Friday, May 27, 2016

Babykins #3: Thirty Eight Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:
 How far along: 38 Weeks
Size of Baby: (via BabyCenter) Babykins #3 is about nineteen and a half inches long, which is about the length of a leek! Yet another veggie I'm not super familiar with (although, I have heard of leeks). In Graves's post I mentioned that the word "leek" ("leak") associated with pregnancy just cracked me up! Haha. She weighs around seven pounds and as y'all know, her organs are fully mature for life outside the womb!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: still holding at about twenty eight pounds. I asked Dr. Shiflett if it was a concern that my weight gain has tapered off like that and she said it was totally normal.
Maternity Clothes: As I've said, most of mine are Winter so I've been just trying to make do. I actually love this dress. It's not maternity but it's always been a little big and has a great empire waist. It's actually from the sleepwear/loungewear part of Anthro. I have a couple of things like this that I guess are intended to be pretty nightgowns that I wear as dresses.
Movement: I really need to take a video of my stomach with our big camera. It is crazy the gymnastics she's doing in there!
Sleep: I've actually been waking up feeling much more rested AND I've been waking up earlier without an alarm (which is unusual for me, pregnant or not). I think partly it's that I'm not really that comfortable and so I don't want to stay in the bed and fall back asleep but I guess I'm comfortable enough I'm getting better sleep than I have been.
Cravings: Lately, I'm craving really "refreshing" things. I'm totally obsessed with watermelon and I could eat it with every meal. I love that about Summer! Also, Peyton has this ice tray that makes tiny cubes. He mostly uses it for his mixed drinks. I've been eating that ice and refilling that thing all day every day. I love it! 
Symptoms: This girl is SO low. I told Dr. Shiflett that sometimes it's uncomfortable to sit and she said "I'd imagine so". Also, my thermostat has changed SO much. I feel like I'm hot all the time, which is crazy for me because I'm typically very cold natures.
What I Miss: I'm part of this birth group on Facebook and twice in the last couple of weeks different ladies have talked about making to it to the end of their pregnancies without taking any medicine. ANY. I'm talking like no Tylenol. They weren't saying it to brag or act better than anyone else, but I felt so much guilt. Because I've been taking a shit ton of medicine all along to even be able to function. And it feels so ironic and even a little hypocritical given my opinion on natural births. Truthfully, most days, I'm so proud of myself and my body for the work it's doing but I do really miss feeling normal and I also REALLY miss not being so dependent on drugs. 
Best Moment This Week: My absolute best moment this week was when I asked and Dr. Shiflett told me I could wear normal clothes at the hospital. Those hospital gowns skeeve me to no end and they made me wear one at River Oaks. Worth changing OBs just for that! [When I had to go to the hospital back in March for that abdominal pain, I told Peyton that I had a needle in my arm and was hooked up to a monitor and the worst part was that I didn't have any pants on. He said I just needed to practice more with that. LOLOL.
What I Am Looking Forward To: Meeting this chickadee. I keep wondering of this is the last one of these I'll share. We've gotten a lot done and Peyton's last extra shift was yesterday and he's back to just being gone on the weekends. I still have a few things I'd like to tie up but that'd probably be the case forever. Regardless, SO CLOSE.
Comparison to Graves:

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