Thursday, April 7, 2016

Weekly Happenings Post #363 (March 7-13)-- Fun with Friends in the Spring

[This one with the foot and the crazy faces is one of my favorites!]

This was Spring Break week for several of our friends so we ended up seeing the Howies twice and my sister in law and niece and nephew once. Plus we made a trip to see Granny! 
Monday was a pretty low key day. Peyton got up and left for a dentist appointment and Graves and I talked and played in our bed a bit. I got up and got my bath and made my list. I started laundry and got on the computer while the kids ate breakfast and played.

Any guesses what this is? It's Obi Wan Kenobi. Graves got out this old man mask he has and the bath towel that was the closest to brown he could find and made this pile and told me this was after the fight with Darth Vadar.

Peyton got home and I ate my breakfast and we all played action figures. I made the bed and changed over laundry. We talked and I ate some lunch and got on the computer and then got ready for my OB appointment.

I went well and I got home a couple of hours later. Right as I pulled up the kids were getting on their bikes and Peyton was locking the door to head to the park. I put my stuff down and used the bathroom and went along with them. It's a super short walk but it wasn't easy. We just watched the kids and relaxed at the park. We headed to the library and got some new books on the way back and I started feeling pretty rough. We walked home and I did a few quick things on the computer. I took some Tylenol and my iron. I immediately threw up. UGH. I laid down for a few minutes and talked to Peyton and then read some blogs for awhile. I did English with Annie and then ran to the grocery store for just a couple of things. I helped Annie and Graves make their list for the next day and then Peyton and the kids got ready and left to go camp at my parents'. I straightened up the bedrooms and the den and sent an email and then I did a bunch of dishes and swept and straightened in the kitchen. I ate my supper and watched The West Wing and folded a bunch of clothes. I got them put up and wrote a quick post and read a few blogs and went to bed.

Tuesday was a fun day. Peyton and the kids got home just before nine and I woke up and took my bath. I had slept so well and not woken up at all until someone called around eight about an appointment for Graves. I took my bath, got on the computer, and ate some of the doughnuts Peyton had picked up at my request. Peyton's sister and her kids were supposed to come over to play but their car wouldn't start so she said they wouldn't make it. I talked to Peyton some and then fell back asleep for a little bit. Elizabeth called and said they got everything fixed and could still come. We were excited. Peyton unloaded the car and I did my make up and they got here. We had such a fun visit. The kids played and we spent a lot of time outside. They all had lunch and then left to do some errands that afternoon.

Graves had a bath and Annie read and then they had a snack and I did dishes. Peyton went for a bike ride and the kids had rest time. I ate my lunch, wrote a blog post, and read some blogs. Then I took a nap. I got up and painted the kids' toenails and we did our morning school stuff (calendar, power cards, critical thinking, and a devotion and craft). We all got ready and went to go vote and get gas. We came home and I called Minnie about a recipe and then cooked a chicken pot pie while the kids cleaned up their room and Peyton ran to the grocery store. I washed dishes and scrubbed some in their closet where stuff had gotten knocked around. There were all these weird black marks behind the door. I have no idea??? Anyway, after that, I started working on cleaning the freezer. I got the door shelves cleared and scrubbed and the kids and Peyton got the cooks they were working on making from scratch in the oven and our chicken pot pie was ready! We ate and then Peyton played with the kids and I finished scrubbing and organizing the main part of the freezer. Peyton helped me hang several things in the sunroom and the kids' closet and then I got them settled. I finished in the sunroom and straightened it up, swept and straightened and did dishes in the kitchen, and took out the trash and recycling. I started some laundry and then read a few blogs and started a post. I read some blogs and went to bed.

