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Weekly Happenings Post #369 (April 18-24)-- Finishing up the NYC Babymoon, Around the World Adventures, and Papa Down with the Flu (Boo!)


Whew, what a week. It's one of those that I look back and am not sure how we survived. We finished up our New York trip and that was so much fun but I ended the trip TIRED and sick. Then we came home and tackled one of the biggest single things we've done homeschool wise the very next day. And then Peyton got the flu (or so we assume, he never had a test but it was going around bad and he's pretty good at self-diagnosing). In retrospect, I think I may have had a very mild version on Monday and Tuesday because that last bit of the trip was ROUGH. I even thought "ugh, this feels like the flu" before I knew Peyton had it. But I dismissed it because I recovered so quickly. That said, this was actually one of maybe six or seven weeks this whole pregnancy that I've felt really good so it worked it well that if Peyton had to be sick it was then.

Monday was our last full day in New York and it was a great one.

Such a beautiful garden we spotted! Also, everyone in our family finally has Converse! 

Annie had been doing some gardening, too!

"Bunny Salad"   

This is one of Graves's favorite things- I'm sure he was heaven! (And I'm so sure Mickey was pleased that his "fishing buddy" (that's why he's always called Graves "Bud") dream he's had since he found out he was getting a boy are coming to fruition!). This is why we could never leave Mississippi for good either!

We got up and got ready and met Jacob and Melina for coffee around ten. I was a little tired from the previous night.

Despite being in Times Square which nearly gives me panic attacks and despite being wiped out exhausted and already having a major people hangover, I had such a fun time at dinner with Peyton's old co-workers. Obviously Sister Baby and I had the virgin strawberry daiquiri. Peyton had the "Texas" sized legit one with three shots in it. Surprisingly, he was less toasty than he was at the EpiscoDisco. (Yeah, MBird is not your typical Christian conference.)

We visited for about an hour and then headed up to Warby Parker to shop for glasses for Peyton. After that, we popped back on the train and went up to the Bronx. We met our friend Sloan from A House on Beekman (and organization we volunteered with and loved when we lived in the city) for lunch at Mexicocina and then got to visit with the preschoolers. We visited with another friend who is running the baby to three's program and then walked quite a few blocks to the new location of the afterschool program and visited the kids and our friends there. We got back on the train and by the time we got back to Brooklyn it was five o'clock. We were so tired!

I did a few things on the computer and called my parents and the kids and then took a short nap.

I love everything about Annie here. Her little hands, her "panther feet" (what she calls bare feet). I'm so excited about putting Sister Baby in smocking to play but I can't even say I don't love the rolled denim shorts. A few things I forgot to mention: apparently my mother in law let Graves wear pajama shorts around town. P would do (and has done) exactly that. I'm glad for them- and Graves- who have taught me how to relax a bit. My parents figured out the perfect late birthday present for Graves- his own tackle box and pole! And they found a dead armadillo in the water floating face up, bloated, and with a very obvious enlarged "private area" Graves kept calling attention to. A good friend was talking about how he could write a book of New York stories, but I think I could write a damn good one full of Mississippi stories. I'm so, so grateful I've gotten to live both.

I felt awful when I woke up and ended up taking a Fiorecet. We went upstairs to our friend David's for supper. Nicci (his wife) was still out of town for work but we had so much fun seeing him and visiting. We got back down around nine thirty and got everything mostly packed up. We watched some TV and went to bed.

I slept the worst I had the whole trip. Duh. I should not have taken that medicine so late. I think the trip finally really caught up with me because at one point I thought "Do I have the flu??" because my whole body was aching. Also, I think maybe the amazing Mexican we had at lunch caught up with me =)

I got up on Tuesday still feeling really rough and was so glad I was mostly packed and we had planned for an easy morning. I ended up talking to Peyton and then going back to sleep for another hour. I got up around nine thirty and we were trying to leave for the airport by eleven. Peyton ran and got some Sudafed and I got ready and ate something and we left around 11:30.

We somehow got everything packed in just the bags we came with despite indulging in a pretty large Ikea haul and then went out to buy some Sudafed and head to the airport. I was so excited about getting to see these people. Annie told me they saw the duck with a limp that we saw last time at Strawberry Patch Park and the other ducks were pecking at it. Minnie shoo-ed them away and the disabled duck stayed near them the whole time. Annie said "I think it was because he felt protected". The timing of the trip was perfect. We got so much in and it felt like a long break but I'm so glad I'll get to see my favorite little people tonight!

