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Weekly Happenings Post #367 (April 4-10)-- Blastball Winds Down


This was a fun week! We finished up the blastball season and Peyton worked an overnight so he was off on Friday and Saturday. And Cookie and Conrad were in town for a visit!

Monday was a nice busy day. I got up and Peyton had fixed breakfast. Annie wanted us to all eat together and we ate outside. Then I came in and collected some receipts and things and got ready for my doctor's appointment. I took a bath and made all our beds and added a few things to my to-do list. I went to my doctor's appointment and it went really well. It was pretty quick but I managed to plan out our week, meals, and even school since we weren't doing a lot of different things that week while I waited- it worked perfectly. I ran by Sonic for a snack and then headed to Target to make a return. I browsed around a bit and bought some hairspray and then headed home. I sent an email and the kids and Peyton got back from practicing soccer and swimming. I put up and washed a bunch of dishes while they regrouped and ate lunch and then we headed to the children's museum only to realize it's closed on Mondays. We went to a nature trail instead. It was fun but the walking wore me out!

We got home and the kids had rest time. I read some blogs and ate lunch and then fixed the kids a snack vacuumed out the car while Peyton took a short nap. We headed to Graves's soccer game and both his parents were there to watch. I had fun visiting with them.

"Coach P" and his little blastball buddies. He's had so much fun doing this!

 And me and my little buddies (I sort of love Graves's mismatched socks.)

 We came home and Peyton and Annie ran to the library to print something and return some books. Graves and I did a bit of house cleaning. I started cooking chicken for supper and got a load of laundry going and then we cleaned the bathroom. I scrubbed the tub with a toothbrush and Graves worked on the floors. We got some clothes hung up and he helped me pick up around the house and then I Windexed all the mirrors and took out the trash in both bathrooms and the study. Peyton and Annie got home and the kids had a bath. I realized something spilled in my bin of cleaning supplies and I cleaned that up and started roasting asparagus. I changed over the laundry and we ate supper. Peyton and I both did dishes and he got the kids ready for bed. I snuggled with Graves and then he fell right to sleep. Annie talked to me and Peyton some and I folded some laundry. Peyton and I discussed the next day and I put up the laundry and then I read some blogs and finished a post and went to bed.

Tuesday was a nice day. I got up and got ready pretty quickly for a meeting. I was about to head out and I got a text asking if we could push it back an hour. I said sure and went inside and enjoyed the smoothies Peyton had made for me and the kids. I made our bed, put up some dishes, went through my Reader, started a post, and even had time to do the review portion of a math lesson with Annie. I went to the meeting and it went really well.

When I got home, Peyton and I talked for about five minutes and then he left for work. The kids played outside and I straightened and collected laundry, made a list for the day, and FB messaged a friend. The kids had their lunch outside and then came in for rest time. I finished a post, read blogs, rested, made a list for later in the week, and started math with Annie. When rest time was over, we finished the math lesson and started a new one while Graves played in the room with us. The kids went outside and I put up some more dishes and sent an email. They came in and Annie read to Graves some and I folded some laundry. They went back outside and I visited with them some and then taped some books that were falling apart, fixed their supper, and washed dishes. I started a load of laundry and started a grocery list. I went outside and read to them and we prayed and did their Bible story and then played pretend. We came in and had sponge baths and brushed teeth and I got them settled after we made their list. I got on the computer and read some blogs and sent several emails and talked to a friend. Peyton got home and we visited and visited with Annie. I ate something and went through a bag of maternity stuff and folded some laundry and fell asleep in the middle of it.

I got up on Wednesday and put up the laundry that was still on the bed, made our bed, and took my bath. I got on the computer and had breakfast.We grabbed the kids some breakfast to go and Peyton dropped me off for my haircut and took the kids to the Walmart right across the street to grocery shop. We stopped at Walgreens and picked up some of my medicine that the doctor had called in and then ran home for lunch and to put up groceries. Actually, we kept the kids strapped in and they ate in the car and I just grabbed something to go after we put everything up. We headed to the Children's Museum and played in the park adjacent to it for a bit first.

We came home and had rest time after we picked up a Newks salad for me and Peyton and feed the kids a frozen pizza for a snack. I got on the computer a bit and then one of Peyton's co-workers called. She had had a pet die and wanted to see if he could work her night shift. He said yes if they'd give him either Friday or Sunday off. He was going to take both kids to Annie's soccer practice but I told him I would so he could rest. I did some dishes and we got ready and headed to practice. It was a bit chilly!

We got home and I popped the kids in the tub and started supper. Peyton was up and he ran to the store to get a few things he wanted to bring in for the long shift and some Big K for me. Peyton said there was a dad who held up the whole checkout line tonight while he calmly coached his screaming child to put up the starburst- he said he did it so well, was amazing, and that he only only stared without speaking because he didn't know the best way to let you know what an amazing father you were being. I loved the story and I loved that P noticed.

