Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Weekly Happenings #362 (February 29- March 6)-- Seeing John Kasich and Sugar Pie's Birthday Party

 I love the Krispy Kreme box and how you can only see Graves's hand with a balloon in this one! 

I woke up feeling terrible on Monday. There was another front coming through and I had such a bad headache. Peyton took the car to the shop for some things and it ended up a good chunk of the day. Graves watched The Lion King in bed with me and I finally got up and ate something and took a bath. I got on the computer briefly and made the bed and the kids had their breakfast. I played a game of Tic Tac Toe with Graves and then Annie wanted to play Guess Who. I played a game with her and then she and Graves played a game. They did some puzzles and things and I folded laundry and did dishes and then fixed them lunch. They ate lunch and I finished some chores and then they started rest time. I read a few blogs and Peyton got home. He visited with the kids while he ate and got ready for work.

He left and they finished up rest time. I started a blog post and rested a bit myself. They picked up toys and then headed outside. I went outside with them and read some and then fixed them supper.

Moose Caboose on the loose! (He said he say a beetle and it "freaked him out".)

They ate outside and I read some more. I talked to Minnie and did some laundry. They came in and I brushed their teeth and did their Bible story and we read and played some. I got them settled and then finished my book and got on the computer. I uploaded pictures and it took awhile because I haven't done it in a long time. I fixed myself another grilled cheese and washed some dishes and then watched The West Wing. Peyton got home and we talked and I folded a bunch of laundry and went to bed.

Peyton got up and went and got the car on Tuesday (he borrowed his mom's to get home and to work the day before). He did a few errands and came home. The kids had their screen time and ate breakfast and I got up and had breakfast, got on the computer, planned the day, and took my bath. I made up the bed and texted Minnie.Then I got ready, had lunch, and planned the week a bit. I headed out to the Placement Fair to work my booth. It was fun to get to talk to people about Book Buddies and I caught up with my friend Shannon. The weather still had me feeling gross, though. I came home and we watched about half of the first Star Wars and then I worked on a blog post. I helped them kids straighten their room and get dress and then took their monthly pictures.

Peyton and I got ready to go see John Kasich speak. His coat was missing a button and I had to find him a needle and thread to move one up and I could hardly find anything appropriate to wear. We finally got it together and dropped the kids off with his parents and went to the event. It was really refreshing and inspiring.
 Since the debates have basically turned into episodes of the Jerry Springer Show (I liked you, Marco, until you started making those locker room "hand" jokes I made to my guy best friends in like eighth grade), this was such a breath of fresh air. The incredible icing on the cake was hearing a Republican presidential candidate speaking of us being "centers of healing" and "centers of justice". I'm exhausted and hormonal and easily give to emotion in general, but it made me teary.

We picked the kids up and came home. We took our family picture and my twenty five weeks one and then got the kids ready for bed. 
 It seems like Annie gets so stressed and anxious on Peyton's days off and like she can never have enough of his time and attention (which is ironic because she has WAY more time with her father than most six year olds). She just gets really worried we won't fit in the things she wants to do- and they're mostly small, easily doable requests. But a lot of times we do get to the end of the day and have neglected to fit them in. Last week, she even protested going to the Children's Museum (which she loves!) because she was scared she wouldn't have enough time to play pretend at home with Peyton. So, we're trying something that helps manage my days.

Peyton watched a movie and I finished a post and we went to bed.

Peyton got up with the kids on Wednesday and I slept late. I got up and took my bath and got on the computer and made a list for the day. I ate breakfast and then we went to the Dollar Tree to get some balloons for Graves and to Walmart for a few groceries and bigger underwear for me. I just ran in at Walmart and I got dizzy and light headed again. We dropped off the recycling and some library books and I came home and drank some water and ate a banana. I straightened a bit and collected laundry and then I went through some books I had moved from the den to the study to make room for library books. I got them put up and went through some other piles of school stuff and stuff to go to the attic and that kind of thing. Peyton played with the kids and then they tried on some new Spring/Summer clothes that I had gotten them. Peyton left to go on a bike ride and I fixed the kids lunch, got stuff together for soccer, and put up dishes and washed some more.

The kids had rest time and I texted a friend and my mom and visited with another friend on FB. I started a post and then rested a bit and Peyton got home from his ride and took a bath. He took both kids to AP's soccer practice and I got a ton done. I was feeling so terrible but I got up and drank some water...and then threw up. And felt better immediately. UGH. But whatever.

Anyway, I vacuumed in the den, kitchen, and sunroom and mopped in the kitchen and sunroom. I cooked baked Italian chicken and roasted asparagus for supper and even had time to hang up a TON of clothes in a big pile on the loveseat in our room. Peyton and the kids got home and he sent a quick email and then we ate supper together. We cleared the table and finished watching Star Wars. I started some laundry and folded some from the dryer. I made some notes for a blog post, texted Minnie again, and got on Instagram while we watched the movie. When it was over Peyton bathed Graves and brushed his teeth and I put up all the towels I folded and hung up a bunch of the kids' clothes. Peyton read Graves a story and snuggled with him for like two minutes and he fell asleep. Peyton went to bed himself and Annie stayed up reading.

I got on the computer and did a few things and actually went to bed sort of early. Or tried to. I could not go to sleep and then I started throwing up and just couldn't stop. It was horrible. Peyton told me he might need to take me to the hospital. I ended up taking a whole Phenegran (I never do that!) and it was fine. But neither of us slept well and then it knocked me out until about lunch the next day.