 [ BTW: The Ikea haul. We are so absurd. The day we flew into New York, we rested a bit, planned out our week, and then headed to Ikea in Red Hook and bought two duvets, a duvet cover, and four chair cushions. Peyton was planning on buying a hiking backpack at REI so I thought we'd have an extra bag but he ended up deciding not to but we somehow managed to fit it all in the bags we brought (largely because Peyton was able to fit all his clothes- including his tennis shoes and two jackets- in the backpack I had brought as my carry on). The best part, though, is that we forgot that if you don't bring a bag (or a stroller- ha!) you have to buy one for a dollar at the checkout. Peyton was super sweet and said it was fine but also that he could carry most of it. I'm not sure if it was because I felt like such a badass from all I remembered making myself do when we lived there, or because Peyton had been so sweet and pushed me to knock out the Ikea trip the first day even though he didn't even want to go at all, or because I had this burst of energy from not having to manage the kids for twenty four hours, or because I've actually become a person who doesn't want to spend a dollar in a reusable shopping bag. I'm sure we looked hysterical carrying all this stuff in our arms seven blocks through the middle of Bed-Stuy.]

We ended up waiting for over half an hour for train (so weird!) but we had plenty of time since our flight wasn't until 3:50. We made it to the airport and got our bags checked and had time to get some Shake Shack before heading to our gate.

Peyton and Mickey could not be more different in most ways, but they're both pretty intense about the airport. We left the apartment at 11:30 for our 3:50 flight. But I'm glad because there was a train delay and at 12:15 a girl sitting next to us in the station in Bed-Stuy told us her flight was at 1:20. Whoops. I enjoyed our nice relaxing Shake Shack lunch and some down time.  

We got settled at our gate and charged our phones and then boarded. We ended up spending a lot of the flight rating songs on iTunes. Ha! We made it to Atlanta and had about an hour for our connection. We got another snack and then boarded. We got into Jackson a bit past eight and Peyton's mom picked us up. Minnie met us at home with the kids.

I will say I was planning for the grandparent detox to be pretty intense. DeeDee and Grandpa Randy took them to story time at the library with their cousins, the science museum, the Ag Museum, and Dairy Queen. Plus they did art projects and enjoyed their uncle's sugar gliders. Mickey and Minnie took them to Pump it Up, made chicken pot pie per request, spent three hours at the McDonald's play place, and visited the playground with ducks.  

 Annie's list from this week: - fish - chicken pot pie - play stuffies
- play piano
- Strawberry Patch Park
- Chik Fil A
- McDonalds
- Pump It Up
- our backyard
Whew! Minnie told me that she's "her mother's daughter" because as they were leaving CFA she said "I'm not going to cross this off my list because we didn't stay long enough!" Haha. Also, she asked me when we got home to tell her and Graves some New York stories. Peyton had made up a cute story when we gave them their little souvenirs and I thought that's what she meant. Actually, she wanted me to just tell her real stories ALL about the trip. She had asked me to tell them two stories but then she said "I know! You tell me about your days and I'll tell you about mine!". She literally spent about ten minutes getting to where they had breakfast Tuesday morning as we were flying out of Jackson and said we'd pick back up there today. Her memory and attention to detail (when it's what she cares about) is CRAZY! PTL our days were detailed in a Weekly Happenings draft on the blog because I don't have that gift.
We visited with them and then worked on Annie's Madagascar project some. We got stuff together for the kids to wear and Peyton ran to the grocery store. I read a bit to them and told them some about our trip and they told us about their adventures here. We actually only talked about the first days apart. It was really sweet! We gave them some little presents and got Graves to bed. Annie worked on her project some and I started unpacking. I got on the computer and went through my Reader and got a Target order together. I typed up my happenings and sent an email and then helped Annie finish up her poster. We went to bed pretty late.

Peyton and Graves got up around eight on Wednesday and Annie and I slept until about nine thirty. I got up and got on the computer. I wrote a blog post and went through my Reader and did some things and then took a bath and got something to eat. Peyton mowed the yard, got the food ready for the project, and helped the kids add some finishing touches. We got ready and picked up some pictures for their "passports" and then headed to the library for Around the World Day. It lasted a couple of hours and Annie had the best time.