Wednesday was another full, fun day. We got up a little before nine and all got dressed. I packed up a few things, Peyton made lunches, and I made up the bed and then we loaded up and headed down to Granny's. We stopped at a bread store on the way down. We had such a nice little visit and Granny seemed to be doing really well. We ate lunch with her and visited some more and then left around two thirty to get back to home before the traffic got bad. Graves fell asleep in the car and when we got home they played and I unloaded the car and unpacked our stuff. Annie was supposed to have soccer that evening but it was raining and got cancelled. The kids had their screen time and I got on the computer and read some blogs and then started uploading pictures and organizing and editing them. It took SO long and it wasn't even that many. First of all, I couldn't find some old ones I was looking for (I finally found them) and then the computer kept freezing up and then I couldn't find this font I wanted to use to match some of the old pictures from Graves's bump pictures. Grrr. Peyton took the kids to the Y and dropped them off so he could swim himself and then they all swam a bit. I was still working on the pictures when they got back. I finished up and while they ate leftovers for supper, I dusted and vacuumed in the bedrooms and study. I brushed their teeth and did their Bible story with them and then Peyton read to them and we made a list for the next day. I made my own list, sent an email, and read some blogs. I did some math with Annie and finished my post. I ate something and went to bed.

I got up around nine on Thursday and really got going and actually got some things done. Peyton took Graves to the library and I made the bed and straightened the kids' beds, got on the computer and sent a couple of messages I needed to and a text I also kept forgetting about, took my bath, and straightened up some stuff laying around in the study. I collected laundry and straightened in the kitchen, which was pretty messy. I put up dishes, washed some more, and even had time to change the sheets on both kids' beds.

I fixed Annie's hair and we picked up Graves from the library. Peyton walked home and the kids and I met Carrie and (most of, Francie was at school) her crew. We had a fun playdate and it was nice to get together! We came home and Peyton played with the kids and I rested a bit on the couch. Peyton left to help his brother out- his house was FLOODING. Oh my gosh. I helped the kids clean up their toys and dealt with a crisis with Annie that started as Peyton left. They had rest time and I started a post, did a few things on the computer, read some blogs, and had a snack. The kids had a snack and then Annie did an English sheet and finished her math from the night before while Graves played. I started some laundry and straightened some and put up dishes that I had washed that morning. I folded some laundry and fixed the kids supper. Peyton finally got home and he visited with the kids and me and while they ate and I put up some groceries he had gotten. I dusted in the den and straightened some and then washed some dishes. I did a quick blog post and the kids wanted their gingerbread house down so I set that up and then read some blogs. I did some more English with Annie (we practiced phonograms and worked on vowel suffixes), did my Bible study, and folded some laundry. I vacuumed and mopped in the den and kitchen and had a snack and went to bed.

Peyton went to work early on Friday. The kids slept until a little after nine. That's not always that late for them, but it felt nice. And Graves woke up pretty calm, which is a treat. We talked about patterns and then I fixed the kids breakfast. I straightened a few things in their room and our room, ate my breakfast, got on the computer, and took my bath. I made our bed and the kids' bed and collected laundry and started a load. The kids finished up their media time and we did morning school (read aloud, both of their critical thinking, a devotion, finger plays, calendar time and power cards, and then a craft after we talked a little about Spring). I cleaned the bathrooms and Windexed the windows on the French doors while they crafted. I fixed the kids lunch and changed over laundry and put up dishes. I straightened some more and folded some blankets I had washed. I got on the computer and uploaded some pictures from my phone and then edited one from the big camera and uploaded them to a blog post. I read a few blogs and Peyton got home and made fudge with the kids. I got upset worrying about weather to have a doula or not and got so emotional and Peyton got frustrated. I ate something and rested a bit and then did a bunch of spelling words with Annie.

I started some laundry and folded some towels and sheets, swept in the sunroom and then polished the hardwood floors, and took out the bathroom and study trash. I started Italian chicken cooking, scrubbed the counters, and made a salad and cut up broccoli.  Peyton popped the kids in the tub and after their bath they watched some of a movie while he made an appetizer. I got dressed and washed a few dishes and Peyton took out the trash, recycling, and compost. The Howies got here and we all enjoyed the appetizer and the kids played while I tossed the broccoli and started cooking some pasta. I roasted the broccoli and we popped in some rolls. Peyton pulled out the little table for the kids and we all ate supper. The kids played in their room and we visited in the den after we finished.

