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Weekly Happenings Post #366 (March 28-April 3)-- A Sweet Girl Turns Seven

This was a fun week! We went to Granny's, had several soccer games, and celebrated Annie's birthday!

Peyton worked on Monday but it was a nice relaxing morning for the rest of us. Graves got up around eight thirty and I talked to him and snuggled with him and then fixed him breakfast and rested a bit more. I made the bed and  woke Annie up and they had their media time. I ate breakfast, straightened their room and the study a bit, cancelled a doctor's appointment, got on the computer and looked into something for next year, went through my email and reader, did my kitchen quote, bleached a load of Peyton's pharmacy coats, and planned my blog posts for the week. Whew! I took my bath and we had morning school. I ended up just doing critical thinking with Graves and then reading Pippi to the kids after they got dressed and while they ate lunch. I sent an email and Peyton got home and ate a super quick lunch himself and then took the kids to the homeschool group science experiment day. I sent another big email, ate lunch, changed over laundry, talked to Peyton on the phone, read a few blogs, boiled some eggs for egg salad, and hung up Peyton's coats that were dry. I planned the week and planned meals for the week and then Peyton and the kids got home. I did some dishes and our neighbor texted me to see if we wanted to come have ice cream sandwiches since her little girl's birthday was the following day. I got the kids ready and we headed down there while Peyton regrouped before soccer.

We got home and Annie and I did a math lesson and Graves had rest time and then we all got ready and headed to Graves's soccer game. Annie and a bunch of other siblings practiced and Graves had a pretty good game! I texted a couple of friends and watched both of them play. We came home and I unloaded soccer stuff, changed over laundry and started another load, and fixed the kids supper. I got on the computer a bit, talked to Peyton, and changed my last laundry load for the day. Peyton bathed the kids and I texted with Cookie a little, straightened some, and swept the kitchen and took out the trash and recycling. I sent a couple more emails, bought Annie a dress online, and added a few things to Google Calendars. Annie and I did another short math lesson and then I finally got the dishes finished up and made my egg salad and had some for supper. I read some blogs and uploaded, labeled, and edited some pictures from the big camera. I folded laundry and got stuff together for the next day and went to bed.

I had some small goals to "Spring" the house and this was one- I  finally put up the snowman china and change all the flannel sheets. I found these butterflies I had on college and was so excited to use them in the sunroom!  

I've mentioned before that I'm a night owl and Annie is my little sidekick and we have such a wonderful time together after the boys go to bed. I dishes and making egg salad at 11:30 (per usual) and Annie told me she wanted to get together books for our day trip to Granny's the next day (she's been helping me get their stuff together for church on Saturday nights). She did that and then collected some stuffed animals to take. Them she said "okay, all that's left is our clothes". And the most precious part was when she picked out outfits for her and Graves and hung them on the bookcase. It's such much fun when they become little teammates and it's happening at just the perfect time with her.

We got up around eight thirty on Tuesday (well, Peyton got up about two hours earlier than the rest of us) and got ready and hit the road for Granny's by nine thirty. We stopped at the bread outlet on the way there and Peyton bought an excessive amount of English muffins and other things. Mary Beth (Peyton's first cousin) was there visiting Granny, too, and we had a great time. It was nice outside and the kids loved exploring the woods and playing by the pond. Peyton dug up a few blueberry bushes to plant in our yard. We left around two and headed back home. We stopped at the meat outlet this time =) 
 Can't wait to roadtrip with New Girl in the Mazda 3. EEEK. 

We got home and I unloaded the car and organized the fridge. I also emptied the candy out of the kids' Easter eggs so it was all in a big bowl and they could just play with the eggs. All that took longer than I meant for it to. Peyton relaxed a bit and then went to the grocery store to buy snacks for AP's soccer game and buns for the BBQ we got. He got home and planted the bushes. I ate a sandwich and read some blogs and the kids and Peyton left for the game. I finished up organizing and editing pictures and then I vacuumed in the den, sunroom, and kitchen and mopped in the sunroom and kitchen. The kids and Peyton got home and I visited with them and they ate supper and then Peyton played with them and got them to bed.
 Annie: "I came up with a new game. It's called "Find and Make". You get a bunch of trash things that would likely be thrown away, such as my gum, and make a picture with it".

Peyton and I talked some and I sent an email, did a few other things on the computer, worked on my finances a bit, and went over a couple of lists.