The "Around the World" project was  really the first big thing like this we've done (you had to have an authentic dish, a craft for the other kids, a poster, a fact sheet, and a "passport" and stamp for everyone else's passport). And of course it was for the day after the night our flight got in at 8:00pm. Of course we had done about a quarter of it before we left. We both helped her with it a bunch the night we got home (she was up until one) and then Peyton really helped her with making the food this morning and putting a bunch of finishing touches on things. Most everyone else's posters were more advanced but I was so proud of Annie because she did so much of it herself (Mick helped her some with the drawings). And she didn't say nearly everything she meant to but she did her presentation in front of everyone without any coaching from us. It's SO hard for me to step back and let go of wanting things to look polished and perfect (and as "good" as everyone else's) but I'm so glad when I do! And she had the best time working on it and visiting the other countries!  

And this cute guy did SUCH a great job telling everyone about how he was a vanilla bean farmer and most of the world'a vanilla comes from Madagascar.

We got home and the kids watched their shows and I did a few things on the computer and then got ready for my OB appointment. I left and the appointment went really well. I was there for about an hour and a half and I got the rest of my appointments scheduled until my due date. Whoo Whoo! I ran by CFA on the way home and got a salad and planned the week a little and made a to-do list for the next week since this one was half way over. I got home and visited with Peyton while the kids played and then I straightened some and read through something on the computer I had been meaning to tackle.
 pretending to be wild animals in the front yard before Peyton gave the grass a much needed mow!

 The kids had supper and I talked to them some and then I worked on organizing my craft closet for a little bit.

The house needed deep cleaning and more than that I needed to finish unpacking and start a week's worth of laundry. So naturally I decided to start organizing the craft closet (which has been on a master to-do list for months). I still had a good bit more to do but I got our supplies sorted into a box for paints and brushes, a box for markers/crayons/pens, a box for tape, a box for scissors, a box for glue, and a big box for miscellaneous stuff like buttons and push pins and pipe cleaners and popsicle sticks and other random things I use for homeschooling. It's SO much easier to not be resentful about not having more space when I manage what we do have well.

Peyton fell asleep and I emailed a friend, read a few blogs, placed a Target order, and worked on my finances a bit. I unpacked, got stuff ready for the next day, collected and sorted laundry, and did a few dishes and took out the trash. I hung up the things that were still clean from my suitcase and ate a bowl of cereal and did a few things on the computer and went to bed.

Um, what???

Thursday we had Book Buddies. Peyton and I got up and got ready and Minnie got here and the kids got up and we left. It was a good morning. I wasn't feeling great but it went by pretty quickly. We got home and Minnie left. The kids cleaned up their room (with lots of tears from Annie) and then had lunch, which Peyton fixed for all of us. He was feeling terrible- I think just sinus stuff- and spent most of the afternoon laying down. I went through my reader, bookmarked some stuff to read later, took my thirty three week picture, and went through the kids' shoes to put the more Winter-y ones in the attic. I ate lunch and finished the last of the unpacking (books and my toiletries), went through a bag of clothes Cookie was getting rid of, messaged a friend on FB and looked in the attic for some of Annie's old shoes for her little girl. I wrote a post and put the new cushions on the the kitchen chairs. It took me awhile to get the old ones untied!

I vacuumed in the bedrooms and study, straightened a bunch, started some laundry, and folded a load from the dryer. We all went for a walk and I came home about halfway through.

 PSA: don't make this face and say "wow" and then wonder verbally if "there's just one in there" when you ask someone when they're due and they say June and it's still April.

 I read some blogs and then I put up dishes and washed some. Peyton got the kids fed and bathed and played with them some and I worked on a post a bit. After we got the kids settled, he picked up Newks and we watched a movie. I folded a bunch of laundry and put it up and then we chatted. I read some more blogs and went to bed.

Friday was a good day. Peyton was working and Graves got up around nine. I got him some breakfast and took my bath. I made the bed and started a load of laundry, and made a few notes on my list(s) for the day. The kids had some media time and I ate my breakfast and got on the computer. I scanned my reader, finished up a post, started another more involved one, and emailed a picture to my phone. I called Peyton and texted Minnie.

Annie had her breakfast and I put up dishes, changed over the laundry and hung up the stuff I don't dry and then washed more dishes. I looked over her math lesson and sent the kids outside to play while I vacuumed the den, kitchen, and sunroom and mopped in the kitchen and sunroom. I straightened some in the sunroom and got the trash can from the street and then I took a little break while the kids played "train" with the kitchen chairs I had moved into the den so I could mop. I did math with Annie and Graves did a sticker book and then I fixed them lunch. Peyton got home and was feeling awful. He pretty much went to bed at four and stayed there. The kids had rest time and I folded laundry and read some blogs and ate something and rested a bit. They got up and Graves and I talked to Peyton some and then I decided to take the kids and go to the grocery store (I had been wondering when we'd go and we ran out of milk and bread and Peyton wanted some popsicles).

