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Weekly Happenings Post #370 (April 25-May 1)-- Papa Recovers and We Celebrate Five Years of Graves


This was a fun week. Peyton finally recovered from the flu and we got to FINALLY give Graves his special birthday day!

I got up pretty late on Monday, a bit past nine, and got a quick bath and got ready to go meet a friend at Target because she had a book on childbirth for me. Peyton texted me and asked me if I could go by the Y and pick up the trophies and pizza certificate for his blastball team's party later in the week. I did that and swung by and got a Sonic slush. I got home and sent a couple of emails and FB messages and then talked to Peyton. It was a really nice talk and I felt better about the week even though he was still so sick. We planned the week and talked about church, our marriage, and motivation/driveness. You know, little things.

Peyton found the perfect covers:fan ratio to deal with his fever. A single to sheet and the fan on the lowest setting. I was mostly trying to avoid our room entirely because it made me want to vom how the bed hadn't been made in three days and he had popsicle sticks all over the nightstand. Also: we stole this from the Ritz (the Herringtons at the Ritz, ha) on our honeymoon. It gets more hysterical with each kid. Shhhh...yeah right.

I texted a friend, started laundry, called in Newks, uploaded some pictures from my phone and backed them up, and then went to pick up the Newks.

We ate outside and I visited with Annie some and then we all came in. I sent a couple more emails, changed over laundry, and folded some towels. I played action figures with the kids (I was really trying to spend some time with them since I knew Peyton would be able to play with them that much that night). I fixed their lunch and dusted in the den, bedrooms, and study. They had rest time and I sent another email, finished Graves's monthly letter, and read some blogs.

 I was really trying to stay hydrated with this fun diffuser thing my brother in law left at our house when he lived here while we lived in Brooklyn. I was having some pretty strong (irregular) contractions the night before and I told Peyton this would be the absolute worst time to have a baby. Besides being six weeks early, he was doing much better but in no position to be around a tiny baby. He said "well, I know Carrie would do a wonderful job by herself in the delivery room". Look Carrie and I love each other but we were wanting to have dinner by ourselves, not have a baby by ourselves that night. Thankfully, she clearly held out PAST her due date =)

I made a phone call and then put clean sheets on the kids' beds and got ready for dinner with Carrie.

It took me a full week but we were finally back in business. I got the house vacuumed and dusted and finally caught up on laundry, math with Annie, and (sort of) the blog. I grocery shopped and the kids (and bathrooms!) have been scrubbed and have had their nails clipped. I washed their bedding and intended to wash ours the next day (I've been sleeping on the couch). It felt good to start the week like this! 

The kids ate cereal for dinner (a big treat for them) and got extra screen time to watch a Star Wars movie. And I ate out three times in one day (a Sonic drink while doing errands, Newks takeout for lunch, and a friend date tonight!). Maybe Papa should get sick more often  

Carrie swung by around six to pick me up. We tried to go to a Greek place but it was closed on Mondays so we went to an Italian place instead. It was great and after that we headed to get frozen yogurt and coffee. After that we went to Target and after that we talked for another hour or so in our driveway. Haha. It was around midnight when we finally said goodnight. I did a few things on the computer and made a list for the next day and went to bed.

Tuesday was a pretty low key day. I got up late and so did Peyton and the kids. Peyton was doing a lot better. I got on the computer, had breakfast, and took my bath and then we collected laundry. I texted Minnie, started a load of laundry, and folded some. We straightened some in the study. I was super tired and emotional and I spent the middle part of the day just kind of slugging around. Peyton and I had a bit of a tiff but I finally got up and did some dishes and felt better. I changed over laundry and the kids had lunch and I talked to Peyton. I got on the computer a tiny bit and then took a shower and did more laundry and we got ready for Annie's soccer party. We went to that and I actually felt better and then we came home and took a walk. Peyton got the kids to bed after I brushed and flossed their teeth and I made a really good salad for us and put the bedding back on our bed. We ate and watched a show and I actually fell asleep before the kids did. I woke up and changed over laundry and did a couple of things and then I had a snack and went back to bed.

Peyton and I woke up early on Wednesday and chatted and then went back to sleep. Graves got up around nine something and I straightened the kids' room for them, made our bed, took my bath, and got on the computer. I went through my email and reader and messaged a friend. I collected laundry and did a bunch of dishes and Peyton made breakfast. It was Graves's "birthday day" (his day to pick whatever we do- mostly).

Construction worker Bud with his two chainsaws at the Children's Museum yesterday. The last two years in Brooklyn they didn't have birthday parties so we had "birthday days" where they each got to (mostly) pick what we did all day. They are having a party this year (a month after their actual birthdays) but we love this tradition so much we kept it, too. Graves picked pancakes for breakfast, a trip to the Children's Museum and the Dollar Tree, Primos for lunch, and a visit to Mickey and Minnie's house.

