got so discouraged.

Also, this is one of those posts where a lot of these pictures have appeared in other places on the blog (in addition to IG and and Facebook). Awhile back I tried to stop being so redundant, but a lot of this felt important enough to include again and sort of important to sharing (mainly for my own purposes of looking back later) what life looks like right now.

We had dentist appointments on Monday but I woke up feeling bad and I knew I'd barf if I went through with it. Peyton and Annie went and Graves and I stayed home. He woke up a little before they got back and we talked and played. I just felt terrible but when they got home, I got my bath and got something to eat. I planned my day and got on the computer. I talked to Peyton and then he and the kids left for the homeschool science group and I sent a few emails, messaged a friend on Facebook, and planned the week and school and some meals.

They picked me up afterwards and we all went to Target. I browsed some in the kids' clothing and found some new bed sheets and Graves and Annie looked at toys with Peyton. Graves spent some of his Christmas money and we came home and the kids had lunch.
I looked over nearly the whole store and especially scoured my favorite areas. Y'all, the ONLY thing that really interested me was an adult coloring book. To be fair, I think it was partly just not a good week for Target but I also think I've taught myself to view things differently. It isn't so much that I don't still buy things, I'm just forcing myself to be more conscious and disciplined.

I had a snack and got on the computer for a tiny bit and then we went out for a bike ride. We visited with some of our neighbors and came home.

The kids had a snack and I rested for just a few minutes. I put up dishes, started browning meat, and washed dishes. Peyton helped finish the chili while I did the dishes and then I organized our Tupperware cabinet and we also went through a MASSIVE pile on the counter. We all ate supper and then Peyton played with the kids and got them ready for bed. I ran back to Target for some things and to buy something small Peyton accidentally forgot to actually pay for. I got home and Annie was working on a thank you note to some friends who sent her a book. She finished that and did some Spanish with Peyton. I made a few online purchases and sent a couple of emails. Annie and I did math and she went to bed. I uploaded pictures and read a bunch of blogs and then finished a post. I had a snack and watched a little of The West Wing.

Graves had his GI appointment scheduled for Tuesday and we thought about all going and then decided that made no sense. So Peyton took him and Annie and I stayed home- and slept most of the morning ;) I had gone to bed pretty late and I woke up as they were leaving (before eight) and felt like I might not be able to go back to sleep. But I did and I slept a couple more hours. I got up and took my bath and Annie got up while I was in the tub. She played on the iPad and I dried my hair, talked to Peyton, and got on the computer. Peyton and Graves got home and he filled me in some more on the appointment and I ate lunch and uploaded some more phone pictures and then we took the kids on another short bike ride around the neighborhood before the rain started back.

I started some laundry and the kids played outside while Peyton worked on something in the carport.
 [Peyton's old bike that he and his sister rode literally twenty five years ago. Annie had been riding it but clearly it needed some love!]

 Ready for the rain!

I rested a bit and sent an email to a friend.

 I got upset about a number of inconsequential things which culminated in me crying and telling Peyton that I feel "off" literally ninety percent of the time. I can't even find words to articulate what it is and for me personally not being able to put words to something is one of the worst feelings in the world. And then there's this-- this fear (that I know is rooted in my anxiety) that it won't get better. I can do this relatively easily (and joyfully) for a few more months but I'm scared it's not the pregnancy and is actually just my new normal and it terrifies me. Also: when you're all out of sorts and weather headache-y and you've self medicated with everything you can think of that's safe and appropriate, you decide to get holistic and just drink a shit ton of water and bust out the consoling River Oaks Post Partum Jug- it's a comfort and a bit of a light at the end of the tunnel symbol (shout out to the people who get my giant cup love).

The kids came in and ate something and I (mostly) organized another big pile in our room, cooked chicken, and folded some laundry. The kids had rest time and I got on the computer and read some blogs. I had a snack and went BACK to Target because the sheets we bought had a tear in them. I exchanged them quickly and came home. Peyton helped them clean their room and I talked to Minnie on the phone and then cooked a chicken casserole and roasted some kale. I started dishes and then we all ate supper. I cleaned up the kitchen and put on more laundry and got the kids in the tub. Peyton finished up their baths and he and Graves started a movie. I did English with Annie and got on the computer. I folded some towels and had a quick snack and went to bed before midnight.

