Friday, April 8, 2016

Weekly Happenings Post #364 (March 14-20)-- Rain, Rain, Here to Stay

At least it seemed like the rain was here to stay. I felt like I was living in the Pacific Northwest or something. Maybe it's partly because we'd been in NYC the last two Springs and it was still snowing some in March, but I can't remember a more rainy month in a long time. Precipitation is precipitation, though, and both years by March the snow had kind of lost its magic so whatever. My brother in law's house flooded, though, and I don't think it ever has before so that alone seems to be an indication it actually was a lot more rain than usual. Poor Annie and Graves- we signed them up for soccer but I think they missed as many games and practices as they played due to the fields being so wet.

 I woke up so many mornings that week with just awful headaches. I'm really grateful that (and a lot of restless nights and indigestion) was all I was dealing with, though. I woke up a couple of times coughing in the night and I was really worried that I was getting another upper respiratory infection like the one I had in February (the one it took me weeks to kick). Thankfully, I think it was just regular old congestion that went away once the weather cleared up.

We all slept SO late on Monday. I got up a little after ten, I think. I had slept horribly the previous night and got up what felt like a hundred times. Between five and seven I finally got a solid stretch. It was miserable. Anyway, I got up and got going. I took my bath, got on the computer, ate breakfast, and straightened in the kitchen a bit. I helped the kids start cleaning up their room and then I made our bed. Peyton took the kids to the homeschool group science experiment day and I read some blogs and started a post and then relaxed a little and planned the week and our meals. Peyton and the kids got home and we talked and then I ate some lunch while the kids played outside. Peyton went to pick up jerseys for Graves's blastball team that he's coaching and to get snacks for the game and I fixed the kids lunch to eat outside and folded some clothes. Peyton got home and I did dishes and he and the kids got ready for their games (they both had games that night). I got some stuff together and got ready myself and we took our family picture and left.

The plan was for Peyton to drop me and Annie off at the one Y early and head to the a different Y since they both had games at six and Graves's would be over first. Well, the gates were locked at the the Y fields near us. We ran by our house to get some toys for Graves so he wouldn't be bored since he and Peyton would have to wait through two longer games of Annie's and then dropped them off and headed back to her game. We ran to the restroom and got there a little before the game started. I had a nice time visiting with some other parents but I was a little bummed because I had planned to do English with Annie and plan school for the week during that hour we'd have before the game. Oh well. We picked Peyton and Graves back up and came home and Peyton fixed the kids supper and gave Graves a bath while I organized a bunch of stuff in the attic and got down some sandals, summer sheets, hangers, and the box for our snowman china. I did English with Annie. I read some blogs and finished a post and ate something and went to bed.

We all got up late again on Tuesday. I slept a bit past ten. Peyton and I both got up before the kids, though, which is RARE. We visited a bit and then I got my bath and had breakfast. I got on the computer, mailed a note, and rescheduled a doctor's appointment. I made our bed and straightened the kids' beds and then swept in their room. I collected laundry and started a load and we started morning school. He sat in for some of it (calendar, power cards, devotion, and critical thinking) and then took his bath while we did an activity that went with the devotion. The kids went outside to play in their kiddie pool and I did a bunch of dishes, scrubbed the kitchen counters, changed over laundry, and neatened up a bit.

I made a grocery list, fixed the kids lunch, packed up our Winter china and got out some Spring/Summery looking pitchers and put them on the fridge, scrubbed off my little side table in the kitchen and pulled the dead parts off some flowers on it, ate my lunch, and planned school for the week. I got on the computer and read a few blogs and did my Weekly Smorgasbord post, which took way longer than usual due to some issues with Delicious. Peyton gave Annie a bath and she went back outside. OMG. Graves and Annie apparently sprayed the inside of the laundry room with the hose and Peyton was on the phone and then Graves sprayed me. I made him come inside and have rest time. After awhile I let the kids go back outside.

Peyton went to buy a bottle of wine for a gift for a friend and run by the grocery store to pick up some stuff to grill that night at our park picnic with the Coxes. Graves got in more trouble- he took coins out of a drawer and took them outside, teeteed on the floor, and threw rocks at me. I was livid. Peyton got home and helped me get the kids ready and we headed over to the park. We had fun grilling hot dogs and visiting and the kids played until after eight! We got home and Graves had to go right to bed for his earlier behavior. I got on the computer and Annie read some. I did dishes, started a load of laundry, and got some things together to take to my parents' house the next day. Annie and I did about half a math lesson and then she had a snack and tried on some sandals I had gotten down from the attic. I folded laundry and went to bed.

