Friday, May 6, 2016

May Goals and Happenings

I love how the background turned out so much this month. It's a little more formal and fancy than usual, but I think it's so pretty. And the colors and softness do feel very "me". For some reason it seems like the perfect fit for my birthday month. I pretty smitten with all the pictures but I especially love the one from Easter, in the middle. The one of Annie was taken at a soccer game on her birthday and I like that there's one of Graves doing one of his current favorite thing. And of course Coach P and some sweet shower gifts from my Sunday school class. The quote is a recent favorite. How true it is-- the kindness of grace. I need the reminder that nothing else matters. 


April was such a great month. Peyton and I had an amazing time on our trip to New York and the kids had an equally amazing time at home with the grandparents. Soccer winded down and both kids had their end of the season party. Because of a weird thing with Peyton's schedule we weren't able to have their birthday party on the day I was planning but we're having it this week! The rest of the month was pretty low key but it went by so quickly!

Actually, both March and April seemed to have really flown by. I didn't really think they would.

I sort of hope this one goes by quickly, too, but I sort of hope it doesn't. I'm sure it's no secret that I'm kind of over being pregnant, but more than that, I'm just ready to meet our Sister Baby. I feel like I've been waiting years, not months, for her and in many ways I really have. At the same time, I have a lot I want to accomplish before she arrives and I really want to cherish the time just the four of us.

And May is actually going to be busier than I expected:
- First up, the kids' party this week. I keep saying that now that the trip has come and gone this is the last real "event" that I really want to be present for before the baby gets here.
- Book Buddies is finishing up with it's own year end party this week and then next week I have a Junior League meeting (also the last one of the year) and another meeting.
- I went ahead and got all my OB appointments scheduled out and that felt so good. One more in two weeks and then I'll start going weekly!
- Peyton has picked up a few shifts toward the middle of the month and taken off a couple of Fridays around when Sister Baby should arrive. It's a nice set up so that once we get close/she gets here, he'll really only be gone on Saturdays and Sundays.
- And then towards the end of the month the pool will be opening and swim team will start. We signed Annie and Graves up. Whew. It's going to take some major adjusting to get used to those early mornings. Fortunately, Peyton's mostly in charge of that this Summer =)

Here were my April goals. I think I did alright!

1. Attend the Mockingbird Conference in NYC. Yes! I mean, of course. Barring being put on bedrest or some other extenuating circumstance, I knew this would happen. I will say that I missed two of the breakout sessions and a concert so we could go back to the apartment and rest a bit before dinner and the EpiscoDisco on the long day of the conference, but I felt like that was a really great decision. (Faith)

2. Finish planning and throw the kids' birthday party. Umm...I have mostly planned it. Now to orchestrate. (Family)

3. Reach out and connect with friends in NYC. Y'all know it's been increasingly important to me to prioritize relationships over other things and I loved how much we were able to do that on the trip. Our friends were incredibly gracious with their time and we got in a lot of visits with a lot of different people! We even ended up in three of the five boroughs (we spent a good chunk of a day visiting our friends up in the South Bronx.) (Relationships)

4. Continue to cook consistently. I did pretty well before our trip and then Peyton got sick the week after we got home and I didn't really fix dinner much then so I'm sort of just getting back in the swing of it. (Health)

5. Read at least one book. I'm getting worse and worse with this. I imagined I would do a lot of reading in New York (hahahaha- any down time we had and I was fast asleep) and then I told myself I'd read a bunch when we got home. But I've been really working on organizing some things around the house and catching up on the blog (and just life) since we got back. Plus, I've been trying to focus on the kids' up coming party and school with Annie. This is the one things I truly failed at this month, but I'm not too worked up over it. (Creativity/Passion)

6. Finish three quarters of our math curriculum with Annie before we leave for New York. We almost got there. We were basically one lesson shy of being three quarters of the way done. And now we're back at it. Hopefully we'll finish our math semester right before the baby gets here. (Education/Edification)

7. Change over my closet and the kids' closet for Summer. I finished up my closet this week AND I didn't plan to until a bit later but I got down most of the newborn clothes and got the baby's stuff organized how I want it. I still need to get Peyton to get down the gear and crib and a few other things, but her closet is mostly done. However, I haven't done the kids'. Once their party is over I'm going to try to bust through it next week. (Organization)