I woke up on Wednesday with a headache, predictably. Peyton was working but we had an okay, laid back morning. Graves got up around 8:30 and he wanted to watch a movie but then decided he didn't like it after I got it set up. He ate breakfast and I laid back down and then I turned on his show. Annie got up and I got on the computer, took my bath, and made the bed while they had media time. I fixed Annie breakfast and Graves his second bowl of cereal and I made some toast for myself with Nutella and a banana. I collected and sorted laundry and straightened a bit- taking shoes to where they go and putting the cushion slipcover I washed back on the couch and that kind of thing. We started morning school but Annie was in a MOOD so she ended up going to her closet for awhile and Graves and I read a book that I picked just for him and did critical thinking and finger plays. It actually probably worked out really well sense he never gets that individual attention like that. Annie joined us after a bit and we read a Magic School Bus book that she selected (those things are so tedious to me!) and then did her math lesson for the day. While she worked on a worksheet and did critical thinking I folded and put up laundry and straightened a bit. I put up dishes, got their lunch ready and then washed more dishes.The kids had rest time and I made a hair appointment, ate lunch, worked on some blog posts, uploaded pictures from my phone, and read blogs. Annie did a bit more of her math worksheet.

After rest time, the kids and I cleaned up their room and then Annie and I went through her dresser drawer to put up most of her Winter pajamas. They had a snack and got ready for soccer and I heated up something for Peyton. He got home and they left. I worked on another post, dusted and polished the floors in the den, folded a load of laundry, rested a bit, and browning meat and heating up beans for supper. Peyton and the kids got home as I was putting up some dishes and they all worked on putting together some little candy bags for Book Buddies while I finished cooking. I cut my finger really bad on a can and Peyton helped me with that. We all ate and then Peyton left to go visit his brother and I cleaned up the kitchen- put up the leftovers; swept; took out the trash, recycling, and some flowers that had seen better days; finished scrubbing the counters; and packed up a bag for Book Buddies. I sorted through two big piles of junk on the counter and the kitchen table and got everything organized and put up. I helped the kids get ready for bed, read them a couple of books and a Bible story and prayed with them, and then headed back to the kitchen and did the dishes. After I finished that, I sent an email to a friend, read blogs, did my Bible study, and finished a post.

Thursday was kind of a rough day- sort of a continuation of how bad I had felt the night before. I was tired and also had a headache and just felt awful. I got up and got ready for Book Buddies and Minnie got here and we got on our way. I started feeling even worse during my first group and I ended up throwing up between my first and second group. That made me feel some better. Peyton and I got in an argument on the way home and I started sobbing- mostly just because I felt so bad and was so tired, I think. Peyton was really sweet and we made up. I talked to Minnie some, she left, and Peyton fixed himself and the kids lunch. I got on the computer and fixed mine. I took a nap and Peyton did the two things I had on my list for him that day- fixing the computer and cleaning the car. The kids had rest time and helped him and I slept a good bit. I still felt pretty bad when I got up but I was better. I fixed the kids grilled cheeses, put up dishes and straightened the kitchen, and collected laundry.

The kids played a bit and I dusted in the bedrooms and study. I did the windowsills as part of my routine that week and it's always kind of a pain, especially in Annie and Graves's room because AP keeps a "nature collection" on hers and it gets dirty and is annoying to move it all. I swept and scrubbed the floor in the kids' bathroom and then we all cleaned up their room. They had baths and I vacuumed in the bedrooms and study and then did a few things on my phone. The children had a snack and I did a bunch of dishes and then we read, did their Bible story, brushed teeth, and played a bit. Peyton played with them a bit and helped me get them settled and then we brainstormed a bit about our NYC trip. Peyton watched some TV and I sent an email while Annie finished her math worksheet from the day before. She and I went through a bunch of her old art and crafts and chunked some of it and hung up some of it. I sent another email and Annie fell asleep. I wrote a post and read some blogs. I ate supper and paid my Junior League dues and went to bed.

Graves was already in the bed with Peyton when I got there and it was a bit of a restless night for him. He's usually such a great sleeping buddy. I think he was hot!

Anyway, Graves got up around 8:30 on Friday and I put on a movie and got up a good bit later and took my bath, got on the computer, and fixed the kids their breakfast. I made our bed and straightened theirs and collected laundry and started a load. I put up dishes and had my breakfast, texted Cookie and Ellis, and got everything ready for morning school and math. We did morning school (both kids' critical thinking, some read aloud, power cards and finger plays) and then took a break so I could change over laundry. Annie did her math and Graves was pretty disruptive. They went outside and rode bikes a bit and I did a couple of things on the computer and then fixed their lunch and washed dishes. They ate and I worked on my blog design and monthly post. Peyton got home and we all talked and played some. I did the dishes from lunch and that Peyton had used at work and took out the trash and the recycling. We got ready and headed to my parents'. I was really tired while we were there but we had a great time. 
 Having a little party eating granola by flashlight in Mickey's work room. They love Friday nights so much!

