Thursday, June 2, 2016

June Goals and Happenings

I wanted a flower background this month since Annie is determined the baby's nickname will be "Daisy". I've already bought some Daisy perfume and Annie a dress with daisies on it so this seemed like a no-brainer. I love the color scheme for June. I think the header pictures are just about perfect- focused a bit on the preparation for our New Girl (which has been a huge theme lately) but also on the two big kids and the ways they are already enjoying my favorite season. I love the quote and I want to keep it at the front of my mind these next few months. Carrie and I were talking recently how our kids don't need ANYTHING elaborate to have a fun Summer and I think that's so true, but so easy to forget, especially when you start scrolling through various social media feeds and seeing the exciting things everyone else is doing. I just want the kids and Peyton and I to all appreciate the sweet and simple joys that Summer brings!

I said in my May Goals and Happenings post that in some ways I hoped May would fly by. And it really has! I'm grateful because I had a short break in my pregnancy here during the third trimester where I actually felt half way okay but I think I've sort of hit a wall and I'm more than ready for this girl to be here! Anyway, May was a fun, relaxed month, but we also go a lot done. Besides scratching things off checklists, we had the kids' birthday party and I finished up with Book Buddies and with my Junior League meetings for the year. Peyton worked a lot extra for a couple of weeks and I'm glad that's over, but it wasn't too bad. We finished up a lot of school stuff while he was working those extra shifts! Also, the kids started swim team this week and so far we're all really enjoying it. Shockingly, the early mornings have been pretty manageable!

We have very, very little on the calendar for June aside from welcoming a baby. I don't even need to use any dashes to list them =) Thank goodness! The kids will continue with swim team and Peyton has actually taken all but one Friday off. So he'll only be working on Saturday and Sunday. I'm looking forward to meeting our New Girl and to adjusting to our new normal! 

 Here were my May goals:

1. Read my devotion books consistently. I didn't do all that great the first half of the month, but I've really gotten in a better pattern with it now. I just need to keep it up! (Faith)

2. Finish planning and throw the kids' birthday party. We did this and it turned out every bit as wonderful as I could have hoped. It was just our style- very simple and with a focus on spending time with good friends. (Family)

3. Write thank you notes to everyone who brought a present for Sister Baby to the shower my sweet Sunday school class gave for us. This definitely did not happen. I'm going to add it back to the June list and really hope to get them done since I'm not trying to tackle much else. (Relationships)

4. Prepare for this baby's birth. I've done some reading, we've worked a bit on creating a birth playlist (I finished it today!) and I've thought about specific things that I think will help me and let Peyton and Carrie know about them. I feel like I could have done more (always!) but I also feel pretty accomplished. (Health)

5. Read at least one book. Well, I decided that I didn't want to read all of the childbirth book because it just wasn't all relevant (like healthy eating during pregnancy- it's a little late for that). But I have almost finished the parts I wanted to. (Creativity/Passion) 

6. Make a final decision about what math curriculum we'll be using for Annie for next year and order it. Also, look into supplemental curriculum. Yes! I'm so excited about this. I researched all our curriculum for next year, made an extensive list of what we'd be doing and what resources we'd need, and then ordered everything. I even went ahead and ordered the English stuff that we likely won't get to until after Christmas. It's all been delivered and it felt so good to get that checked off. I need to do a whole post on what we're doing either here on or the homeschool blog (it's been so long since I've posted there and I'm trying to decide if I should keep it up going forward). (Education/Edification)

7. Get all baby stuff (gear/blankets/ect.) from attic and get it organized. Whew! Yes! Wow! Actually, we had really consolidated it when we did our big purge earlier this year so it wasn't a ton and I loved that it was only things I actually wanted to use and there wasn't a lot to weed through (mainly just picking out things she won't be old enough for yet). I got everything super organized and set up (who knows how long it will stay that way, though?). This is another thing I'd like to write a full post on sometime soon. (Organization)

8. Take an overnight camping trip to Granny's. We did this, too! It was actually super relaxing and restorative for me to be away from home (and a to-do list) for a day and a night. (Travel)

9. Get caught up on my finances in our online program. Nope. I need to re-add this to the list, too. It shouldn't be hard since I have it recorded already on paper for myself. (Finances)

10. Relax and treat myself gently in this last month (ever) of pregnancy. Hmm. I have pushed myself to knock out ALOT. But especially here at the end I'm giving myself tons and tons of grace. And Peyton's being really kind to do the same. I haven't been doing much at all to pull my weight the last few days and there's a certain bliss to saying "that is okay in certain seasons".