I made a list and we loaded up and headed to the store. They did really great until right at the end. We got home and I unloaded the groceries and got the kids supper. They finished and I went back to the store because I couldn't find some mascara I had bought.

Peyton thought he had the flu at this point and we didn't want to chance bringing our germs to Mick and Minnie's, Minnie had been under the weather herself, and honestly they deserve a break from us. We hadn't been grocery shopping since we got home and then we ran out of milk and bread. So I decided that 7:30 on a Friday night would be a good time to take the kids on a big grocery trip. They actually did great until the end but checking out was a bit of a disaster (they were just done). I ended up not being able to find some mascara I bought and after the kids ate supper and I unloaded everything I ran back (perks of living like two minutes from the store). I looked all in the car and in the carts that were still outside from an hour before. The cashier told me she saw me put it in a bag and I was pretty sure I remembered doing that myself. I told her it was no big deal but another sweet cashier told me to go get another one and "come through her" to check back out. I told her it was fine, she insisted I get it, and I said I'd bring the other one back if I found it later. She just patted my arm and told me not to worry about it. She was so kind and it's so inspiring to me when people just go out of their way to be so.  

I got home and did a bunch of dishes and took out the trash and then got on the computer. I read a lot of blogs and then spent a good chunk of time finishing a post. I ate something and watched the Nightly News on Peyton's laptop and went to sleep (intentionally because I didn't want to get sick) on the couch.

I think I actually slept okay but I woke up with a terrible headache on Saturday. I took something and went back to sleep and the kids slept until almost ten. Peyton actually called in to work which he NEVER does. I got up feeling better but it was still there for sure. I fixed them breakfast and fed the cat and got in the tub. I dried my hair and ate my breakfast and sent several emails I needed to. I glanced at my reader and ordered something for homeschooling off Amazon.The kids did some paper crafts and I just laid on the couch for a bit. Then I got up and we all went outside. I made lists and recopied lists in a more coherent way and organized my life for about an hour.

Poor, sick Papa getting a little fresh air. He's the antsiest sick person I've ever known in my life. So miserable. Bless his heart.

We all had lunch outside and then came in for rest time. I folded laundry, worked on a blog post, read some posts, and sent an email and then I went back outside and just rested. The kids went outside to play again after rest time and they had a snack and then I did math with Annie, still outside. I also went ahead and ironed her church dress for the next day. We came in and they had supper and I cleaned both bathrooms. We got teeth brushed and read their Bible and then they had a bath and I put up laundry. Annie got so upset and emotional over something in the tub. I helped them finish their bath and then I did dishes and got stuff ready for church and got on the computer. They were actually still up at 12:30 when I went to bed.

I got up later than I meant to- about seven fifty (I meant to get up a bit before seven thirty) on Sunday. The good news is I was able to get the kids and myself ready in an hour. Also, it was nice because we weren't dropping Peyton off so we didn't have to be right on time. In some ways it's good because it forces us to be on time but in some ways it's nice to have a little leeway. And it was really nice not to have to feed them and hang out in the car in the parking lot for an hour! They did eat breakfast on the way and we got there as Sunday school was really starting. They both did really great in church and after that we went over to my parents' house since I knew we had some extra hours in our day because we weren't going to pick up Peyton (and I also thought it would be nice to give him some extra time at home alone).

 enjoying sitting out on the deck in her hedgehog dress, haha!

We got home and I unpacked our church stuff and changed clothes. The kids watched their shows and I did a few things on the computer. I sent an email and asked a question in a couple of FB groups I'm in and messaged a friend about getting some books from her. I sent another email, finished Annie's monthly letter, and started Graves's. I ate a snack and started some laundry and talked to Peyton some. The kids played outside after they cleaned up their room a bit. I actually started doing a toy sort/purge and they came in and helped me towards the end. I cooked them a veggie supper and brushed their teeth and got them settled. I read some blogs and did a few other things and then I did the dishes and went to bed.

It was still a couple of days before Peyton made a complete recovery and wow did it make me realize even more all that he does for us! Next up, the last week of April. It'll be nice to move into May with these things.

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