I felt pretty rough again on Wednesday. I got up around nine thirty. Peyton had taken Graves to get some x-rays and Annie woke up but climbed in our bed and went back to sleep. The guys got home and I took a bath and had breakfast. I visited with Peyton and played a board game with Annie. I just felt horrible. Peyton got ready to go work an extra shift and the kids played with play dough and kinetic sand while I rested. I fixed them lunch and they had rest time. I ate my lunch and rested myself. I tried to nap the whole time and I fell asleep twice but I couldn't stay asleep. They had a big snack and then I let them take the cushions off the couch. They made a big pile and played for a long time. I folded and put up a good bit of laundry and just sort of laid around until supper time. I got sort of freaked out because I was feeling all this lower abdomonal pressure.

I fixed the kids something to eat and then helped them brush their teeth. I read to them and played with them and then they cleaned up the couch mess and I put up dishes. I got them to their room and Peyton got home. We talked, ate supper, and got in bed. Ha! I listened to the news and fell asleep and then woke back up. I finally fell asleep for good and got a really good night's sleep.

I got up and got ready on Thursday and Peyton woke the kids up. He headed to the library and we got ready and I took them for haircuts. I think I just desperately needed some good sleep. When we got home, Peyton played and read with them and my friend Joy dropped by. She had borrowed some cloth diapers and was returning those and she had some essential oils for me to try.

Joy left and Peyton fixed the kids lunch and I did a few things on the computer and planned my day. He got ready to go in for another extra shift and Annie ate lunch. Graves cleaned up some toys in their room and had his lunch and I had mine right after Peyton left. The kids had rest time when they finished and I got on the computer and read some blogs and started a couple of posts. I took a nap and when rest time was over I played a little bit with Graves and talked to Annie about a book she had been reading. I folded laundry, straightened some, and did dishes. The kids had a snack and while I was doing dishes Graves practiced cutting and Annie did some copy work and I helped her work on an outline for a presentation she was doing with our homeschool group the next week. We did some spelling words.

Annie and Graves watched their shows/had iPad time and I cooked some soup for supper. I did a bit more on the two posts I was working on and then ate supper with the kids. I read to them and did their Bible story while they finished up and then cleaned the microwave and washed the dishes quickly. I brushed their teeth and popped them in the tub. I finished a post, organized some piles in the study, and finished the kids' baths. I helped them get settled and Peyton got home. We talked and I went to bed pretty early after that.

Peyton worked on Friday and we had planned to go to Granny's house as soon as he got off but it ended up not working out. The kids slept pretty late and then we got up and I got on the computer and sent a FB message to a friend, ate breakfast, and took my bath while the kids watched their shows and had iPad time. I made up the bed and Annie read while Graves and I started laundry and put up dishes.

 Lit tees went on sale and this is what Annie picked. Also, for what it's worth, I cannot look at her without thinking how grateful I am for the multiple science teachers I had at Prep who explained to me that being a faithful Christian and believing the data supporting evolution did not have to be mutually exclusive.

 I wish I had gotten a better picture! Graves found these empty Coke boxes and decided to be Santy Clause. He filled them with toys, set up a sleigh, found Annie some reindeer antlers, and then dressed himself in a red gingham dress of hers and put on a white leotard for his beard. I love this age so much! I've been thinking recently about our kids' imaginations, especially now that Graves's has really started to develop. One factor among many, I think (and I think this is the case with AP's reading too) is just the sheer amount of time they have that they are allowed to choose how to use. Recently, I've noticed that in busier seasons Annie really struggles to "fit it all in" and often what she chooses for her few hours she has autonomy over is not what I'd prioritize (e.g. television shows). As with most things there are advantages and drawbacks (and I try to be very honest about those) but this is definitely, in my opinion, one of the Perks of Homeschooling.