We did the recyling on the way home and Graves fell asleep. Peyton, Annie, and I talked about her birthday the next day and she finished up a math sheet and dida little on the iPad. I read a bunch of blogs and FB messaged with a friend. I folded some laundry and got their uniforms ready for the next day and went to bed.

Saturday was such a great day. It was Annie's birthday and it turned out to be so fun. We all got up pretty early for us (before eight) and Peyton cooked waffles and then we dropped him and Graves off at the their soccer fields and Annie and I drove to her game. There was some sort of race going on so there was some traffic but we had plenty of time because her game started forty five minutes after Graves's. We used the bathroom and then unloaded our stuff and found the field she was playing on. Her teammates got there and they warmed up and the game started. Peyton's dad and his brother Andrew had come to Graves's game, so they brought Peyton and Graves to Annie's game(s). They got there around half time of the first game. We all had fun watching her and Graves played with some other little siblings. They had a SHORT break after the game and then played another one. 
 Happy Birthday to our Annie Girl! I'm so grateful for every day with you!

After the game, we came home and regrouped and Annie and Graves watched some of a documentary and then Minnie came over with Annie's present. She opened it and we visited and then she left and we got ready and picked up Newks and headed to a playground Annie had never been to before, per her request. Peyton's partner texted him to see if he just wanted to work two extra hours on Friday instead of coming in from six to eight and he said of course. I was thrilled about that. We stayed at the park for a good while- it was so nice! We went by two different Walgreens to browse the Beanie Boos on the way home.

We came home and the kids played outside, Peyton took a bath, and I folded laundry, straightened, started a load of laundry, and did dishes.

 We had such a great day with our little botanist/zoologist. She had waffles made by Papa, then she had back to back soccer games attended by her grandfather and uncle, she watched some sort of docu Peyton found her, and enjoyed another grandparent visit. She received three books, ten dollars, and a church dress with an animal motif from her grandparents. One of her little friends and her aunt called to tell her Happy Birthday and then we got Newks and went to a park she's never been to before (which had the friendliest ducks I've ever seen). She did a little Beanie Boo shopping at the drug store but ultimately held off on any impulse purchases and had a mint chocolate chip milkshake. And Peyton's partner offered for him to work two extra hours on Friday so he wouldn't have to come in that night. I looked out the window and she had switched her sneakers for boots and was swinging her butterfly net around trying to catch some kind of bug. Childhood is such a beautiful thing.

I changed over the load and Peyton made us all milkshakes and then I took a nice nap while he bathed the kids and fed them supper and got them to bed. I got up and got on the computer and read a few blogs. I ate something and got all our clothes, breakfast, and the kids books and crayons and stuff ready for church the next day. I finished up my new header and almost finished a post and then went to bed.

We all got up on Sunday and got ready and even had time for our family picture. We dropped Peyton off, had breakfast, went in to use the potty, and headed to church.
 Enjoying the weekly Beanie Boo viewing and papa visit at his store. I've gotten to the point where I can't make it the whole hour from when we drop Peyton off until when Sunday school starts without going in to use the bathroom.

I dropped the kids off and went to my Sunday school class. It was a good class and I felt pretty good. After that I picked the kids up and we headed to church. Annie didn't want to stop playing with some dinosaurs and we were meeting in the old (much smaller) sanctuary and I wanted to make sure we could find three seats together. I talked to her and we went to church. They did GREAT in church but started running around afterwards. We headed home and I unloaded, unpacked, and put up all our stuff and changed clothes. I sent a couple of Facebook messages, talked to P on the phone, and read blogs a bit while the kids had media time. I fixed their lunches and mine and we ate and then I worked on a couple of posts while they had rest time. I took a nap and then helped the kids clean up their room and started a load of laundry. I got their supper fixed and sent them outside and then worked on another post, folded a load of laundry, and put up and washed dishes. We brushed teeth and loaded up and went to get Peyton.

We got gas on the way home and put the kids right to bed (Graves was already asleep). Peyton watched a show. I got on the computer and finished a post and read some blogs and then ate supper. Peyton and I chatted and went to sleep.

It was such a nice week! I'm clearly back to being way behind on these things and I'd love to catch up before the baby gets here but we'll see!

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