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Weekly Happenings Post #360 (February 15-21)-- Beanie Boo Birthday Bash

 This was the week after my sinus infection finally caught up with me. Fortunately, we were able to all enjoy Midnight's (Annie's stuffed owl) birthday party on Monday.

On Monday, I woke up still feeling pretty rough and there were three people in our bed. OMG. I moved to the study. Peyton was working an extra shift at ten and I got up when he left. I straightened some, made the bed, and worked on getting the XBox fixed. I finally got that done and reread the chapter of The Fantastic Mr. Fox Peyton and Annie had read the night before. I got on the computer and checked my email and Reader and Facebook and texted with Cookie. I took my bath and laid down for a few minutes and texted a friend.

I did a bunch of dishes, started laundry, folded laundry, and did more dishes. The kids and I started working on making cupcakes and then I realized we'd have to make the buttermilk using vinegar. We did that and read several chapters in The Fantastic Mr. Fox while we waited for it to be ready. We mixed the batter with the electric mixer and scooped it into the cupcake liners. I realized I didn't have enough and decided we'd make a cake with the rest. Minnie called and I talked to her and made the kids lunch. I changed over the laundry and did a few more dishes. Then things got stressful. I spilled some of the batter and burned myself and Graves had a little bathroom issue. I called Peyton and helped Graves and cleaned up the mess (and cussed a little over the burn).

I'm so, so not one to bake. I burned myself and spilled the batter and that one side of the pan apparently wasn't greased well enough. BUT, the kids and I made Midnight a cake from scratch, complete with the make your own buttermilk using vinegar trick.

The kids finished lunch and had rest time. I made Graves a doctor's appointment, ate my lunch, sent a PayPal payment, and read some blogs.

 After rest time, we got ready for Midnight's party. I made her a card and then folded a little laundry.

Annie was hiding Midnight's presents/cards from her in the laundry room.

Peyton got home and he cooked some sliders while the kids iced cupcakes.

The phrase Mickey used for her when she was still a toddler- "one with a strong determination of purpose"- continues to be one of the best descriptors of her to date.

We had so much fun singing to our little stuffed owl and eating some festive food to celebrate her.

So blurry but I couldn't not share her sweet smile. We had little sliders with random toppings (Peyton's idea!) for the party. Annie had pepperoni on hers and Graves had peanut butter!

Annie's card for Midnight:
"Happy Birthday, my little owl. Note: I love you. You are my little owl and you are so special."

You are my little girl and YOU are so special. Grateful for every day with you, Annie!

 After supper, Peyton got the kids to bed and I cleaned up all the dishes. I had cleaned up everything up until we started making supper but it was still a lot.

When you six year old hits her brother and you hear your spouse helping her to determine her own appropriate consequences and she begins to plead "not booookclub". We weren 't going to take away your once a month bookclub meeting, girlfriend. But really. Don't hit your brother.

I finally finished and got on the computer. Annie joined me for a bit. I read the last two chapters in the book and went to bed.

Peyton took both the kids to the library when it opened on Tuesday and I got up and got ready and did a few things. I made our bed and the kids' beds got on the computer briefly. They got home and Annie and I headed to book club. She had the best time and I enjoyed talking to the other moms. She had LOVED the book. One afternoon, I had read her three chapters told her she'd have to wait until after rest time (which they now call break time "because nobody rests anymore but you, momma") for the final two. She was slightly indignant and subsequently finished the book herself and summarized it quite adequately (interjecting a bit of her own thoughts on it as well).

We got home around noon and visited with the guys some and then had lunch. We all got kind of frustrated trying to figure out what to do that afternoon. I took a short nap and then we ended up heading to a park. It was a different one from our usual one and the kids loved it. We got home and they played with Peyton some and I planned the next day in a lot of detail. He left to go meet a friend and the kids and I cleaned up the house and their room. I hung up some clothes and then we read a book, did our Bible story (actually Annie wanted three and that's hard to turn down), and then played. I fixed them supper and they ate. I realized the cat had thrown up in the laundry room and while I was cleaning it up, he threw up again. I cleaned that up, texted Peyton, and sent an email to my Sunday school class.

Peyton got home and he brushed the kids teeth and then we talked some. I read some blogs and worked on a post and we chatted and went to bed. I slept HORRIBLY. It was such a restless night.

Wednesday was a busy day. I got up pretty late and got ready, got on the computer, and made the bed. Then I headed out to do some errands and meet a friend for lunch. I deposited a couple of checks at the bank and then ran by Wear It's At to ask about consigning some stuff. Then I headed to Newks and met a friend from college, Megan. We had so much fun catching up! I raced home and picked up Peyton and the kids and we went to the homeschool jump time at Pump It Up (a big inflatables places). It was nice to have a couple of hours to talk and the kids had so much fun. I loved watching them! We came back home and the kids had a late lunch and then a little free time. I got on the computer and rested a bit. I did math with Annie and worked on some spelling words and then we got ready for Annie's first soccer practice. I dropped the kids and Peyton off and was headed to the library to get a book for Annie's English lesson and some for Book Buddies. Peyton called me to ask if I could bring the kids their jackets. I ran home and got the jackets and dropped them off and then hustled to the library. I found the books I needed and picked up Peyton and the kids. Annie changed clothes in the car and then we met our friend Erika for sushi. We came back home and Peyton bathed the kids and then I finished English with Annie. I got on the computer a bit and started some laundry and did some dishes. I got everything together for the next morning and went to bed.