The kids had "brunch" and then I did a math lesson with Annie. Graves did really well while we worked. They had a little snack and then had rest time. I read some blogs and Peyton got home early and brought Newks for our lunch! We ate and visited in the sunroom and then the kids cleaned up their room while I changed over laundry and straightened some. We got ready and meet some friends at the park. It was pretty cold but we had a fun time. From there, we headed straight to Mickey and Minnie's for supper. We had a nice visit and left earlier than usual. We got home and got the kids settled and I worked on a post and read some more blogs. I FB messaged with a friend and then Annie wanted to do some school so we did a bit of the upcoming lessons in English and math.

I didn't sleep very well. I got this terrible leg cramp at one point and I was up quite a few other times to use the bathroom.

We had an early start on Saturday. The kids were invited to a friend's birthday party and so we needed to drop Peyton off at work to have the car. I pretty much just rolled out of bed and helped him grab them and we headed out. We dropped him off in Clinton at eight and came home to start the day early.  I took my bath and dried my hair and got the bed straightened (not even made) and then laid back down. I really hadn't felt great on the way home and I think the bath helped some but I was so tired. The kids watched their shows and had iPad time and I just rested. After they finished with screen time, we had breakfast and I started some laundry, made up their beds, and folded some towels and part of a load of laundry from the day before. The children did a paper craft and helped me wrap Gus's present and then I fixed them lunch. I washed a bunch of dishes and cleaned the toaster oven and folded some more laundry. They had rest time and I ate my lunch and started Graves's monthly letter.

I read some blogs and talked to Minnie on the phone and rested a bit and then I gave them a bath and got myself ready. Graves was really wild and we were running behind but we headed to the Gus's party. We ended up getting there right as they were starting the movie clips (the theme was a drive in movie with little cardboard box cars).  It was so cute and I got to visit with several people. And the kids used EXCELLENT manners. After that we headed to my parents' house and Graves was kind of wild again. I tried to get them to eat something and they didn't want to until the last minute and then hid when it was time to go. We were late again when we headed to pick up Peyton. Both kids fell asleep on the way there, though, and we were able to transfer them pretty easily (NEVER happens with Annie anymore). I read some more blogs, finished the post I was working on, ate supper, and got our clothes and stuff for church ready. I packed up some breakfast and talked to Peyton who was still up. We went to bed sort of late.

Sunday was a bit rough. The kids actually started out the day in great moods since they had fallen asleep so early the night before. We dropped Peyton off and had breakfast in the car. One of his co-workers came out and asked me some questions about her little boy's reading and then we got settled back in and headed to church. I dropped the kids off in Sunday school and headed to my class for the first time in a long time (we had a new member series, then I was out of town, then we were sick, and then we had a guest speaker). It was really nice to be back. We headed to church after that and the kids did okay mostly until the end. Graves was a little loud and by the end they both kind of lost control. UGH. We had to go back to the Sunday room to look for a stuffie they left and then headed to the car.

 Bulletin featuring John Piper and Mick Jagger. Sort of indicative of the theological and doctrinal diversity at Northside.

Graves kicked Annie and got in trouble and then cried halfway home. He went to time out and then they had snacks and watched a movie.

Some days, you're too tired to take off your dress shirt before you flip on The Lion King 2.

I had my lunch and talked to a friend and read a few blogs. They had rest time and I started a post and took a good nap. While I was resting, Graves made a HUGE mess with water in his room. I was so frustrated which was compounded by how terrible I felt. We we cleaned up the mess and they finished naptime while I relaxed a bit more.

I changed over some laundry and the kids played and then I started supper. They were being so rough and I got even more frustrated. Finally they settled down and Annie did some BrainQuest cards with Graves. The kids had cooked veggies and I did dishes and folded more laundry. When they got done, I brushed and flossed their teeth and we got ready and headed to go get Peyton. Graves fell asleep in the car but Annie was awake and was so excited to see him. They visited and when we got home she wanted to do some English. We did some and then she went right to bed. I finished a post and then fixed myself a grilled cheese and heated up some tomato soup. I ate it and watched The West Wing and then went to bed.

Best party favor ever! Annie's car even doubles as a bed. Honestly, it's not that much smaller than the Mazda. 

Next post will be March! But....I have a lot of other posts I want to work on this week (part of the reason why I've really been pushing through these lately). It'd be great if I could FINALLY get caught up in the next few weeks, though!

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