Wednesday, March 2, 2016

What I'm Into: February

On the Nightstand:
I finished another book this month (I actually finished it just yesterday!)

Tender Hooks- Beth Ann Fennelly
I think I shared a little about this one when I first started reading it. It's taken me FOREVER to finish this one. Partly because I've picked up other things as well. Anyway, I had sort of mixed feelings and I expected some clarity by the end, but I guess I still can't decide how I feel. Or rather- I loved some parts and some parts were a bit much. It's basically about the mothering experience and it's raw and gritty. I say that but I don't even think those words do it justice. I think some people would call it vulgar and irreverent. I wasn't offended by it and it really challenged me, but I'd never rank it among my favorites (which I know several people who do).

I've been trying to get back in the habit with my daily devotions more. I read more of the Mockingbird one than I have in awhile but I sort of neglected Brennan.
Reflections for Ragamuffins: Daily Devotions by Brennan Manning 
The Mockingbird Devotional: Good News for Today (and Every Day)- Ethan Richardson, Sean Norris

On Their Nightstand: 

We read one and a half chapter books (we're still finishing Mr. Popper's Penguins) and Annie read a ton of stuff herself!

I read Annie three chapters the other day and told her she'd have to wait until after rest time (which they now call break time "because nobody rests anymore but you, momma") for the final two. She was slightly indignant and subsequently finished the book herself and summarized it quite adequately (interjecting a bit of her own thoughts on it as well). [She's definitely not truly on a fourth grade reading level in every sense, but she did knock this one out of the park and I'm so very proud of her.] Book reports are next! 

 Also, this happened. Annie has her own GoodReads account! She's been recording and rating the books she's read for a few weeks (this was her first review- she dictates to me or Peyton, teaching her to type is on the agenda soon). Also, she discovered the "currently reading" shelf on her own and has been recording what page she's on. Which is actually a nice feature because it occurred to me recently (as she was tearing up scraps of paper to use) that there aren't enough bookmarks in the world for her habit.

"You know a lot of animals seem creepy because they're misunderstanded. Like bats. People think they're so scary and they're really not. They're really just shy little animals. People just don't understand." {heavy sigh} Also, as an aside, Annie has a favorite author now-- Gail Gibbons. 

"Now that's what I call so beautiful." --Annie on this Walter Anderson turtle in the coffee table book we checked out from the library.

On the Shelf:

Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms How We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead- Brene Brown

I started this one awhile back and haven't picked it back up in some time. I want to finish it this month and probably start something else. 

At the Theater (or from the couch):
I didn't watch any movies this month!

On the Small Screen:
Show Me a Hero
Okay, Peyton and I were so intrigued when we saw this HBO miniseries was coming out. It's a six part series that tells the story of how white, middle class people in Yonkers, New York become increasingly angry and agitated about the federally mandated public housing that is going to become part of the fabric of their neighborhoods. The character and plotline is amazing, the music is glorious (holla, Bruce Springsteen!) and the filmography is really well done. We are loving it!

The West Wing
I really wanted to get back into watching because my sister has started it. Like with reading, I actually didn't do that until the end of the month, but I'm enjoying it so much!

In My Ears:
Well, Show Me a Hero did inspire some Springsteen sessions on YouTube, but that's about it.

Around the House:
I am loving my comfy little cottage room, especially on warm days. I do want to get a couple of things hung in there but it feels so nice!

In the Kitchen:
I've been doing mostly terrible, but I did get on a kick last week and made dinner three nights in one week plus a cooked veggie meal for the kids on Sunday.

We had chili, poppyseed chicken, and tomato soup. I thoroughly enjoyed the leftovers!

In My Closet: 

Same old, same old!
Again, lots of dresses with tights and leggings on the go and yoga pants at home!
Oh and I mentioned this recently but my new thing is wearing whatever I wore to church on Sunday to my Junior League placement on Thursday. Because it's put together, ironed, marginally professional, and mostly because I know that it fit four days earlier. It's so a little thing but it makes life during this season so much easier.

In Their Closets:
The weather has been WEIRD. So we've been in shorts and short sleeves in February. I do love Mississippi in that regard. I also love pattern mixing I've decided.

 Lit tees went on sale and this is what Annie picked. Also, for what it's worth, I cannot look at her without thinking how grateful I am for the multiple science teachers I had at Prep who explained to me that being a faithful Christian and believing the data supporting evolution did not have to be mutually exclusive.

