Monday, May 9, 2016

Babykins #3: Thirty Five Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:
 How far along: 35
Size of Baby: (via BabyCenter) weighs about as much as a honeydew melon at five and a fourth pounds and she's about eighteen inches long. Her kidneys are fully developed and her liver can process some waste at this point. Mostly now she's just adding on more weight.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: twenty eight pounds as of my last appointment. Apparently, at thirty five weeks with Graves I had gained twenty two. I mean, that's only six pounds difference so maybe it is starting to even out a bit and I'm just put on more weight earlier. Clearly, I'm going to gain a bit more and I already gained more than what I did with Graves, but I don't think it will be twice as much or anything like I was worried about.
Maternity Clothes: Per usual, the dress I'm wearing isn't. It's just nice and flowy with an empire waist.
Gender: It's a girl! 
Movement: Good grief, I know I'm a broken record but her movement is out of control. It's gotten to where it really HURTS. And it's so visible right under my skin. I do love it in a way, even though it's so weird (to look at and to feel).
Sleep: Ugh. It's back to being rough again. I did get a really good night's rest last night.
Cravings: Mainly, I just love food. Haha. It's actually kind of hard because I feel really sick if I eat too much but I'm super hungry. Lots of small meals throughout the day! 

Symptoms: same old, same old. I'd say the indigestion is the worst thing right now.
What I Miss: I was telling Peyton that I just truly can't wait to remember what it's like to be completely comfortable again. It's been months and months, I think, since I've had a moment where I felt literally no discomfort. That said, I was reading Graves's post and I'm so grateful not to have the anxiety and frustration I was dealing with when I was thirty five weeks with him and on bedrest. 
Best Moment This Week: The kids had their birthday party last week and the whole thing was so much fun but a really special part I always want to remember is when I asked Graves what his favorite thing about the party was he said "hugging that baby". I asked him what baby and he just patted my tummy. He loves her so much!
What I Am Looking Forward To: We're getting the crib down this week and setting up her little corner in the kids' room and I'm really excited about that. 
Comparison to Graves:

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