Sunday, April 10, 2016

Weekly Happenings Post #365 (March 21-27)-- A Hospital Trip and Ressurection Sunday

 This was an interesting week. I made another trip to the hospital- and I so hope it's the last one until our Sister Baby is actually ready to make an entrance. Our Easter was super low key, but really nice. I was pretty reflective about it this year, with the changes in Peyton's faith, but I'll share those thoughts later.

The kids and Peyton got up on Monday and he got ready to go help his brother move. I got up after them and when Peyton left, I started a movie for them and got on the computer. I got my bath and I started feeling dizzy. Minnie called and I talked her and ate breakfast and then I straightened some and made the bed. I got stuff together for morning school while the kids played. I played with them a bit and then we did Graves's critical thinking and power cards and calendar time. We discussed the devotion we've been working through and made the Sea of Galilee with aluminum foil, plastic trees, and play dough. Annie cut out a bunch of fish and animals to add. I put up dishes and started some laundry and folded another load. I washed dishes and Graves had lunch and then the kids had rest time. Peyton got home a little after that and we had lunch and then he played with the kids. I laid down and texted with Minnie and Ellis and then got on Facebook to message someone who had a New York question. The kids were playing outside and I went and talked to Peyton in the sunroom and then fell asleep for a bit. I helped him get them ready for Graves's soccer game and they left and I mostly rested some more. I felt really bad and when they got home Peyton made waffles and we ate and got the kids to bed. Annie came back in the den after Graves fell asleep and wanted to do English so we did that and I sent an email to a friend and wrote a blog post.

Tuesday was the weirdest day. I woke up that morning after having slept terribly and realized that maybe what had me feeling so bad the day before was that I was having some Braxton Hicks contractions that were strong. The baby is super active and her kicks have gotten quite powerful, so I didn't really pick up on it at first. Well, I got up and got in the tub while Peyton ran to the grocery store for a few things with both kids. I got sort of dizzy but was feeling okay. I got ready and Peyton took his bath and we all headed to the Children's Museum after stopping at the library to make some copies. We stayed for about an hour and a half and then went to lunch at Primos. We mailed a letter and then drove to a park in Ridgeland because Annie wanted to visit a "new park". It was a really neat one. We came home and I felt awful. I started some stuff on the computer but I couldn't even do that. I basically laid down and didn't get up for a couple of hours. Peyton took the kids to the park near us to meet up with some friends who called last minute and I fell asleep for a bit. I got up and did a few things and they got home. I fixed the kids some leftovers for supper and started a post but felt awful. I basically got in bed and watched TV when the kids went to bed around nine. I was so uncomfortable and I took a long bath and tried to go to sleep. The pain got much better in the tub but then it just got worse. My friend Mallory was up and I talked to her and decided to wake Peyton up. We decided to go to Urgent Care and packed up the kids and got on the way a little after one. They dropped me off and ended up coming home which worked out well because I wound up staying there for like five hours. It turned out that was a little dilated and our girl is super low. But they didn't pick up any major contractions on the monitor and the tests came back with results that showed it wasn't preterm labor so I got an IV of fluids and got to come on home. I decided I might need to take my love affair with the massive River Oaks post partum mug to the next level. Whew.

 Kind of the last thing you want to be doing at four in the morning. I'm was so ready for Sister Baby to be on the outside, but of course I knew that, at that point, she needed stay put another ten weeks.

I called them and Peyton loaded the kids up and picked me up and we drove through CFA at like six. We went by CFA on the way home and the chipper server was very curious about our story. We told her and she asked what else we had on for the day. Peyton told her just soccer practices and she smiled and asked if neither of us had to be at work and we told her he had the day off (we didn't mention that he had the week off because there's probably a time limit on these drive thru convos). But it did make me aware of yet another way I see God providing for us with our decisions for Peyton to be home more.We got the kids settled, ate our breakfast, and watched a show and fell back asleep. I actually slept really well until Graves got up around nine. I got him something to eat and then Peyton got up with him and I went back to sleep until about eleven. I took my bath, got on the computer, and had lunch.

It was so nice to get several consecutive hours of sleep that morning, which sadly hasn't been as frequent as I'd like. Coach P (as his soccer team calls him) was conducting P.E. class at the Schoolhouse in the Suburbs with the people who made multiple middle of the night car trips last night. Can't wait for this little girl to join our crazy!

I planned the day and then got busy on some dishes in the kitchen. Actually, it was a wreck. I did that and organized the freezer and fridge while Peyton went for a short (hour long) bike ride and the kids played outside.

