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Weekly Happenings Post #368 (April 11-17)-- Brooklyn Babymoon


This post contains the bulk of mine and Peyton's NYC trip. It was SUCH a wonderful get away. I had been a little worried, first of all about how I'd do physically but also just about being crazy hormonal and missing the kids and that kind of thing. I even thought a good bit about the trip we took a few years ago to scout out neighborhoods before we moved. That trip was a lot of fun too but I ended up getting so stressed and overwhelmed a few times and Peyton and I had a couple of fights. I knew I wouldn't be dealing with the same kind of pressure and that it would be more relaxed in a lot of ways but still, I had worried that the timing on this one wasn't ideal. It turns out it was just what I needed, though!

Monday was pretty laid back, which was surprising since it was the day before the trip which always seem stressful to me. But I had worked pretty hard to get a bunch done in advance. I got up around nine with a bad headache and took some medicine and got a bath. I got on the computer really briefly and ate breakfast and dried my hair. I got an application I had been working on in the mail and filled out a deposit slip for Peyton to take to the bank. Peyton got his bath and I helped the kids get packed for their stays at their grandparents' houses. Peyton left to run some errands and I started a load of laundry and folded a load from the dryer. Peyton had done a bunch of dishes but I put some up and consolidated what was drying. I changed over laundry and started another load. I worked on doing some research with Annie for her Madagascar project and we made some notes and then I folded some more laundry and did the rest of the dishes. The kids were playing on Graves's bed and I was already missing them so I went in and laid down on the bed. Peyton got home and we packed up and headed to his parents' house because Elizabeth and her kids were there and we wanted to see them. We got there around three and stayed a couple of hours and then headed home to finish getting ready for the trip. I got on the computer and did a few things and then laid down and rested. Honestly, this was the hardest day as far as missing the kids (and I found out way later that ANNIE had cried at my in laws; so unexpected for her). It was raining really hard but once it calmed down, we left at about seven to run a few errands. We dropped off some library books, ran by Walmart, and picked up some salad dressing at Newks. We came home and Peyton made a great salad and I roasted some brussel sprouts. I started some more laundry, put up dishes, washed dishes, and folded towels. When supper was ready, we ate and watched an SVU and then we watched a couple more while I folded and we packed. I got some last minute things together and we got ready for bed. We went to bed around one, which isn't bad for us, but we had an early flight.

We got up around five twenty on Tuesday and got ready and my dad picked us up at six for our seven thirty flight. Flying was pretty rough and I got really dizzy. I managed to sleep most of both flights, though. Oh and there was this...
 True story. Peyton said the look on my face was priceless. That's because since the kids were at my in laws we basically watched an SVU marathon the night before and my first thought when the TSA worker asked me if I knew it was in there was that I was being framed just like Captain Cragen.

We had a short connection in Atlanta but we grabbed a couple of CFA biscuits to eat at the gate. When we got off the plane at JFK, I went to the bathroom and threw up. I felt some better after that. We took the plane train and then the subway and then walked several blocks to where we were staying. We met our friend whose Airbnb we were staying at and he got us settled and ran to pick up his girls.

Our friend's place was beautiful! I was in love with the tin ceiling and sink in the kitchen and really excited about being back "home" in Brooklyn for the week for a little babymoon before New Girl got here.

We looked over what we wanted to do and rested a bit and then decided to go ahead and knock out the Ikea trip I was wanting to make. We took walked a few blocks and took a train and a bus right to it. We ate a snack there and did some shopping. We came back to the apartment and planned most of the week and then decided to go to dinner somewhere supper close. It was wonderful! We called the kids and watched the news.  

 I couldn't believe we were missing this guy's FIFTH birthday. That seems like such a big one to me. I thought it would be harder, but we did okay. DeeDee actually had a cake the day before and they celebrated with him and then when we got home he had his own special day and then he had his joint party with Annie. I think he was well celebrated!