I love all these kids so very much! And Carrie and I have the sweetest little boys in that big (and getting bigger) group of girls!

 The Howies left around nine thirty and I helped the kids clean up their room and the toys that were in the den while Peyton cleared the table, put up the leftovers, and washed the pots and pans. He got the kids ready for bed and I did the rest of the supper dishes. I got on the computer briefly and went to bed by eleven thirty!

Too bad it took me HOURS to fall asleep and then I was up off and on throughout the night. It was a really, really bad night of sleep.

Anyway, Peyton had switched his schedule to be off on Saturdays for soccer games but they were all cancelled due to the rain/wet fields. The way it works with his schedule is that he still needs to go in for two hours on Saturday since the weekday shifts aren't as long as his weekend ones. Anyway, he was going to go in that night but ended up going in from eight to ten Saturday morning. He did the recycling and dropped by his parents' on the way home. The kids had been up until past midnight the night before and Graves and I were just waking up when he got home, which was after ELEVEN. We had to wake Annie up. I got my bath, got on the computer, visited with Peyton, made a list for the day, and made the bed. Peyton and Graves headed to the library and Annie did the iPad. They got home and I had lunch and finished a post while Peyton show ed the kids how to play a video game. We all got ready and headed down the street for a visit with our neighbor. When we got home the kids wanted to play outside even though it was raining.
umbrella dress: check ✔
raincoat: check ✔
rain boots: check✔
rain hat for Midnight: check
I was a little over the rain, but this girl knows how to seize the day!

Peyton and I hung out in the sunroom and talked and they played and then had lunch. Peyton read with them and then they had rest time and I took a nap myself. I got up and got our church clothes ready and we all had supper and played and read and then we got the kids to bed. I did dishes and got everything else ready for the next morning.

I had a really hard night again. I don't know why I couldn't get to sleep (or stay asleep) but it was awful.

Anyway, we got up and got ready and left on time on Sunday. I was really proud of us with my rough night and with the time change! We dropped Peyton off and had breakfast in the car and I did my make up and then we got gas. I dropped the kids off and went to my Sunday school class. We went to church and the kids did pretty well overall.

Yep, I totally let him wear this to Sunday school and church that week and it made him so happy. And honestly, I think it made the tons of older people we church with happy, too (sidenote: there is nothing like sharing a pew with a kind, gracious older person who has raised his or her own four year old boy). At the end of the service, Stan (the preacher) was saying the benediction right beside us (we sit on the very back row for obvious reason) and Graves walked right to the edge and held up a stuffed manatee the way Rafiki holds up Simba in The Lion King. Annie asked me today why everybody says "you've got you're hands full!!" Also, those things on his wrist? He calls them his ear tuffs. I think he's gotten pretty immersed in his role as Midnight's papa.

We came home and they had media time and I got our bags unpacked and put up all our stuff (not so impressive but the other day I left them for like three days) and changed and put up my church clothes. I had lunch and read a few blogs and got on Instagram and then talked to Minnie. I fixed the kids their lunch and they ate and then had rest time. I rested myself almost the whole time and I told Graves he had ten more minutes and then he fell asleep. I was sort of bumped because I knew he'd be up late again, but I let him sleep. It worked out well because I started throwing up. UGH. I straightened the house a bit and then I read some more blogs since Annie seemed content reading. After about an hour, I picked him up and snuggled with him. I thought he'd wake up immediately but he slept in my arms for another fifteen minutes while Annie told me about her book. What a treat =)  I straightened some more, collected laundry, and and put up and washed dishes while the kids ate supper and then took the cushions off the couch and played. We brushed teeth and they cleaned up and we left a little late to get Peyton. We ended up being pretty late because I missed the exit for Clinton on the Trace?!? It does sneak up on you and I used to always be super nervous, but I've gotten pretty confident. I think it was because Graves was talking my ear off and I'm not used to him even being awake.

We made it and picked up Peyton and got Newks for us to eat. We finished Show Me a Hero and I folded some laundry. I made a list for the next day and went to bed.

Less than a month behind! 

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