Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Life Expectancy in a World of Expectations (over at MBird!!)

Another thing I should have shared about in a more timely manner (and I did mention it briefly in another post) but....

There are a handful of online spaces that I love and have thought often about submitting a piece of my own writing to, but I've been both insecure and lazy. I finally pushed myself to submit something to one of my very favorites and I am so honored the guys at MBird thought it was decent enough to publish.

Several people shared the article and commented and that meant so much to me. The encouragement and affirmation from friends who know how important this outlet is to me was really special.

Peyton linked to the post on Facebook and I just teared up reading what he wrote:
Look who put in some work, gathered her courage, and decided to do something (uncomfortable) she's always wanted to do. Sarah Denley Herrington put something forward for Mockingbird and it was published...in less than 2 days! I'm proud of this special person who puts so much into a daily habit of writing. Not because she's great at it (though she certainly did a great job here), but because she loves to do it and from writing she finds much solace. Below is the article, please feel free to read it if you'd like. She wrote about the themes of the conference we recently returned from, and really the themes of Mockingbird's ministry that mean so much to her.

Anyway, here's the link--
 Life Expectancy (In a World of Expectations): A New York Conference Review


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