We all ate and got ready and headed to the Children's Museum because that was Graves's first request. 

  I had to go back and find this picture of Annie from the Children's Museum so I could do a little comparison. It's funny because it was taken a little less than a month before Graves was born. It's so surreal to think about being in such a different place as we get ready to welcome a new baby again (Graves identified a cylinder because I let him participate in one of Annie's math lessons that week!).

We played for a good while and ran into some friends and after that we headed to Primos for lunch. We ran by the dollar tree and then headed over to Mickey and Minnie's for a visit. When we got home, Peyton painted Graves's face to look like Darth Mal and I organized my closet and then cooked supper. 

We ended the day with Darth Mal face paint and a movie (also pictured: Princess Laya and a ewok)!

We all ate and I cleaned up supper while Peyton bathed Graves. They watched a movie and he went to bed. I cleaned up the kitchen and bathed Annie and then we planned their birthday party and did math. I got on the computer briefly and had a snack and went to bed. Annie, Peyton, and I were all up way too late.

Thursday was a nice day. We got up and got ready and Minnie got here and we headed out for Book Buddies. Graves was still asleep but Annie woke up to see Minnie. It was our last time to read with our friends and it went really well. We came home and Peyton got ready to meet a friend for lunch. I collected laundry, fixed the kids lunch, and straightened. After they ate, they had some media time and I got on the computer a bit, folded some laundry, and did dishes. Peyton got home and took the kids swimming and I ate my lunch, took some pictures of some stuff I had been meaning to, read blogs, and uploaded pictures. I went through the pictures and deleted some and labeled the others. Peyton and the kids got home and they played action figures and I folded more laundry and then fell asleep for about half an hour while they had a snack. I attempted math with Annie and it started out great but she had a major meltdown. We were all going to go to Graves's end of the year blastball party but just the guys ended up going. Annie cried and cried and then fell asleep. I looked over some math curriculum a friend had loaned us and sent her a message about it and then I wrote a post and edited the pictures I uploaded.

I finally woke Annie up after about an hour and asked her if she'd like to come have a treat and talk. She said yes at first but when she realized she had missed the party, she started crying again. We went in the den and talked and Peyton and Graves got home and they really cheered her up. Graves  had a little prize from a $.25 dispenser and he had gotten her one too and she was excited about that. She had her treat and we all visited some and then Peyton read to them and got them settled. I fell asleep again while he was reading and then I finally made myself go in the attic and organize some. Peyton also helped me get some stuff (shoes and loungewear) down for my closet changeover and then he went to bed while I went through a box of t-shirts and my real clothes in the attic. Even though it was hot that seemed like it made more sense than bringing down whole boxes when I knew I could only use a fraction of it for the next few months. Peyton went on to bed and I replaced all my t-shirts I had grown out of with the size large ones I found in the attic. I folded up the too small ones from my dresser to take back up and then I got on the computer. I read some blogs and then Annie said she was hungry. She hadn't really eaten and I was planning on fixing her something once Graves went to bed. I told him to lay down and rest for a bit and I fixed her something to eat. After she ate, she finished math. I finished organizing pictures and had a snack myself and took a quick shower (I felt so gross from the attic). I made a list for the next day and went to bed.

We had a nice day on Friday. Peyton was working in Vicksburg but the kids and I slept really late. Then they basically wanted to play action figures most of the morning. We got up and all ate breakfast and then I got on the computer and checked my reader. I made our bed and straightened a bit and then the kids and I straightened their room. I took a bath and started laundry and organized some of the kids' books and some library books. We did an abbreviated version of morning school (critical thinking and finger plays and some read aloud- we didn't worry about the calendar and I hadn't planned for Bible). I actually wasn't planning to start back with morning school until the next week but it was good to ease back in. I played action figures with the kids for about twenty minutes and then talked to Peyton on the phone. They had media time and I did a few things on the computer- manually bookmarked some links since Delicious was broken and started a post and looked at some links Peyton had sent me about some educational apps for the kids on the iPad. I fixed the kids lunch and changed over laundry. While they ate I did two more drawers (pajamas and shorts/yoga pants) in my dresser and then they had rest time.

I fixed myself a grilled cheese, read a few more blogs, worked on the last drawer in my dresser (mostly random stuff) and then fell asleep. I feel asleep halfway sitting up and it was perfect actually because any time I take a nap close to lunch I get HORRIBLE indigestion. I got up and had a snack and then the kids had a snack. We got ready to do math and I COMPLETELY underestimated how long the prep work would take. We did that and then we actually all took a break before starting the actual lesson!

I totally underestimated the amount of prep work for our math lesson today. You had to build these three dimensional geometric shapes out of basically cardboard two dimensional shapes and rubberbands. Actually, to be totally honest it was something the parent is supposed to do ahead of time and I just didn't even look at it. Luckily, I have some fine helpers and they were more than happy to help with the construction work once I figured out what the directions were saying (which again, being honest, took the bulk of the time). 