I finished supper and texted my sister in law and Peyton finished the baths and we all ate together.

 You might be married to a minimalist if your kids are drinking out of play dough containers (and you didn't even have a dishwasher to send them though). In all fairness, I'm the one who washed them out and decided to reuse instead of recycle. But I had planned to store THINGS in them, not feed PEOPLE out of them. [And FYI, he's drinking a Coca Cola. Sometimes, when Papa goes in for a last minute overnight shift to help out a co-worker who lost a pet , I decide to break some rules ].

He got ready and left and I read to the kids and did their Bible story. Graves fell asleep while I was reading and Annie only lasted a few minutes after that. I sent an email, took care of some Junior League business, talked to Peyton on the phone, and finished a post. I took a bath to relax, had a snack, and went to bed.

Thursday was a nice day. We had planned to go to a puppet show at nine but with Peyton getting off at eight it just seemed like it might not work out. Complicated is not my thing these days and plus it was going to be most of the morning and I really didn't want to take the kids by myself. So lazy, I know.

Anyway, Graves got up a little before nine and I got him breakfast and laid back down. Peyton got home and Annie got up and I got in the tub and they had media time. I ate breakfast, collected laundry and started a load, straightened the kids' beds, and got on the computer and then the kids went outside. Graves brought his breakfast bowl in (so proud!) and spilled it everywhere (grrr) and I cleaned that up and had the opportunity to clean off the (non functional) dishwasher, too. Annie had her breakfast and I folded a load of laundry and texted with Cookie. I looked up a recipe for supper, stuck some apple juice popsicles in the freezer, and then did math with Annie. It was a bit of a challenge.

 Eating a wiener pulled out of a nasty pot of boiling water by a street vendor > doing math on a sunny day. I have to try so hard to be patient with this little hard headed one, who I would have never guessed would have such strong opinions on things.

We finally finished and woke Peyton up and then I fixed them lunch and they ate outside. Peyton joined them and I did dishes and mixed up some BBQ sauce and got some chicken in the crockpot for supper. I had my lunch and the kids had a bit of rest time and Peyton and I visited and I read some blogs, sent a few FB messages, and made a phone call. Peyton gave Graves a bath (he was so gross from outside) and we got ready and headed to Graves's soccer game.

 I can't get enough of this goofy gal who wanted to wear soccer socks to her brother's game.

 She's also a feisty little gal. She found this nine year boy and practiced with him nearly the whole game. He was super good, too! She fell down and he asked her if she was okay and she said "Sure! It happens all the time in soccer". And then he said "is everybody taller than you on your team?" That would be a yes.

When we got home, Peyton took my thirty (thirty one) week pictures and I started laundry, send another FB message, and got the rest of supper ready. I fixed some corn on the cob and we ate BBQ sandwiches and leftover veggies from the night before. Peyton got Graves to bed and I cleared the table, changed over the laundry, folded some towels, swept the kitchen and took out the trash, and did math with Annie. I was really proud of Annie (and myself)- over the course of the day, we knocked out two full lessons including a worksheet with each, finished a worksheet from a previous lesson, and started a practice sheet!

 Annie said "Momma, there's a moth in the den. Come move your laundry quick!!!" I didn't do it right away and she started bringing it all in the study herself. She smoothed out the hanging clothes and said "I tried to do this as neatly as possible".

I did more dishes, wrote a thank you note, spent about an hour filling out an application, and made egg salad. I read a few blogs, finished a post, and uploaded and backed up pictures from my phone.

I got up on Friday feeling pretty rough. Thankfully, Peyton had the whole day off since he had worked that overnight. I took a bath, ate a bagel, and did a bit on the computer and changed the batteries in the keyboard. I started a post, sent an email, and got the thank you note addressed and in the mailbox just before the mail came. Then I headed outside with an apple juice popsicle. Annie and Peyton worked on a school project and Graves came outside with me. Peyton was so sweet and made up the bed. Annie came outside and I came in and straightened some and messaged a friend on FB and texted my mom and Cookie.

Then I really got productive. The kids played outside and Peyton straightened some of his stuff in our room and started packing for our New York trip the next week.

A boy's best friend?? (Is a cat who thinks he's a dog but is still low maintenance enough for owners- besides the boy (and girl)- who aren't pet people.) I'm so glad they have each other. This one of the most affectionate cats I've ever met and this is also one of the most affectionate humans I've ever met. They are such a pair! (And also can his cheeks please stay this soft and chubby forever?)

One more- Graves said "this is how he shows he loves me".