Peyton worked on Wednesday so he could be off on Saturday for Graves's game and Graves and I got up around ten. Annie was asleep until eleven and I got on the computer, had breakfast, and took a bath while he started The Lion King 2 and had breakfast. Annie got up and had some iPad time and Graves finished the movie and then cleaned up his bed, which had toys all over it. I made our bed and theirs, collected some craft stuff, tried sandals on Graves, and fed the cats. The computer started messing up and I got so frustrated. Annie had breakfast and Graves finished cleaning up his room. Then we did morning school- calendar and power cards, Graves's critical thinking, quite a few finger plays, a good bit of read aloud from Pippi Longstockings, and their devotion. We did a craft to go with the devotion (making little boats from cardboard soap boxes that were covered in aluminum foil so they'd actually float) and that took awhile. Graves started his lunch and Annie did her critical thinking. I put up dishes, folded some dish towels and napkins, and went outside to compost and search for a missing divided plate Graves left out there. I got out Annie's soccer stuff, figured out a work around for something on the computer, and made a list of goals for the next couple of weeks.

The kids had rest time and I ate my lunch and did some dishes and read some blogs. I did some math with Annie and helped her and Graves get ready and Peyton got home and took them to Annie's practice. He and Graves played while she practiced. I vacuumed in the den, kitchen, and sunroom and mopped in the kitchen and sunroom. I hung up some clothes and got things together and Peyton and the kids picked me up. We headed to the library to get books for Book Buddies and because I needed to make some copies. Peyton and I took turns going in. After that, we went over to my parents' house for supper. We had a great visit and came home and Graves went right to bed.
 Annie in some shoes Cookie sweetly tried to give me. I had to turn those suckers down because I'd probably be less successful walking in them than AP. I've hung on to a FEW pairs of pumps and wedges for weddings and such, but even not pregnant, my days with that stuff are mostly over. I wore flats exclusively to church and around in NYC (public transit and wearing a three year old is no joke) and I'm not looking back. I mostly looked like a fool trying to walk in anything else anyway. Guys. I went to Walmart and bought cheap underwear that actually fits. It changed my mood and maybe my life. I got Krispie Kremes and had similar feelings of emotional ecstasy. I wear Peyton's t-shirts in public (and his boxer briefs at home). This is thirty. I don't hate it. (And this baby won't be inside me forever. I keep telling myself.) Also, I did keep the BRAND NEW Nike's Cookie told Conrad she "outgrew" (as a (not pregnant) adult) because she had buyer's remorse 

Annie read a bunch and we finished math. I wrote a post and read some blogs and then folded a bunch of laundry and watched The West Wing. I went to bed way to late and then slept HORRIBLY.

Thursday was ROUGH. Actually, the morning was okay. I got up and got ready and Minnie got here and we left for Book Buddies. The room was so hot but I made it fine.

 One of the little guys at Book Buddies told me "I think I'd have kept him smaller. That way the momma wouldn't find out". I truly love this placement. Sometimes, I get overly defensive about the League and I try very, very hard to be able to laugh about the silly stuff that goes with it and remain objective when people present criticisms (no organization is perfect!) but I am grateful for the good work of this group, the way different projects have challenged me, the pearl clad women who are unafraid to sweat hard, the ways I've been encouraged to find and use my unique gifts, and the inspiration I've gained from seeing Jackson made better. Also, it's really good- for me and for them- to have a weekly three hour increment away from my small people.

We got home and visited with Minnie and things sort of went downhill after she left. We had lunch and the kids played outside. Peyton went for a bike ride and I laid around in the sunroom and let them keep playing. It started pouring and then thundering and so I made them come in and have rest time. I took a nap and then we read about St. Patrick's Day and did a little craft where they made rainbows with a bunch of colored buttons. Peyton made breakfast for supper and we ate and then he read to the kids and we got them ready for bed. I laid around on the couch a bit and then got on the computer. I finally got some energy and did English with Annie and cleaned up the whole kitchen- this consisted of cleaning up the kids' craft stuff, putting up dishes, washing dishes, cleaning off the counters, and sweeping. I got that done and then finished a short post and went to bed. It stormed that night and I woke up several times (and Graves got really scared and joined us) but it was still a much better night's sleep.

Peyton went to work early on Friday but the kids and I didn't get up until around ten. I still had a bad headache, but I took some medicine and got my bath. I got on the computer and ate breakfast while the kids had screen time and Graves had breakfast. Annie had her breakfast (and was having a hard morning) and I collected laundry and started a load.

I got out the morning school stuff and did Graves's part with him (his critical thinking and his calendar activities) and then we all read Pippi and did finger plays and power cards and discussed the devotion. They did a coloring sheet and Annie started her critical thinking while I looked at some different options for what I wanted to do for my Junior League placement and then they went outside. They had lunch out there and I got the sheets changed on the swing in the sunroom, cleaned up the carport which was sort of unorganized, and folded a load of laundry while they ate and played.