Poor Peyton had to get up early to work his last extra shift he picked up on Thursday. The kids didn't sleep too late either and they had ALOT of screen time that morning. I finally did get up and had breakfast and got my bath and got on the computer. They had breakfast and then played all morning. It was raining so I couldn't even turn them outside. They were such troopers, though- they did paper crafts, played with homeschool manipulatives, planned upcoming Beanie Boo parties, and Annie pretended Graves was her puppy dog and trained him so he was as well-behaved as Louie. I did enjoy just visiting with them with no agenda, though. I finally got up and fixed their lunch and they ate and then had rest time. I ate my lunch, rested, and read some blogs. Peyton got home and he was feeling pretty terrible himself. Graves's first blastball practice got cancelled and Peyton took a nap. The kids played some more and then I helped them clean up their room. I finally had some energy and I cooked some chicken and straightened the house. I dusted in the den, study, and bedrooms and vacuumed in the study and bedrooms. I fixed the kids hot chocolate and got to work making some white chili for supper. They had a bath and then Peyton got up. He helped finish their baths and I did a bunch of dishes and then we ate supper. I washed the supper dishes and he marinated a brisket and got the kids to bed. I got on the computer and did my blog design, finished two different posts, and read some blogs. Whew! I went to bed late, but not that late.

Friday was a different morning. Graves got up sort of early after Peyton left and came and visited and snuggled with me. He wasn't really interested in his shows and after awhile he got me to fix him some breakfast and then he and Annie worked on crafting for unicorn's birthday. I just relaxed and didn't get up until later than usual. I finally got moving and had my breakfast and got on the computer and took my bath. I needed to text a couple of people and send a few FB messages so I did that. The kids had their screen time and I searched compulsively for something on Facebook. I fixed their lunch and they had rest time. I ate something myself and read some blogs and then Peyton got home. I straightened the house a bit and we got ready to go to Mickey and Minnie's.
We had a party for Sugar Pie (the unicorn Beanie Boo). The kids got up that morning and immediately started crafting. Then they packed the trunk of the Mazda full- paper crafts in gift bags, other stuffed animals, and already blown up balloons and we celebrated at my parents' house. Annie was so excited to include more guests this time. Oh, and Sugar Pie is the second to youngest Beanie Boo and Annie and Graves are working hard on helping her learn to walk and say new words. Annie said Midnight would have to be in charge of her flying lessons, though, since we humans have no idea how to do that. We don't have any parties in April which I'm kind of grateful for because we need to plan hers and Graves's. And in May, "Foxy" (their youngest) and Peyton have birthdays within a day of each other so Annie is planning a joint party. She's done a great job already of thinking up commonalities between Peyton and a baby Fox (apparently, they do have a lot of similar interests).

We had a really nice visit and came home and got the kids settled. Peyton went to the grocery store and I straightened some more and put up the groceries when he got home. I read some more blogs and went to bed. It was nice to have such a low key day.

The kids got up around nine on Saturday and played in our bed. Peyton was of course at work already. They had their iPad time and watched their shows and I made the bed, got on the computer, made a list for the day, and took a bath. I texted Minnie and called Peyton and then the kids went outside to play.
 My chair was in a position where I became genuinely hot after about five minutes. It was the happiest I've been in some time. 

I collected laundry and started a load, straightened a bit around the house, and got the brisket started cooking. I took out the trash, recycling, and compost. I ate my lunch and went outside with the kids. We were going to ride a block around the neighborhood on their bikes before lunch but they ended up getting in a big fight and not listening to me. They came inside and Annie calmed down and Graves had his lunch. I folded some laundry and put up dishes and scrubbed the kitchen counters. The kids had rest time and I got on the computer and read some blogs and then rested myself. Annie had her lunch and I went through several piles in the kitchen and den, did dishes, and took out the trash in the study. The kids and I cleaned up their room and then I cleaned both bathrooms. I popped them in the tub and talked to Peyton on the phone and worked on a post. I helped them finish their bath and then started cooking green beans and working on a salad. I brushed the kids' hair and our dinner guest, our friend Rob arrived and then Peyton got home. We had dinner and visited for several hours. The kids didn't want to go bed while he was still here, of course, and we let them stay up. We ended up getting them to bed around 11:30. Which isn't too bad except that it was a church night. We stayed up and did dishes and then he got his lunch ready for work and I got everything ready for church- our breakfast, stuff for the children to do during church, and our outfits. I had a headache and it kept getting worse and worse. I ate a snack and finally laid down about 12:30 but couldn't go to sleep. I felt just awful. I finally started to relax and Graves woke up. He actually ended up waking up several times in the night and then Annie did. That's not completely unusual, but it's not the norm at all right now either. Anyway, then I woke up several times really early in the morning still feeling terrible. I finally decided we weren't going to church.

The kids slept until ELEVEN on Sunday. Wow. I don't know if they were trying to get sick or what. Anyway, we got up and all had breakfast and I made the bed, took my bath, and got on the computer. They had screen time and I made a list for the day and got laundry started and did a few things. Then I kicked them (and myself) outside.

They played in the water hose and I changed over laundry and ate my lunch and rested and messed around on my phone and then fixed them lunch and got busy planning the week, planning school, and planning meals. They came in and had rest time and I read a bunch of blogs, rested, and had a snack. After rest time, the kids played and I folded some towels and then read to them and did their Bible story. We played pretend for a bit and I fixed their supper and did dishes. We made their list for the next day and Peyton got home and visited with us. I got their teeth brushed and got them settled. Peyton and I watched Show Me a Hero and I folded laundry and then I ate something and we chatted and went to bed.

As of now, I'm a month (four posts!) behind. I'm hoping to do at least two more this week, but I'd love to do three or even all four before our trip. We'll see! 

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