Thursday, May 19, 2016

Babykins #3: Thirty Seven Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:
 How far along: 37
Size of Baby: (via BabyCenter) Babykins #3 weighs six and a third pounds and is about nineteen inches long (the length of a stalk of swiss chard). We've finally reached the FULL TERM mark!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: still about twenty eight pounds; the weight gain has finally slowed down but I feel like I'm getting huger by the day. So, with Graves I had only gained about three pounds less at this point and from the pictures it FINALLY, I finally look sort of similar. He doesn't look near as low to me, though, which is crazy because he was so low. I really think she's lower, though (Dr. Shiflett was like "she's super low; like super SUPER low...I mean she's not falling out of your cervix, but...). Haha! 
Maternity Clothes: I'm so glad every Tri Delta shirt Cookie ever owned was a large or extra large (which makes absolutely no sense since she's nearly as petite as I am but sorority girls always be wearing things either four sizes too big or four sizes too small and these days I'm GRATEFUL for it) because I've totally outgrown all Peyton's mediums.
Movement: It's funny because the other day I didn't feel her moving for about half an hour and it worried me SO bad. I say it's funny because apparently I experienced the exact same thing with Graves at thirty seven weeks.
Sleep: On Monday, while the kids and Peyton camped on Granny's land, I slept inside the house. I slept a five hour stretch, which is, I'm not even kidding, the longest consecutive stretch I've gotten in MONTHS. And I also took a two hour nap the next morning. I felt more rested than I have since probably August. Granny lives in the middle of nowhere and the only thing I can "accomplish" are enjoying nature, visiting with Granny, eating good food, reading, and watching a tiny house House Hunters marathon. Maybe it's just being away from my to-do list that had me so relaxed. Also, she makes me laugh harder than just about anyone else.
Cravings: Confession-- cookie dough. I know it's on the list of stuff you're not supposed to eat, but I just don't worry too much over it. Even when my anxiety was really high with Annie, I just didn't. Carrie was teasing me about it because I did/do struggle with anxiety, especially about my children, but what I eat when I'm pregnant has never been an issue. I will say that I've become more and more aware that we all have our "things" and that's OKAY. And honestly, I think it's great if you can evaluate what your things will be based on your own weaknesses (and strengths!). For example, I'm pretty strict about carseat stuff and I sort of wish more people were but at the same time a part of the reason I make it such a hill to die on for our family is because I'm a terrible driver. All that to say, I've been eating lots of raw cookie dough. 
Symptoms: Lots of Braxton Hicks. I'm a little nervous that when real labor hits it'll go super fast and take me a bit to realize. I'm really hoping Peyton's already home when it starts. In some ways, I'm still actually feeling a lot better than did the first seven months of this pregnancy but there are points where I'm really pretty miserable and the smallest tasks seem like climbing a mountain. I'm also finding it hard to be on my feet for really any length of time. We went to a (Episcopalian) funeral and I was on my feet a good bit but it surprised me how exhausted it made me.
What I Miss: I'll be honest, in one sense I'm so excited I can hardly stand it but in another sense I'm just really tightly wound. I feel like I've gotten super compulsive and my anxiety is a little worse than usual (see above under "movement"). I'm just ready for my emotions to stabilize a bit. Which, let's be real, could be months from now.  
Best Moment This Week: Graves loves to try to find the baby's head and put his head right on it. It's my absolute favorite thing and he's reminding me to really savor these last weeks, as hard as that is. Aside: I can see and feel her little parts thorough my skin in a way I NEVER felt the other two. It's sweet and beautiful and honestly a little creepy to me. She's such a wild little creature and I can already tell she's going to fit in perfectly with our weird crew!
What I Am Looking Forward To: When we finally get her named =) I was so chill about it and actually really sort of enjoyed stretching out the process but now that it's so close I'm getting really anxious. Minnie told me that maybe we just needed to see her and then ten minutes later she said "or we (she and I) could just name her right now over the phone". Oh, Minnie. I'm also really looking forward to the extra days Peyton picked up winding down. He still has several more. In retrospect, I'm not sure it was wise to plan them this close to my due date but I guess we just really thought she wouldn't come any earlier than the other two. We'll see! 
Comparison to Graves:

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