They had rest time and I ate my lunch, sent an email, started a post, and read some blogs.
 I told Peyton not to take away Annie's screen time (because right now I really need that time, judge me if you want to). So last night he needed a consequence and he took away all her Magic Treehouse books. Of course I felt TERRIBLE. Anyway, she did have some bursts of creativity during rest time today and pretended to be a "pizza girl". She went to the fridge and made this (a tortilla, a cutie, and a piece of a half eaten sandwich) and then served it to Graves in their room (usually not allowed but she did ask first and again, I'm tired).

I rested a bit while Annie finished her critical thinking and then I helped the kids straighten their room. Annie and I did a math lesson and then I did dishes and we straightened the den up. Peyton got home and we got ready and headed to my parents' for supper. We had a great visit and came home. Peyton and Graves went right to bed. I selected and ranked my placement choices and then realized the website wouldn't work so I sent an email to the chair. Annie finished her math and we talked and I read a few more blogs and then wrote a post and went to bed.

It was so overcast on Saturday and Peyton was supposed to be off for the kids' soccer games but they got cancelled again because the fields were soaked. He asked his co-worker if she wanted to switch back the next Wednesday and she did so he went into work. We had a good, but long, day.

Graves got up around nine something and I had an AWFUL headache. I took something and turned on The Lion King 2 again. About halfway through I took my bath. I fixed my breakfast and theirs and they had fun playing with animal crackers. I collected and started some laundry and folded some more. The website was working again, so I selected my placements and then just kind of watched the kids play a bit.

 In regards to Graves's Squirrel Scarer: "That's never going to scare a squirrel. THEY'LL JUST THINK THAT'S AN ORDINARY LITTLE BOY THING" (caps because she was literally tearfully yelling.) [Annie also expressed that while she's opposed to eating wild animals, she's totally okay with eating farm animals- like sausage.] Can't make this stuff up.

Annie had slept so late and wanted to do the iPad so I told her she could either do it then with Graves or at naptime by herself. She chose to do it with him which I thought was very sweet. I laid down for a bit and then ate a snack and straightened some in the sunroom where Peyton had slept the night before. We did morning school (we skipped the devotion because I hadn't really planned for it but did our finger plays and power cards, Graves's critical thinking, and a chapter in Pippi). I got their lunch ready and Annie did two pages of her critical thinking and then they ate and I put up some dishes, took the trash out, and changed over laundry.

They had rest time and I read some blogs, fixed a grilled cheese sandwich and ate my lunch, worked on a post, talked to a friend on the phone, and then laid down and texted with Minnie.

 I guess they got tired of playing Pizza Girl because Graves had set up a "special grooming station" where you take off everything but your panties and he uses his wet toothbrush to "groom" you. Think I'll pass on that one. 

I played pretend with the kids and was going to read to them but they wanted supper. I fixed them supper and they ate and I folded a bit of laundry. Annie did some BrainQuest cards with Graves and I did dishes and swept the kitchen. I read to them and got them in the tub. I worked a little more on a post and then started browning some meat and cooking corn and black beans. Peyton got home and we put up groceries and cooked some more beans and rice and had supper. We talked some and I did dishes and then got on the computer and finished the post I was working on and read some blogs.

Sunday was another sort of rough day. I got up late but we made it and got on the road to drop Peyton off in plenty of time. We dropped him off, had breakfast in the car, went in to use the restroom and give him a phone charger, and got gas. Then we headed to church. I dropped the kids off and went to my Sunday school class. It was a good class but I felt sort of sick and then afterwards I got a little upset about something. I picked the kids up, though, and we headed to church. The kids were bringing in Palm branches since is was Palm Sunday and Annie and Graves were the youngest (besides one baby) and they lead the way. Graves looked so serious and a little nervous. They did great and then came and sat with me. They did WONDERFUL during church but I felt so bad. We got loaded up and came home after a sweet friend gave us a loaf of banana bread.

When we got home, I straightened the sunroom and then unpacked our church bags and got my clothes hung back up. I started Graves's show and Annie had iPad time and I fed the cats and warmed up my lunch. I uploaded some iPhone pictures and a video to YouTube and planned my blog posts for the week. I fixed the kids lunch, hung up their clothes, started laundry, and read some blogs. They had rest time and I took a long nap. We all had a snack and then they helped me vacuum the couch since Annie already had the cushions off. We cleaned up their room and then played pretend. I cooked some veggies for them to eat for supper and straightened Graves's bed. I did dishes while they ate but I didn't finish. We left to go get Peyton and they both fell asleep on the way.

When we got home, Peyton ate super and we talked and then I got on the computer and finished a post, FB messaged with a friend, emailed another friend, read some blogs, and got into a conversation on gender equality in the workforce on Facebook. Peyton and I both went to bed late and then the kids both joined us. I actually slept pretty well, considering.

My goal was to be caught up on these before our trip and if I don't get there, I'll at least be pretty close =) I was hoping to also get in my last six and four year old letters to Annie and Graves, respectively, but I think I'll have to set a new goal for that. 

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