I started washing the duvet cover from the sunroom, folded a load of laundry and got most of it put up, put up a load from the night before, straightened, swept the whole house and vacuumed the rug in the den. I changed over the laundry and texted some more with Minnie and Cookie about a suitcase I was looking for. I got on the computer for a bit and ate a late lunch. I got the duvet cover back on the swing and we got ready and headed to my parents'. Peyton went for a bike ride and we played outside some MORE. The kids basically spent almost the whole day outside. Peyton got back and we ate supper and played some more and came home. Graves fell asleep in the car and I got on the computer for a bit but I felt really bad so I went on to sleep. Peyton had Annie in our room talking to her and then he went and got Graves. Annie got SO hyped up. Then Graves woke up. They were crazy for about half an hour and I felt so bad but I tried to have a sense of humor. Also, I knew I had early mornings three out of the next four days and was trying (and failing) to get on top of that. They finally all went to sleep and I did, too, but I was up a lot.

I got up a bit late on Saturday and hurried to get ready and get everything out and ready for both kids' soccer games. We grabbed breakfast to eat on the way and Peyton helped dress the kids. Minnie and Cookie met us at the fields for Annie's game. She did really great and was such a trooper after getting the breath knocked out of her. We packed up and headed to the other Y for Graves's game. It was fun watching Peyton coach his last game and I was glad Minnie and Cookie came.


We came home and I got stuff put up and made our bed and straightened in our room and the kids' room. The kids had some screen time and Peyton left to ride his bike. I read a few blogs and looked at pillows online at Target. I started uploading pictures for my WH post and I got so frustrated because I apparently deleted the Instagrammed version of a video off my phone and the regular version didn't look as nice when I uploaded it to YouTube. I tried to download the IGed version from Facebook but I got frustrated with it. Then I realized that Graves had brought in this mesh bug container with SAND in it and it was everywhere- right after I had worked on the floors the day before. I couldn't find a key to the house to take it outside, either. I swept some and Graves had lunch and Annie got mad when I said we needed to do math and iPad time was over (even though I had given her extra time). It was all just a mess. I talked to Graves and told Annie she could have twenty minutes to calm down while I did dishes. (I think she read in her closet.) We started math and Graves had rest time.

Peyton got home while we were in the middle of math (we did two short lessons) and he took a shower and ate something and then got Graves to clean up some toys in the den and laundry room and to bring some things from outside in. We got ready and headed to my parents' house to see Cookie and Conrad. We got there about four and Peyton was supposed to work from six to eight. His partner texted him again to ask if he just wanted him to stay and he could make up the hours later. He said yes for sure and I was so thrilled. We just hung out and visited and then we got sushi for supper. SO GOOD. Annie had the best time talking to Conrad and at one point she was just staring at him so sweetly, clearly smitten. Peyton bathed both the kids and we got home around nine thirty and Graves was already asleep. Annie read and I did some stuff on the computer and then got stuff ready for church. I went to bed before midnight and actually slept okay.

Sunday morning was pretty good. I got up a little later than usual and still managed to be ready a little earlier?!? Peyton got onto Graves about something and he really got his feelings hurt. They talked and we left. We dropped Peyton off and had breakfast in the car. I did my make-up and even planned my day and Monday since we were leaving on Tuesday. Surprisingly, I didn't have to go in and use the potty. I dropped the kids off in Sunday school and went to my class. Both my regular teacher and Annie's were out on trips, but both had great fill-ins! After that, we headed to church. The kids did pretty good and then we came home.

When a sweet older person asks (innocently) if your child may be "a little" autistic because he's "so active". Um...I don't really think so. He's a very busy almost five year old who refuses to leave church with the other children his age and who doesn't have a lot of of other opportunities to practice sitting still- which was a very intentional choice made by his parents for a myriad of reasons. That was several weeks ago. Then this particular week a good handful of people seemed legitimately concerned I was going to give birth like that day- one lady even told me I was looking very "ripe" (I mean I nearly died because as far as pregnancy progression goes the only time I've heard someone say this is an OBGYN and that was in a *very* different context). It's okay, guys, I don't have a filter, either. Older, folksy, homegrown type people are so dear. [Truly.]
 Also, I think this chickadee must already be practicing for the Homeschool Homecoming. Watch out, Papa, she might ask Uncle Conrad to be her escort.

I unpacked our stuff and changed clothes and had lunch and they had some media time. I got on the computer and did a few things. I renewed some library books, worked on a post, and read a few blogs.

I fixed the kids lunch and then they had rest time. I took a nap and when I got up the kids went outside and I collected and sorted a bunch of laundry, started a load, and texted my dad. I was feeling kind of bad so I rested a bit on the swing while they played outside. After awhile, I did math with Annie. It took about an hour and then the kids ate supper and I straightened some and did dishes. I brushed their teeth and we headed out to get Peyton. We picked him up and came home.

 Obviously, the writers of this reference book should have put "extinct in the wild" rather than "extinct" since the dromedary camel STILL EXISTS.

He watched TV and I read some blogs and finished filling out an application for something. I ate something and went to bed.

Next post: New York! 

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