Wednesday, May 11, 2016


My friend Mallory and I occasionally like to send each other discussion "prompts". I totally nerd out on this kind of thing. Recently she send me one she said she read in a book where a person chooses verbs to encourage themselves to LIVE. 

Wake up. Leave your brain off for a minute. Ease into the day. Now go ahead and make that list. Or lists. Let the bath water get too hot. Embrace your loved ones- after you, and they, have bathed. Don't rush breakfast. Eat as many other meals with your people as possible. Enjoy your curated Instagram feed of people and places you find lovely. With zero guilt. Do things you are fearful of. Take risks. Acknowledge it when you do, whether the venture was successful or not. Connect with friends any way you can. Listen to music that stills your soul. Listen to music that awakens your soul. Reject the cult of productivity. Embrace voluntary simplicity. But also- sometimes- Treat Yo Self. Get your husband to do his Aziz Ansari impression. Call your hilarious best friend who's gift is impressions. Have deep conversations. Have shallow conversations. Enjoy your marriage. Enjoy your children. Enjoy their childhood. Practice gratitude. Acknowledge the Creator. Acknowledge the Redeemer. Acknowledge the Spirit within. Rest in not having all (or even many) of the answers. Read Manning or Capon. Sleep as much as (or more than) you need.

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