A little fact about five year old Baby Graves: he occasionally gets weather headaches like I do. In the obvious ways, he's much more similar to Peyton and Annie is a lot like me. But the older he gets the more I notice little quirks in him that mirror me and in Annie that mirror Peyton. It's so fascinating to me.

We adjusted our plans for the week some and I was super tired and fell asleep. I woke up and brushed my teeth and did a few things on the computer and Peyton and I chatted went back to bed.

We had a fun, basically low key day on Wednesday. We got up around eight thirty and got ready for the day and then David came down and we got to visit with him for awhile. We ended up talking for well over and hour and that was super fun. After that we headed over to one of our favorites, Cousin John's and had a late brunch. We went into the city and spent a couple of hours looking at hiking stuff for Peyton at REI. I basically sat in camping chair and rested. We took the train back to Brooklyn and had a snack at a coffee shop and then walked around Fort Greene Park a bit. We headed to our old neighborhood and went by the co-ops and just looked around at what had changed- two of our favorite restaurants were GONE!

We spent lots of time visiting a bunch of our old favorite places and talking about our (complicated) feelings. Of all the places, I think this one made me the most nostalgic.

We went to Liberty Pizza and grabbed a slice and some garlic knots and then hopped on a bus and headed back towards David's place. We went by the grocery store and picked up a few things. We called the kids and watched TV and then I started throwing up really bad. It was AWFUL. I finally got better and I went to sleep right after that, before the ten o'clock news even came on.

Thursday was a pretty big day but we got a slow start. Actually, I got up at six thirty since I went to bed so early. I was feeling really sore and took some medicine and did a few things- went through my email and reader and started a blog post and typed up my happenings from the day before. Then I went back to sleep for two hours.
 I'm wasn't sure who I was staying with. First of all, Peyton has said so many times how nice it is to relax without the kids. I mean, obviously. But I don't think he, or I, really realized how exhausting they can be (for him, gosh, I knew that for myself). Secondly, I clearly had a HARD time the previous night after eating at a greasy pizza place (that is very special to us). Peyton actually suggested we just have a slow morning there. He's usually such a go-er and a do-er, but he was super laid back on this trip and I don't think it's even just for my sake. (Also, this space was so much fun to stay in. Our friend who owns the Airbnb we stayed in works in costumes in TV/film and she worked on the set of Boardwalk Empire and got all this beautiful stuff when the show was cancelled.)
We took our time getting ready and headed out.
 It was so nice to enjoy a wonderful relaxing brunch, complete with a refreshing cucumber limeade, at an old favorite, The General Greene. 

After brunch, we had bought tickets for a tour at the Tenement Museum, which was so fun.
 Going to the Tenement Museum was something I always wanted to do when we lived in NYC but it's not exactly little kid friendly. I'm so glad we were able to fit in a tour!

We stopped in a pharmacy for some medicine after that and then headed straight to Mockingbird. There was an opening devotion, a talk, and dinner. And we got to see lots of friends. We got home late and went to bed pretty early!

Friday was pretty much a conference day. We got up a little late and I wanted to iron my shirt, eat breakfast, type my happenings, make the bed, and get ready. I did all that and then the train was running behind and SO crowded I didn't want to get on it. We ended up going a different, better, route and it worked out well. We got there about halfway through the first talk (they were running behind, too) and heard the second talk and then Peyton and I went to a breakout. We had lunch and he left to visit his old pharmacies during the second two talks. One was on Modern Romance and the other was an interview between Scott Jones and Paul Zahl's. He got back and we each went to a different breakout. They were running behind and there was a break coming up so we skipped the second breakout and came home and rested. I slept for about an hour and then threw up again. We also ended up missing the Derek Webb concert. We got back and had dinner and visited with some new friends and then went to the EpiscpDisco. SO much fun! We left around midnight, got home a little after one, and got to bed by two. So tired.
Who was seven months pregnant just made it to midnight at the EpiscoDisco? This girl!
So fun to spend some time with our old pals, Jeremy and Ben. (Although, Ben was missing his BFF, Graves).

