Thursday, June 2, 2016

Babykins #3: Thirty Nine Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:
 How far along: 39 Weeks
Size of Baby: (via BabyCenter) Babykins #3 measures twenty inches, and is probably a bit over seven pounds, which is comparable to the size of a mini watermelon, AHHH! She is continuing to build a layer of fat that will help control her body temperature once she arrives and the outer layers of her skin are sloughing off as new skin forms underneath. [Sidenote: the watermelon thing is so funny to me because I literally posted four pictures in a row on Instagram related to watermelon- one was actual fruit, two were a swimsuit of Annie's that I'm obsessed with, and one was actually a funny pregnancy meme.]
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Well, I'm back to gaining. Thirty! Whew. 
Maternity Clothes: Another dress I really love =) It's not maternity but it works, so that's nice!
Movement: Yes, like crazy. It does make me wonder what she'll be like on the outside =)
Sleep: Peyton and I have both been going to swim team in the mornings and I thought it would be SO hard to wake up, but it's actually been pretty easy. I am taking naps on the regular, though. And I've been having THE weirdest dreams. I wish I could remember some of them!
Cravings: Honestly, I haven't been near as hungry. My indigestion has gotten even worse and I've even thrown up a few times after being mostly done with that for a month or so. Plus, I just think I'm running out of room. Add to it that it's been a TERRIBLE week for me sinus wise (which always makes me not have as much of an appetite and nothing really seems to taste good) and I just don't feel like eating much. That said, we had lunch at Walker's today and it was even more amazing than usual. Peyton's been making my favorite blueberry muffins and I remembered how good turkey melts tasted when I was pregnant with Graves. So nobody is starving themselves over here =)
Symptoms: She's even lower than she's been. I'm having more trouble not getting super hot. As I said, throw up and indigestion. I've been having sharp pains in my hips (weird???) and I'm just generally uncomfortable. But honestly the worst is that the huge energy swing I had for the past month or so seems to have disappeared and I'm so tired. BUT, we're so close!
What I Miss: Like I said, probably my energy! 
Best Moment This Week: Peyton and I went to Walker's today for an early anniversary lunch and it was so nice. But really, the whole week has been wonderful. Peyton's been home a ton after working a lot of extra shifts and he's been SO helpful. More than that, though, it's just really nice to all be together! Oh, I will say that in Graves's post I said this:
"Annie said something along the lines of "Love Baby Brother" tonight and it was precious. She's getting more and more verbal every day and saying lots more three or four word phrases and we've been talking to her a lot more about him."
 It's so fun because we're clearly at SUCH a different stage. Tonight Annie FIXED DINNER (as in picked out various leftover veggies, put them on a plate, and asked me to pop them in the microwave as well as serving Graves a bunch of strawberries and grapes and things before she let him have his graham crackers but still it's a big deal). 
What I Am Looking Forward To: Again, just finally seeing her sweet face and getting to know her. This was the last post I wrote with Graves. He came right on his due date! I'm hopeful this is the last one I'll write about Sister Baby, too =) In the post about Graves I mentioned that I couldn't wait to see his and Annie's interaction in the upcoming weeks, months, and years. Obviously, anyone who has read here for long knows that observing that interaction has been one of the greatest joys of my life. I can't wait to see how it happens this time!
Comparison to Graves:

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