Tuesday, May 31, 2016

What I Learned in May

So, I thought I was going to not have as many reflections as usual, but when I sat down and got to thinking (I usually keep track of them better throughout the month) I was surprised at what I had learned!

1. Strawberry shortcake made with store bought angel food cake may be the dessert of the Summer.
I have a similar dessert I LOVE to make- you get a big casserole pan and layer angel food cake, vanilla instant pudding, fresh strawberries (or blueberries!), and Cool Whip and it's delicious. The ice cream, cake, and strawberries is even easier, though!

2. Disappointment can help with clarity. I wrote more about it here, but sometimes going for something and not getting the result you hoped for can have the silver lining of really revealing how much you hoped for it. Which in turn can help with formulating a plan for the next step.

3. Risk taking is rewarding (and also frightening- obviously). Again, I wrote a whole post about it but I took a few risks in the last few months and I think it did so much for how I feel about myself and for my confidence (even in the case where it didn't work out the way I had hoped it would).

4. Leaning toward a "capsule" for the kids' wardrobe has worked really well.
 I mentioned this in another post, but Annie's style has changed a lot. I thought it would be fun to share her capsule for the Summer. She has other things that fit from last year, but this is basically what I bought her. SO different from previous years. .
Her Summer uniform basically consists of:
- four t-shirts
- three pairs of shorts
- two new church dresses and quite a few from previous years that still fit
- two swimsuits (plus one worn out one for the yard)
- Saltwaters for church and athletic sandals for play
- several rompers and dressier shorts sets also from previous years and a couple of things I got her at the     

  Brooklyn Flea
We picked it all out together this time. So fun to give her some autonomy and watch her take ownership.

5. For myself, I don't think I'll ever be able to really do a capsule (I think clothes are too much fun and I like the variety but I do think it'd be great to really streamline my closet a bit). Now that there's so much I can't wear, I took most everything that doesn't fit (Summer and Winter) and it's SO nice not to have a ton of stuff to weed through. I have a whole post I want to write about this.

6. College dresses serve as nice tops these days. Here's a little dress/shirt, baby on the outside/baby on the inside comparison. 

 [I captioned the picture on the right captioned "when you're in your thirties and this is your third pregnancy and you resort to wearing your college dresses as tops".]

7.  At the hospital where I'm delivering you can wear your own clothes. With Graves, I asked and they said no. I changed OBs and hospitals (for a variety of reasons) and this time it's allowed. There is no explaining how excited I am. Those hospital gowns just skeeve me out so bad and I can't stand not being in my own clothes. 

8. Right now, the couch enables better sleeping than the bed. I think it's partly that our living room is cooler and there's nobody else remotely near me. But also, it's easier to position myself in a way where I'm a bit more upright which helps a lot with the never ending heartburn I've been dealing with. When I was pregnant with Annie Peyton had this tacky old recliner and I LOVED to sleep in it. We got rid of it and I'm not sure I really found a good solution with Graves.

9. It's possible to fit three carseats in a Mazda 6, including one rear facing infant seat with a base. 
We were really unsure if it'd work and in fact it doesn't if the infant seat is on either side, but we've got our set up. It's not going to be paticularly easy getting Sister Baby out, but we'll make it work!

10. Related: with a little creativity, our house can accommodate five people's stuff. 
We'll see how it goes accommodating five actual humans, but again, I'm confident it will work itself out.

11. I actually learned this a couple of months ago, but "Daisy" (Annie's preffered nicknamed for this baby) is a nickname for Margaret. We were talking more about names this month and Peyton also found out that Daisy is very popular in English. For some reason, I had this feeling it was a common British thing. A friend told me that there's a character on Call the Midwife named Margaret who goes by Daisy.

12. Sometimes, it's helpful to remind yourself how you want to live. I wrote recently about how I want to encourage myself to live out my days during this season of our lives. Thinking about it just now, I realized that it reminded me a lot of this post I wrote years ago. In one way, they're pretty different- the more recent one is much more specific in some senses and the one from three years ago is a good bit more fluid and vague. But in a lot of ways, they're similar. They're both focused on the big picture rather than the details, on being rather than doing, on the process rather than the results, on a lifestyle rather than a list. Lately, I've gotten REAL dependent on my to-do list and planner and I'm grateful for them- they enable me to manage things well- but there comes a point where I need to step back and look at my life overall and how I want to daily live it.

Of course, I'm linking up with Emily and can't wait to read what some other folks have learned this month!

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Meg said...

Read Risk is Right by John Piper it is free to down load on online. Such a short but insightful book.