Yoda and crew on a "boat" and some planets on a string!

He got home and I took a nap and had a snack and then we bathed the kids and got ready for soccer (that seems pointless but they needed baths). I took Annie to her practice and Graves and Peyton headed to theirs (they were at the same place just different fields). Afterward, we stopped at the library, ran by a friend's house to drop something off, and picked up a few groceries. I cooked fish and asparagus for supper and put up dishes. I also organized our everyday china cabinet that has no doors and then we ate. Peyton read to the kids and I cleaned up the kitchen. I sent an email to a friend and did English with Annie because she was begging to. We looked at birds on Facebook and I pretty much went right to bed.

Peyton and I got up really early on Thursday and chatted and then I fell back asleep. We got up and got ready for Book Buddies and Minnie got here and we left. We had to leave early for my doctor's appointment and only had an hour and a half and it seemed sort of stressful. Peyton dropped me off and I did my glucose test and had my appointment with the nurse practitioner and was out in an hour and a half. We were going to go eat lunch but I felt so sick from that sugary drink so we came home and regrouped a bit and then headed to CFA around two. We ate and let the kids play and then Peyton got ready for an extra shift they had asked him to work that morning. I got the kids settled for rest time and looked over some school stuff and then took a nap myself.

Bless this baby's heart. On Tuesday night when I was in the hospital she was the only one of the four of us who was up the entire time (from about 1:30 to about 6:00). She has such a hard time falling asleep and P didn't want to pressure her about it so he handed her the iPad and let her enjoy about four hours of uninterrupted screen time. At one point, he also handed her his phone and told her to wake him up if I called or texted. She went back to sleep when they came to get me but didn't sleep much past her normal wake up time and was a trooper at soccer practice that night. She stayed up until midnight doing the English schoolwork she requested because I couldn't turn her down, especially after having really neglected school the few days prior. Then she got up early Thursday morning to greet Minnie at the door when she came to keep them this morning while Peyton and I volunteered. She's been a bit of a "grumpitty grump" as she herself would say, but overall I'd say that's some incredible stamina I've never had. Maybe I can pump some bottles to hand off to her after the midnight school lessons?

Graves helped me wake up Annie and we actually just spent an hour visiting and playing. Annie told me all about what they had done with Minnie and Graves sang to me and pretended to be my little donkey =) I should really just be with them like that more often. I started fixing their supper (fish again because it was one sale) and they did kinetic sand. I straightened a bit and read some in Pippi Longstockings to catch up to where Peyton had read to. I got their supper ready and they ate and I finished reading. They cleaned up toys and I cleaned up the supper plates, did dishes, and started a load of laundry. I helped them brush and floss, read to them from the Bible and Pippi, and played with them some. I got them settled and got on the computer.

I Facebook messaged with a friend and started a post and then Peyton got home and I cooked the rest of the fish and we ate. We discussed our plans and schedule for the next week and I folded laundry. Annie joined us once Graves fell asleep. I finished my post and did a few things and then went to bed too.

Peyton worked EARLY in Brookhaven on Friday but the kids slept pretty late and then we played in the bed some. I fixed Graves breakfast and he and Annie played and then had media time. I finished up another post and made my list for the day and looked at a few blogs. I ate breakfast and took my bath. The kids had a snack and I straightened a bit, put up dishes, collected and started laundry, washed dishes, and made up our bed. Annie did her spelling test and then we did morning school (Graves's critical thinking, power cards, some read aloud, a Bible story, and a craft where they made a mosaic cross). I fixed them lunch and texted with a couple of friend while they worked on their craft and ate lunch and then I changed over the laundry. They had rest time and I ate my lunch, read some blogs, and worked on a post. Peyton got home and the kids finished rest time. Annie and I had a snack and did math and Graves cleaned up their room. I helped him finish and we got ready and headed to my parents house. We had a fun visit and a great supper and Minnie had gotten the kids a few Easter happies. She got them some bath stuff and they wanted to take a bath right then so we did that and Peyton even got a little kayaking in.

 Graves recently announced that if we don't name the baby Avocado, he'll call her Mean Baby. Annie said "Bud, just because they choose the wrong name, that doesn't make her a mean baby". Minnie legit suggested we throw him a bone and name her Ava. And Annie is holding out for Daisy. Also, half the people I discuss it with don't believe me that Sally is a diminutive for Sarah. Who knew Daisy is a nickname for Margaret?? 

We got home around nine thirty and I got on the computer and finished up a post and read some more blogs.I folded a bunch of laundry, made some lists, ate a snack and went to bed.

