Saturday, April 30, 2016

What I Learned in April

 Y'all know these are some of my favorite posts! Some of my biggest take-aways this month understandably came from our trip to New York! Here's what I learned this month:

1. Coconut oil has some amazing restorative powers. I've been using it for dry skin for awhile now but Minnie mentioned recently that it works great on cuts to really help them heal. Of course, with the kids it's nice to have Nesporin or something that will help prevent infection on hand but the other day when I cut myself on a tin can I put some coconut oil on it after I washed it really well and it worked wonders!

2. I am so oblivious to so much. This is one of those things that's not new knowledge, I've just realized the depth of it (it seems I always have one or two of those on these lists). Like, my mom was really upset one night when we were over at her house and I didn't even notice. It's funny because Graves is so emotionally in tune to other people and I tend to think he gets that from me...but maybe not. Another example is with a little girl we know. Peyton was discussing something very obvious about this child and I hadn't even picked up on it. In one way it's super annoying, but it another I think it has it's perks because it helps me not judge people as much.

4. Chewed gum is the frugal girl's glue dots.  
Rest easy, y'all, I'm not the one who actually made this discovery.  Annie came up to me awhile back and told me "I came up with a new game. It's called "Find and Make". You get a bunch of trash things that would likely be thrown away, such as my gum, and make a picture with it". Haha.

5. I totally figured out how to play the Sonic game.So here's the deal, this isn't going to really be that helpful if you don't enjoy eating out the way we've learned to. Basically, Peyton and I realized that we could enjoy eating out a lot more often for the same price if we were willing to split things or just go for a snack. The point became less about getting full and more about just enjoying the experience. So what if we're hungry again in an hour and need to eat something at home? It's still a fun treat! Anyway, with that in mind I realized that Sonic not only has happy hour in the afternoon; they have $.99 cent large drinks or slushes until ten in the morning. AND during happy hour you can get several different sides in a "snack size" (a couple of mozzarella sticks, a few onion rings, a tiny order of fries) for ninety nine cents as well. Totally worth two dollars for a fun, albeit non-nutritious, snack in my opinion!

6. You never know what will calm your soul.  
The other day Graves was loving on his best friend, General and I realized it's been ages since I've petted, let alone held, the cat. And y'all know it's proven that petting a cat lowers your blood pressure, right? I picked him up and snuggled with him a little and it did make me feel less overwhelmed and more relaxed.

7. Sleep heals and I need to be generous with myself about letting myself sleep when I can. The morning we were flying out of NYC I felt TERRIBLE. Like "I think I have the flu" terrible. But I went back to sleep for a few hours and woke up feeling....well not one hundred percent but about a million times better. Not only that, but while we were there I was just so physically tired that any time we were at our Airbnb I was pretty much sleeping. I didn't try to blog or read blogs or read books or organize my life or really do much of anything. It made me realize how often I don't allow myself enough sleep and how I should prioritize it more.

8. I should always pack like I pack when I'm pregnant. I don't think I've ever packed as lightly, especially for a week long trip, as I did this time. That's not to say I was truly minimalist in my packing, but it was decidedly different from usual packing practices. Typically, I like to bring a lot of options. This time I needed to figure out what would even fit and so I tried on everything ahead of time and basically packed enough for each day, keeping in mind what we'd be doing and where we'd be going and the weather. I added a couple of bonus options in case something didn't end up working or I just didn't feel great about it but I didn't pack two or three times more than what I could wear. It was so refreshing to embrace simplicity in this way!

9. Flying is so not my thing.  
I still can't say this is a definite because of the seven times I've flown in the last five years, I've been pregnant or had small children with me for five of them. And those are pretty big factors. But I do feel like it almost gets harder every time. During my pregnancy I've dealt with some dizziness and light headedness that I think is an inner ear thing (my dad has problems with this) and flying is SO rough with that. The pressure in my head during take off and landing was just incredibly intense. Ugh. In theory, I think it's so fun and I love looking out the window and I think I'd actually find it sort of relaxing if it weren't for the physiological stuff. I even took some medicine one the way back and it was still hard.

10. Besides the more external stuff, I think flying bothers me because I feel such a lack of control. I don't have a fear of flying but I do get anxiety about it. I mean, when you're on a car trip it's going to take a lot longer to go the same distance (obviously) but you have way more control of the situation. Like if I need to puke, I'm not in a confined space. I can get out of the vehicle that's transporting me at basically any time. It's just a lot more freedom.

11. My feelings about New York are sort of complex. I think the biggest take-away from the trip is that both places still feel very much, in decidedly different ways, like home
I was definitely expecting this to be the case but the first couple of days of the trip, I thought maybe the flame for our much loved city was sort of dimming. Nope. It just took a minute to get back into it.

12. Rating iTunes is very cathartic. Peyton likes to rate his music using the star system on iTunes and he sort of goes through phases with it when he has time (I'm not sure what small fraction of his library he's done). When we had down time in New York (and I was sleeping!) he did it a bunch. Anyway, on the plane ride back we did it together and it was such a calming, light, fun activity.

13. Lists are life-giving. I've always been a list person and love making them, but sort of counter-intuitively sometimes when life gets hectic I neglect the practice. I've gotten SUPER into them again. This is probably like what I mentioned with my planner awhile back and it's very possible I go overboard with it but it's helpful to me. The other day, I sat in the sun for an hour with the kids and did nothing but made lists. 

Lots of learning in April =) Of course I'm linking up with Emily, per usual.


Bech Evans said...

Oh bless you, I could have told you that Sonic trick years ago! Seriously though, I am the queen of finding deals. I know you're pretty great at being frugal too, though!

Rebecca Petersen said...

Yes to List! I really like hand writing lists, but now I've started typing my long term lists into various spreadsheets. Before I got married, I wrote my life plan in a spreadsheet, and I get made of fun all the time for that. But seriously, how do people meet their goals without a plan or list? It makes me feel very accomplished to cross things off.