We got up and got ready and left a little earlier than usual for Book Buddies on Thursday. It was a good morning and went by super quick. When we got home, we visited with Minnie a bit and then she left and Peyton left to meet a friend for lunch. The kids were playing outside and I let them play while I uploaded and backed up some pictures and sent an email. I fixed them lunch and did my devotion and read outside for a bit and had my lunch. They played some in the driveway and Peyton got home. We talked for a little bit and then all came in. I sent some more emails and put a few things on the calendar and then read blogs and started a couple of posts.

After rest time, I made a grocery list. Peyton took the kids swimming and I washed dishes, cleared off a shelf in the den for library books, and then swept and mopped in the kitchen, sunroom, and den. Peyton and the kids got home and they had supper and got to bed. I read some more blogs, did my Bible study, and finished up a couple of posts.

Bless his sweet heart. Earlier that night Peyton left him in the car to run in the house for a minute. He thought Peyton had LEFT him. He was screaming and sobbing and shaking and told us he was "very afraid" because he remembered when Peyton had told him he couldn't sleep in the car because he might freeze. He told us he thought he was going to die. Lots of extra snuggling before he fell asleep.

I slept the best I had all week- I only woke up twice to go to the bathroom and once because I had a headache. I took some medicine and went right back to sleep. Impressive especially since both kids winded up in our bed at some point. I think my standards for what constitutes a "good night's sleep" have changed =)

Peyton was working on Friday and I played with the kids in our room some and then fixed them breakfast. I got on the computer and took a bath and made the bed and straightened some. Then I started feeling so tired again. It was like I did those basic things and then hit a wall. While the kids watched their shows, I just rested.

Peyton called and said he was going to be late getting home. Cookie and Conrad were coming into town later that night and having to work late really threw off a lot of things, but they only had two pharmacists scheduled instead of three. Also, he had planned to go to the grocery store and I was trying to figure out how to fit that in. I was so frustrated. And we were supposed to meet up with our neighbor down the street, which for some reason became really complicated and overwhelming to me. Graves did a little magnetic face activity and I talked to Minnie a bit and and then Mallory talked me off a ledge.

The kids had lunch and rest time and I had my lunch and got on the computer for a little bit. Annie had a huge meltdown and our neighbors got here. It was sort of stressful. We ended up deciding to go down to their house after she settled down. I helped Graves finish getting dressed and she cleaned up a bunch of stuff super fast (the reason for the melt down) and then we headed down there. We had a good time playing and visiting and got home right after Peyton got back from the grocery store. I did some dishes and he gave the kids some new Lego sets we had gotten them and then we got ready to head to my parents' house. We had supper and I talked with Minnie and then we visited with Cookie and Conrad briefly when they got there.

We got home and put the kids right to bed and I put up groceries. We watched a show and fell asleep with unfolded laundry all over the bed. I had some terrible heartburn and was so tired and emotional.

Peyton was working but the kids slept pretty late on Saturday. I actually folded some of the laundry and then got on the computer, planned the day, and took a bath. The kids watched their shows and had "brunch" and then rest time. I read some blogs and started laundry. After rest time, we started cleaning up their room. It took awhile and Minnie got here to pick us up since Peyton had the car. We finished up and headed over to their house. We had a fun, low key afternoon just hanging out with Cookie and Conrad. We got sushi take-out and Peyton got there around eight thirty. I brushed the kids' teeth and bathed them and we didn't head home until about ten. We got them right to bed and I got on the computer for a few minutes and then picked out the kids' clothes and packed up breakfast and stuff for them to do during church. I got my clothes ready and Peyton and I watched a show and went to bed.

Sunday was good. We got up and all got ready (Graves was so tired and had a hard time). We dropped Peyton off and ended up going in because I had to use the bathroom. We had breakfast and I did my make up and then we headed to church. Jill Barnes Buckley, who is actually a friend of ours, was there for Women in Ministry Sunday and spoke about her journey to ordination during the Sunday school hour and preached during the service. It was really inspiring and I teared up a bit. The kids did really well during church but Graves had a big melt down when we got home. They had a snack and watched their shows and then had lunch. I got on the computer for a bit and had my lunch. I did a little Spring/Summer shopping for them and then it was rest time. I took a nap myself and then cooked some chicken. The kids did play dough and I folded some laundry. I shredded the chicken and was putting together the ingredients for a casserole and I realized that the poppy seeds (that I had already dumped in) had little bugs in them. GROSS. I threw it all away- I hated to waste the chicken, but I couldn't do anything else- and fixed the kids cooked veggies and some fresh fruit and Ritz crackers for dinner.

 When you decorate your dino with your supper. Annie wanted me to take a picture and I was out of room on my phone so I had to use the big camera. I sorta love it.

I folded more clothes and rewatched some of Show Me a Hero that I had missed the night before.

The kids finished and Graves would not mind when we were getting ready. I really lost my patience and he sat in time out for awhile. We finally left to go get Peyton and the drive was good for me. He could tell how stressed I was, though, and offered to get Newks. We called it in and picked it up and both kids woke up. Annie had fallen asleep in the car even though we had told her she could go in and buy this little stuffed fox with her money. She was so upset and told me "I tried so hard to stay awake". Of course we felt so bad for her and ended up running by the Walgreens near us and finding him. We got home and got them to bed and ate our supper and watched more of Show Me a Hero. I had planned to do a lot of other stuff but I felt really bad and fell asleep right after that.

Thankfully, by the end of this week the worst of my sinus infection had passed but I started not sleeping well consistently at all I think that made it take a lot longer to get over.  Next up is the last full week of February!

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