In My Mailbox:
These came in! I'm so ready for Spring. This is the third Summer of getting these shoes. They're my favorite and I'm planning on doing Saltwaters for church and not much else. I probably would have picked a different color for Graves (okay, I definitely would have) but I've been working on their Spring/Summer wardrobe and for the first time I've really been trying to give them lots of autonomy.

In My Cart:
I actually meant to have a no spend (or low spend) month and that didn't happen. But I bought quite a few things I've been thinking about and now I am ready to press pause this month. I go the kids some clothes for Spring/Summer, some new make up, and the last thing I wanted for the new baby's corner of the nursery!

Around the Town (and At Home):
It's been a different month around here. We've all been a bit sick and I was out of town for a weekend and Peyton's been working some extra. But we've managed to have a lot of fun!

such a fun weekend getaway with these girls!

The kids and I all had bad coughs and I ate that day. Annie said she figured out why she was coughing so hard that morning-- "there was so much dried up snot in front of my nose it was making it difficult to breathe". Ugh. Glad we are past that! 

Asleep in the tub one night. I told her there might be tornadoes that day. Whoops.

After a few days of somewhat nasty attitudes, they were particularly delightful and I can't help but attribute it to the abundance of sunshine and fresh air they got. It certainly improves my own disposition.

One of the highlights of the month was a birthday party for Midnight, Annie's stuffed owl. We had sliders with weird toppings and got her some small quirky presents and made her cards. I'm so, so not one to bake. I burned myself and spilled the batter and that one side of the pan apparently wasn't greased well enough. BUT, the kids and I made Midnight a cake from scratch, complete with the make your own buttermilk using vinegar trick. We had so much fun!

At the Schoolhouse:
School was a little different this month. We got into a really good routine in January and then I went on a trip and came home and got pretty sick and the children got sick and we had other stuff going on. We've still been trucking along with basic math and English and adding in fun, extra things but we haven't been on a good routine with all the supplementary stuff I like to do. I'm hoping to get back in our groove again this month.

On the Blog:
Not a lot going on this month. I mostly really tried to catch up- a huge chunk of my writing was Weekly Happenings and Weekly Smorgasbord posts- which ended up looking like not falling farther behind. I'm hoping to actually catch up this month, plus write some interesting, fun posts. 
More Baby Updates- These continue to be really fun to write and I know I'll love having them to look back on.
13 Things That Are Saving My Life- I did a post like this last year and enjoyed it so much. And I really enjoyed it again and was surprised by how the list grew and grew. 
Babykins #3: Halfway Home- I got pretty introspective about this third baby. I had decided to try to take pictures with the big camera monthly going forward but I think it's actually going to be at the 25, 30, 35, and 40 week marks. Anyway, I think I'll try to write a more reflective post then, too.

On My Heart:
- I actually wrote a lot of it out in that Halfway Home post. At first I was really just trying to get through the days- and that's still a big part of it- but I've been thinking more and more about this little girl and life with her as a part of our family.
- I feel like February sometimes seems to whiz by. I guess because it's a shorter month, even if only by a few days. This year, not so much. I think because we were sick and I didn't feel great and Peyton worked a good bit extra.
-We have a pretty busy April and then May will likely be a lot of baby prep so as much as I'm hoping the days whiz by, I also want to really enjoy this month and savor it. Time is clearly a big thing on my mind and heart lately.

In My Prayers:
- I'm praying for the country. I cannot comprehend the craziness that is the political climate right now.
- I'm praying for strength and stamina. June seems SO far away some days. 
- I'm praying that I will be as present and as patient with the children as possible.
On the Calendar: 

Like I said, I'm hoping to savor March. The kids are starting soccer and this is the last week that Peyton's picked up extra shifts. I hope it stays pretty warm and we can spend a lot of time outside! We don't have many big plans and I'm sort of thrilled about that.

What I'm Into


Hannah Corson said...

Hello from Leigh Kramer's linkup :) Congrats on coming baby! I'm a few weeks behind you (18) and looking forward to my first! This is your third, I gather from your pics?

Lindsey said...

I loved reading about your little bookworm! Gosh, it's so wonderful to see your kids love books. I spent some time tonight setting up reading nooks in each of my kids' rooms and when they saw them, it was like Christmas morning.

I hope you have a wonderful March!