Saturday was another fun day. We got up and got ready. I ate breakfast and typed up my happenings from the day before and then we left (again, a bit late) for the conference. There was a talk, a panel discussion, and the closing talk. After that, we visited with a few people and then headed to Habana Outpost to meet our friend Jason. We had a fabulous lunch and then went to the Brooklyn Flea in our old neighborhood. We came home and rested and regrouped and then took a bus to our friends, the Solomon's, house and had supper with them. We got take-out and even got to visit with their PRECIOUS little boy, Sammy, who we've missed too. We stayed until about ten and then headed to Target to get a few staples and snacks for the rest of the trip. We got home around eleven thirty. On the way back, Minnie texted me and we visited with several friendly strangers. It made us both miss living in New York!

What a day! Last day of MBird (and what a good word of relief it was!) and two meals with friends. Plus quite a few sweet interactions with strangers. I kept wanting to blog about my feelings on being back in the city but basically whenever we were in the apartment, I crashed immediately. I was actually sort of proud of myself because I barely touched the computer and I can't remember the last time I've done that for more than a couple of days, even on vacation.

We got up on Sunday and got ready but we were so exhausted so we decided not to go to the service at Trinity Grace.
 Self-care in the city. We streamlined our day to include about half of what we had originally planned and I was really glad we did.

We kind of had a slow morning and then headed over to an after church picnic they were having. We got to visit with several friends. After that, we ran back by our friend's the Solomon's house because Peyton had left his bag there the night before. We jumped on the train and headed into the city. We met up with our friend Darell and tried to go to Panera but it was closed. We headed to another deli place instead and got a sandwich and visited and then went to the evening service at Calvary. I got really teary for the first time. After the service, we visited a bunch and then went back to REI for Peyton to try on backpacks again. We stopped and got a snack at Chelsea Grocery and then met up with Peyton's coworkers at his old store. They wanted to go to Red Lobster on Times Square. OMG. We ended up going to a BBQ place because there was less of a wait.

 Despite being in Times Square which nearly gives me panic attacks and despite being wiped out exhausted and already having a major people hangover, I had such a fun time at dinner with Peyton's old co-workers. Obviously Sister Baby and I had the virgin strawberry daiquiri. Peyton had the "Texas" sized legit one with three shots in it. Surprisingly, he was less toasty than he was at the EpiscoDisco. (Yeah, MBird is not your typical Christian conference.) 

We were super late getting back home and by the time we got settled it was after one. We did a few things and I got my clothes ready for the next morning and went to bed.

It was such a fun week! We had the best time and saw so many special friends and learned a bit about ourselves, even. There's obviously a little bit of it left to share and I'll pick up there soon, hopefully! 

Cherry blossoms popping near one of of our very favorite places- The Brooklyn Children's Museum! I shared most of this in another post, but the first day of the trip it was raining and a little cold and Peyton said "well, some of the romanticism of it is gone". And I thought that was the PERFECT way to articulate my emotions. I just didn't feel what I had expected to. We analyzed and hypothesized the various reasons for this, as you do. One of Peyton's theories was that things this far north weren't really blooming yet. I've gotten really into thinking more about seasons and their influence, but I was skeptical. Gradually, after so many conversations with dear friends we've remembered how very magical this place is. And then on Sunday, it was warm and the colors were so vibrant and we even saw a young couple just totally making out on the sidewalk and I remembered what a Brooklyn Summer looked like. That night, we went to Calvary and I weeped (in the best way) during the worship for the first time this whole trip. I was so grateful to be back but also for our home in the South. The best part is that Peyton is dead set on how we can live some of the year in Mississippi and some here as soon as possible. That's been a dream for a long time but it's neat to think it might be able to be a reality sooner than we thought. And it's really neat to be SO on the same page about such a unique adventure.

Annie and Graves had their own blow out vacation. This is one of his favorite things- I'm sure he was in heaven! (And I'm so sure Mickey was pleased that his "fishing buddy" (that's why he's always called Graves "Bud") dream he's had since he found out he was getting a boy are coming to fruition!). This is why we could never leave Mississippi for good either!  

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