8. Enjoy our trip to NYC. I mentioned that I wanted t go at a sustainable pace but fill our time well with all the city has to offer. And I think we did just that. Honestly, I think I pushed myself as hard as I could have but I also just let myself come home and crash (and not try to read or blog or do really anything else). That was such a good decision and made the trip fun and manageable. (Travel)

9. Catch up on my personal finances. Yes! I finally did it. I have it all recorded in my own little book where I make meticulous notes and now I need to enter it in our online system. (Finances)

10. Challenge myself to not allow stress to dominate things that should be fun- specifically our trip and the kids' party. I did really well with this on the trip and I'm planning to give myself a lot of grace with the party as far as what might or might not get done. (Joy/Gratitude/Perspective)

11. Organize my present stash. Yes! This was actually a part of a bigger goal of organizing my closet (because we had thrown a bunch of stuff in there) and I actually went ahead and knocked the whole thing out! (Additional Goal)

12. Go on at least two friend dates. Carrie and I did have an amazingly fun six hour girls' night recently. The other friend date I was planning ended up needing to be moved to May. (Fun Goal)

 Bonus Goals:
- Start working on organizing craft closet. I randomly started this one day after we got home for our trip. I got several shelves organized, but I need to do the rest. I got what I most needed (for homeschooling, the party, ect.) accessible and getting the rest done needs to happen but it's not a HUGE priority.
- Organize "dedicates" drawers. LOLOL. Here's the deal-- there are some panties and bras and slips and such that just don't work right now. My smaller dresser (yes, I have two dressers in our room- I have a tiny closet; my three kids are going to share the master) was a disaster. So I organized things where my "maternity underwear" (they're not really; they're just huge) is accessible and neat.
 - Set up kids' beds with new bedding. This one I really wasn't planning to knock out but it worked out well because Annie spilled something on her quilt and we're sort of changing up some things in their room to get ready for the new baby anyway. We actually bought Graves's bedding at IKEA on the trip (I wasn't even planning to necessarily!) and I had some "big girl" bedding in the attic I had bought years ago for Annie that I just needed to find and get done. Now that the attic is pretty neat, that wasn't difficult at all.

 For my May goals, I have some repeats and a lot of it is organizational stuff. I feel like my nesting urge has really kicked in since we got back from Brooklyn!

 1. Read my devotion books consistently. I have two great ones and I just need to make sure to prioritize this. Not hard at all and something I want to make into a habit. (Faith)

2. Finish planning and throw the kids' birthday party. Like I said, it's planned but there's a lot actually orchestrate in the next couple of days. (Family)

3. Write thank you notes to everyone who brought a present for Sister Baby to the shower my sweet Sunday school class gave for us. (Relationships)

4. Prepare for this baby's birth. I'm not having a doula but I need to do some reading and formulate a (likely very relaxed) birth plan. (Health)

5. Read at least one book. I want to finish a book I'm reading and then I gave Peyton a book for his birthday and I'd really like to read it together. I've clearly got a lot of other stuff going on so we'll see if it happens. Also, I've got to get busy reading that birth book. (Creativity/Passion) 

6. Make a final decision about what math curriculum we'll be using for Annie for next year and order it. Also, look into supplemental curriculum. (Education/Edification)

7. Get all baby stuff (gear/blankets/ect.) from attic and get it organized. I'm glad I have her clothes done already. Can't wait to finish the rest. (Organization)

8. Take an overnight camping trip to Granny's. I'm planning to sleep inside but it's a fun way to get a visit in and for Peyton and the kids to camp somewhere different. (Travel)

9. Get caught up on my finances in our online program. I've done the more detailed part, now I just need to look over everything and categorize it in Mint. (Finances)

10. Relax and treat myself gently in this last month (ever) of pregnancy.

11. Change over my closet and the kids' closet for Summer. (Additional Goal)

12. Get baby's corner set up in kids' room and our room. (Additional Goal)

13. Go on another friend date with to get Mexican! (Fun Goal)

Here's to May, a month where we enjoys lots of lasts as a family of four and prepare for new beginnings. May we enjoy our time together and prepare our hearts to welcome this new precious life.

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