11. Change over my closet and the kids' closet for Summer. I did this and it was so nice to get it done. The kids have a less ridiculous wardrobe than previous years and I streamlined my closet a TON by eliminating anything that doesn't fit now or I don't think I'll be able to get into this Summer. I've actually loved having fewer options and more space between the hangers. (Additional Goal)

12. Get baby's corner set up in kids' room and our room. Again, this was a big thing and we did it! I got the crib set up and I even hung the stuff above it myself. I was nervous because I knew it would be squeeze but I love how it turned out. Peyton helped me scoot around some furniture and clean up our room and set up the Pack N Play and that looks pretty nice as well. And I got all the baby stuff (diapers, blankets, pjs, ect.) organized and found places where they fit nicely. I'm really proud we knocked all this out. (Additional Goal)

13. Go on another friend date with to get Mexican! Yes! I went with my friends Mallory and Susan Hall and we had just the best time. (Fun Goal)

Bonus Goals:
-Scrub Blog. I realized recently there was some stuff on here I wanted to edit. It's not that I have regrets about any of my writing but there was just too much personal, identifying information on here. Now that the kids are getting bigger we want them to be more independent but with that comes more responsibility a) to teach them about keeping themselves safe but also b) to do things on the front in to protect them as we simultaneously start to "release" them into the world. I did a few keyword searches and some edits but eventually I want to go back and comb through all my posts over the years- this is a goal anyway because I'd like to get them more organized by labels and such. It's kind of like my goal to organize and streamline all our pictures since like 2008, though, and who knows when it'll happen so I needed some immediate action steps I could take now. I've really been thinking about how I want to blog going forward in regards to this. Peyton and I talked about making the blog private and setting up another public space that would be less day-to-day and more my writing but right now that doesn't feel right and I'm just going to be more cautious in general.
- Write a personal letter. I wrote a letter to a family friend who lost a loved one but really it was as much about enjoying a visit with her and her encouraging influence in our lives than anything else. It felt so good to share that with a friend and took hardly any time at all.

And here are my goals for June. I'm doing my best to keep it very low key.

1. Continue reading both devotions daily and pray in the mornings and evenings. Again, such a simple commitment. Which is what I need. (Faith)

2. Add a new member. And adjust to the addition. Hahaha. (Family)

3. Refuse to isolate myself- my mental/emotional health is just important as my physical health and I know I will have a much harder adjustment if I allow myself to get isolated from other people. I want to make calling, texting, and emailing friends much more of a priority than keeping the house clean or cooking dinner or whatever. (Relationships)

4. Apply sunscreen to my face every day. I actually started doing this already this month but I just want to make sure it becomes habit. I've always had some freckles/spots on my face but I noticed they've gotten a lot worse. I'm not one to spend a lot of time or money on correcting that kind of thing and I honestly don't really care to invest in anti-aging stuff because WHAT'S WRONG WITH AGING?  (not to say anti-aging stuff is bad or anything, I mean I certainly enjoy wearing make-up, but the creams and stuff aren't my thing). All that said, I realized I do need to do better about protecting my skin. (Health)

5. Make good use of our nice camera once this little one arrives on the scene. It's hard to do but I adore the baby pictures I have of Annie and Graves and I will be kicking myself if I don't at least give it some effort. (Creativity/Passion)

6. Work with Peyton to figure out our plan for the upcoming school year. Now that I have the materials in hand and I know what I want to fit in, I know to figure out the how of it. Basically, we just need to figure out our structure and schedule. We're going to be starting at some point in the Summer and even though it sometimes overwhelms me, this stuff really excites me too! (Education/Edification)

7. Order a new hard drive. We have one but I've been wanting a back up for our back up. I made this super simple on myself. And I'm actually probably going to get Peyton to order it. I've been in an organizing frenzy the last six weeks and I need to come up for air. So this is a step we need to take that will help with the overall focus area, but it won't be overwhelming at all. (Organization)

8. Start planning small (day?) trips for late Summer/early Fall. There's clearly going to be no real travel this month but I would like to get in planning mode a bit. Like with homeschooling, brainstorming and making a plan are fun, though often overwhelming, things for me. One important point is that they aren't physical tasks like exercising or organizing the attic. They are things Peyton and I can do at night or I can think about and engage with Annie and Graves while I'm nursing the baby. (Travel)

9. Catch up on online budgeting. Like I said, adding it again. (Finances)

10. Surround myself with words, music, and people that bring joy. This is one off my master goals list for the year. I try to work at including those goals, along with others, on these monthly lists. Anyway, it's a bit of a "big picture" thing and I have no idea how it'll play out specifically but I want to work on this (Joy/Gratitude/Perspective)

11. Write thank you notes for the baby presents we received at the shower my Sunday school class gave and have the children (mainly Annie) write thank you notes for her birthday presents. Neither of these will take that long and we need to get them both done! (Additional Goal)

12. Organize two boxes of Graves's clothes from the first year and send to my parents' storage unit. I meant to have this done and hopefully it won't take long. I have a pile of stuff that needs to go to the attic and along with that I want to go through the boxes and pick out what I think Cookie would like down the road and sell or donate the rest. Like I said, it shouldn't be too bad and it's my only organizational thing like this on the list. (Additional Goal)

13. Carve out time to keep watching The Sixties, a ten part CNN miniseries on Netflix that I'm loving. I'm not a huge TV person but I've been so tired lately and this has been a fun relaxing thing to do. (Fun Goal)

Here's to June, a month where our family will experience newness and freshness and (at least for now) completeness. May we dwell deeply in the present and soak in the beauty of a slow Summer. 

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