We ended up doing some read aloud (a book about digestion from the library) and our Bible time first, then doing math, and then doing a little English (just some phonogram review and a short grammar lessons and worksheet) because Annie begged to. I fixed them supper and Peyton got home. They ate and visited with him and I did dishes, folded some bath towels, and then cleaned up the kitchen when they finished. We both got the kids settled and talked a bit and then I straightened a bit around the house, took some pictures of some stuff, and made a few lists. I took out the bathroom and study trash and Annie and I worked on filling out birthday party invitations and getting them in envelopes. I read some blogs and ate something and went to bed pretty late.

Peyton was working again of course on Saturday. Graves got up about nine and I had a bad headache so I visited with him but sort of dozed in between. I got up a bit before ten and Annie was HARD to wake up. I had breakfast and fixed the kids cereal, made our bed, and got on the computer. I went through my reader, messaged a friend for her address, and texted another friend about something she had borrowed. I took my bath and then collected laundry, started a load, and took out the recycling. I talked to the kids some and then they had some media time and I worked on a post and looked over some more math curriculums for next year.
 Nobody could be more happy about how deep their love for Charlotte's Web runs than I am.

After that, Annie did a few practice math problems and then I played action figures with them. I fixed them lunch and changed over laundry and started a new load and then I worked on my closet change over (shoes!).

The kids finished lunch and had rest time and I ate my lunch, read some blogs, finished a post, and started another post. I took a nap and woke up feeling horrible (I think sinus stuff and too heavy of a lunch did a number on me). I threw up and talked to Peyton on the phone and felt some better. I folded a couple of small loads of laundry and the kids played in the den. I read a little bit to Graves and fixed the kids supper and then I put up dishes, washed them, and got some of our stuff together for church the next day while they ate. They ended up taking so long, I went ahead and read their Bible story to them while they finished. They took a bath and I swept the kitchen and washed their supper dishes. I went through a bag of papers I had. I didn't finish it completely, but I pulled out the stuff to trash and sorted through the other stuff. I helped the kids finish their bath and Peyton got home. I did my kitchen quote and visited with him. I looked over some education blogs Peyton had sent me and added a couple to Feedly and then I worked on my personal finances for a good bit. Peyton helped me get two more boxes from the attic and then I did math with Annie. I went to bed around 12:30 after I ate a snack.

I slept SO horribly Saturday night. First of all, it took me over an hour to fall asleep and then I was up and down and so restless all night. I have no idea what it was but I did throw up on Sunday morning so maybe I just needed to get sick? Ugh.

I actually got up earlier than usual on Sunday since I couldn't fall back asleep and it made for a less stressful morning. I slept in the car all the way to drop Peyton off and I think it was the best sleep I had gotten since Friday. Anyway, something was wrong with one of the headlights and it was really overcast so when we got to Walgreens Peyton fooled with it. He got the night pharmacist who is sort of a car aficionado to come out and help him.  They got it fixed up and we had breakfast and the kids played. I did my make up  and texted Minnie and then we headed to church. I dropped the kids off and went to my Sunday school class. My friend Jackie had asked if it was okay to have a little "celebration" for baby #3 and I told her we had everything we needed but it was so sweet. She said she'd just let everyone know and bring refreshments. Well, everyone was so generous!

I certainly wasn't expecting anything as she's the third AND we already have a girl and a boy, but my Sunday school class showered Sister Baby so generously.

The kids did really amazing during church and I was so thankful. When church finished up, it was raining. Jackie's husband Jeff helped me get the presents to the car and we picked up Annie's and Graves's paintings from Sunday school. They were still a little wet and got on my dress. We headed home and I unloaded the car while the kids had a snack. I got our bags unpacked and took the presents to the study, and got the fresh flowers Jackie had sent in some water. I changed clothes, collected laundry, and started washing my dress. I sent Minnie an email and talked to Peyton on the phone and the kids had media time. I got on the computer and then worked on my finances some more. The kids helped me go through the presents and sort of consolidate the bags and then I fixed them lunch. I fixed myself lunch too and ate it while they were eating.

They had rest time and I uploaded some pictures from my phone and worked on a post and rested a bit and then worked on the post a little more. When rest time was over, they had a snack and I worked on finances a little more. We all picked up their room a little and helped them put up some clothes and straighten their closet and then they went outside to ride bikes and I started some more laundry. I vacuumed the couch since they had the cushions off anyway and did dishes. I fixed the kids' supper went through their dresser and tidied it and organized it and then worked some more on that post. We all got ready and left to pick up Peyton.

Both kids fell asleep and Peyton and I visited on the way home. Annie woke up when we got home and we talked to her some and then I uploaded pictures from the big camera and finished my post. I worked on getting all the baby's newborn clothes sorted and put up and Annie did a couple of math sheets. We went to bed around one.

Next up, May!

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