Saturday was a fun, busy day. Peyton had taken off for the kids' soccer games and only had to work a couple of hours that night. Graves's got cancelled because too many kids from the opposing team were out of town and Annie's wasn't until the afternoon. Peyton and Graves got up around eight something and Annie and I got up around nine thirty. I took my bath, got on the computer, and had breakfast while Peyton went to the library. I went to the attic to get some plastic eggs, the kids went outside, and Peyton ran to to the store to get candy for the eggs and snacks for the soccer game.
Peyton got home and mowed the yard and I made the bed, started some laundry, folded clothes, organized a bit in the laundry room and put up dishes. I fixed the kids' lunch and got out their clothes for the game and then I ate my lunch and started doing some dishes. Annie took a quick bath because her hair was so oily from whatever was in that bath stuff from Minnie's the night before and then Peyton took one. I brought in their plates and towel from the picnic and we headed to soccer in the car and Peyton followed on his bike so he could ride it to my parents' after the game. We got there right on time and Peyton got there shortly after. I had fun visiting with another mom at the game and Peyton took a bunch of pictures. I also cleaned out my purse during the game, which had been on my to-do list all week, because Graves dumped a bunch of grass in it.

After the game we headed to Mickey and Minnie's house because Graves really wanted to fish. It was a short outing but we had fun and Peyton got a short bike ride in and met us there. We came home and the kids had snacks and unpacked the car and straightened and collected more laundry. Peyton took another bath and got ready and left for work. I had a snack, put up dishes, and folded some laundry and then played with the kids, read to them, and read them their Bible story. They cleaned up toys in the den and I went through a ton of Graves's clothes that he had taken out of his dresser and that had somehow become slightly damp.They ate supper and I folded more laundry and started a load. I got them in the tub for a quick bath and called Newks to order take-out but it was closed. Ugh. Graves had dumped more of the bath color things in the water and I had decided that it was another something they had already used up that made Annie so greasy but I had still told them specifically not to. I told him he'd have to get out early and then I realized he had a piece of dental floss in his mouth which I had also told him not do earlier. I made him get out and stay in his bed and not play for the rest of the night. Annie finished her bath and read some and Peyton got home. We ate super (Bagel Bites and frozen pizza) and did a little bit of planning. Peyton and AP did Spanish and I put up laundry, got everything together for church, and then took some pictures of some of the kids' new clothes.I got them all put up and got on the computer for just a minute and went to bed.

Sunday was Easter. We got up and got ready and dropped Peyton off and then had breakfast in the car. I did my make up and the kids listened to a Magic Treehouse book on tape. We headed to church. During Sunday School the kids talked about the Easter story and had an egg hunt. Then we headed to church and they did pretty well. Especially since they had bells they could only ring at certain times =)

 He is risen indeed!

We came home and the kids went through their candy and I unpacked our church stuff and changed clothes. They had their media time and I ate lunch and started washing one of the couch cushion slipcovers that had something on it and then I took their monthly pictures. They had lunch and I folded a ton of laundry and went through all Graves's clothes I had washed. I basically got his part of the dresser changed over for Summer and got the Winter stuff packed up to go to the attic (but I still needed to put it in the right box(s) up there). They had rest time and I took a nap but Graves kept needing things. I got pretty frustrated and ended up extending his naptime a bit. I had seen on IG where some (or all?) of the stories from the Storybook Bible have videos on YouTube and I let the kids watch the Easter one and an extra one because Graves really wanted David and Goliath. We read Pippi and then cleaned up Graves's eggs he had dumped out everywhere. I started cooking the kids some veggies for supper and we played while it was cooking. While they ate, I worked on a blog post and then did some dishes. I helped them brush and floss and then folded some laundry really quickly. We left and picked up Peyton and headed home. Graves fell asleep on the way there and Annie fell asleep on the way back but she woke back up once we got home. She and Peyton and I talked and I started planning the next week and sent three different emails. I read some blogs, worked on a post, put up laundry, and brainstormed a bit about our NYC trip that was coming up. I ate something, straightened a bit in the kitchen and unpacked Peyton's lunch bag and put up a few groceries he had bought, finished a post, and went to bed.

I'm actually only ONE post behind on these and that seems like a good place to press pause. Peyton and I are going to New York for a WEEK and I'm so excited. I'll probably blog a bit about my feelings on being there while they're fresh and maybe do a baby update, but I'm mostly going to take a break from this space and just focus on being present there and enjoying some uninterrupted time together before Sister Girl gets here! 

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