Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Babykins #3: Thirty Two Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:
 How far along: 32 Weeks. Two more months! (And I'm almost a week behind, so I'll have the next one of these up tomorrow, but we just got back from a wonderful trip to New York and I didn't blog one bit.)
Size of Baby: (via BabyCenter) Babykins #3 weighs 3.75 pounds, which is the size of a large jicama (a what??) and measures 16.7 inches long. She's still going to gain a third to a half of his birth weight, which is pretty scary to me right now! Um, try like TERRIFYING. Also, she's got toenails, fingernails and real hair!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: twenty five pounds as of my last appointment. I actually have a doctor's appointment today and it will be interesting to see. I ate a TON in NYC this past week but I also walked a TON.
Maternity Clothes: Actually, this is sort of fun this week. I got dressed for eight days in a row for the first time in...a LONG time. A really long time. Like maybe years. Anyway, on trips like this I usually way over pack but this time I tried on stuff ahead of time and I did bring a few extra options but not several options for each day like I have in the past. It was so nice because I felt really good about pretty much everything I put on. Sometimes less is really more and it really simplified things. Basically, I wore my maternity jeggings a lot with several different tops and sweaters (two that I wore more than once) and then some dresses and leggings.
Gender: It's a girl! 
Movement: She's super active. I know I keep saying similar things, and I don't know if my other babies truly weren't this strong or if it's just been so long, but she's a tough cookie. Sometimes, I'll touch my stomach and feel like this really hard little bump that I guess is a foot or something and then she'll move it. It's so crazy! I wish there was a better way to describe it because it's so surreal to me.
Sleep: Oh gosh, with the trip, I was so tired. I didn't blog at all and whenever I opened my email or Feedly or Facebook I'd just get tired and shut it and go to bed. One night Peyton said he thought someone was sawing into our apartment (it was a bit of a rowdy neighborhood) and he looked over and I was fast asleep, sitting straight up, snoring like a freight train. 
Cravings: We ate so much great stuff in New York- wonderful Mexican, these crepe things at our favorite brunch place, lots of good salads and sandwiches. It was amazing! One night I did I eat something I really shouldn't have (greasy pizza from our old favorite place), threw up violently and at length, and went to bed before the ten o'clock news.
Symptoms: I really had to work on being gentle with myself while also trying to fit in most of the things we want to do and see there. The other day I literally breathed so hard I moved the hair of the woman on the pew at church in front of me. I was out of breath basically from navigating church with Graves. It was pretty embarrassing. When I went to the hospital a few weeks ago, I mentioned to the adorable on call doctor, Dr. Jerome, that I was normally ninety five pounds and I had no idea how I could continue at this rate of adding stress to my body by carrying around a full quarter of my weight for the next ten weeks. She chuckled and said "welcome to how most Americans feel all the time". I laughed and thought how fortunate I am.
What I Miss: Memories keep flooding my mind. On Tuesday when we first got to Brooklyn I thought about how just before we moved we walked the eight mile round trip trek from our apartment to Ikea in Red Hook. That doesn't sound like a big deal to a lot of people, but for me it was HUGE. I was in the best shape physically (and probably the best place mentally and emotionally) of my adult life.I have been thinking a lot about how I want to again be gentle with myself but also get back into some sort of exercise routine once the baby is here and after the recovery period. 
Best Moment This Week: I'm still amazed by the kindness of New Yorkers. There were only a couple of times we got on a train without someone promptly hopping up to offer me their seat. While I was surprised not to be as sentimental as I thought I'd be, watching these folks take care of Sister Baby the same way they showed such gentle kindness to Annie and Graves for a full year and a half did make me tear up.
What I Am Looking Forward To: I had so much fun on the trip but I'm looking forward to easing back into our routine here (today is our first full day back). I'm sure it will take a good week to totally readjust. And then I'm ready to start getting things prepared for this girl since we don't have a lot longer!
Comparison to Graves:

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