Saturday, July 9, 2016

July Goals and Happenings

I love this month's header for ovbious reason (Sallie!!!) but I also love the layered look. I haven't done it in a long time because it does take a bit more effort. It's just a ton of trial and error. Once you get it set up
you really can't adjust the outer box because it makes it not centered on blog and it cuts off one side so it's not symmetrical (like the stripes wouldn't be cut off at the same place on both sides in this one). And you can't adjust inside box because then it won't be centered in outside one. So basically I had to resize the pictures and try several times with the spacing to get it right. Anyway, I love how it turned out. The pictures are perfect and I love our new little sunshine in the spotlight. I chose the MLK quote because of all the sadness and scariness in the world right now, just as a reminder to myself of my convictions and the convictions I hope my children will share.

I mentioned last month that I didn't even need to make a list of things on the calendar for June it was such a low key month. Which is PERFECT for a month when you're going to be giving birth and welcoming a new family member. We spent a lot of time doing things that were fun and easy- grabbing sno-cones and heading to the pool. Peyton and I went on an anniversary date one afternoon to Walker's and we had a friend who was in town over for dinner one night. Our big thing this month was swim team. We did a couple of meets and practice almost every weekday morning. Sometimes Peyton just took the kids, but I went a lot at first, too. And of course, we HAD A BABY and adjusted to being a family of five.

We don't have a ton going on in July, either. Peyton had picked up a good many extra shifts, though. I was a bit nervous with the new baby, but it really is the time to do it- in the Fall we'll be homeschooling and I know I'll want him here more and plus with new pharmacy school graduates coming on board with the company, there probably won't even be many shifts available. That said, yesterday Peyton broke his collar bone when he hit some gravel and fell off his bike. So we'll have to see with work. I'm a little anxious with him not having much use of his right arm (the recovery takes about a month) but I'm grateful as it could have been much, much worse.

My goals for June were also really low key. I mainly wanted to finish preparing for the baby and enjoy her. I didn't accomplish everything I wanted to, but I'm giving myself lots of grace even though, so far, it's been a relatively easy transition.

1. Continue reading both devotions daily and pray in the mornings and evenings. I did pretty well with this last month. Not so much this month. Really, any regular rhythm has been a bit elusive these days. I'm okay with that. (Faith)

2. Add a new member. It's been an adjustment (it's been a long time since I've had a newborn) and the emotions those first couple of weeks were HARD, but overall the transition has been great. (Family)

3. Refuse to isolate myself- my mental/emotional health is just important as my physical health and I know I will have a much harder adjustment if I allow myself to get isolated from other people. This has been harder than I had realized. We had several fun social things last week and while I was excited about all of them, I kind of wanted to stay at home and rest and accomplish stuff. However, I KNOW I feel much better when I get out and interact with other grown-ups besides Peyton. (Relationships)

4. Apply sunscreen to my face every day. We haven't been outside as much and so I haven't gotten in a good habit yet. I really need to just treat it like deodorant and put it on daily even if I don't think I'm going to go outside. (Health)

5. Make good use of our nice camera once this little one arrives on the scene. Yes! Peyton's been taking more active shots of the big kids during fun stuff like eating watermelon in the back yard and I've been taking a bunch of the baby sleeping. Haha. (Creativity/Passion)

6. Work with Peyton to figure out our plan for the upcoming school year. We sat down and figured out a plan for the division of labor one morning during swim team. I'm sure we'll tweak it here and there but I feel good about it. (Education/Edification)

7. Order a new hard drive. I did this! I just found the kind we have on Amazon and ordered an extra one. Super easy. Now to back up everything! (Organization)

8. Start planning small (day?) trips for late Summer/early Fall. We didn't do this. We are going to go to Oxford at the end of the month. Peyton is working so Walgreens will pay for a hotel and the kids and I will just hang out during his shift and then we'll enjoy the town a bit. (Travel)

9. Catch up on online budgeting. Ugh, no. I neeed to make this a priority. (Finances)

10. Surround myself with words, music, and people that bring joy. This happened, though often not even because of my intention. I've so enjoyed introducing Sarah Lamar to our people and as far as words and music, making my birth playlist was such a great exercise, even if I didn't use it. (Joy/Gratitude/Perspective)

11. Write thank you notes for the baby presents we received at the shower my Sunday school class gave and have the children (mainly Annie) write thank you notes for her birthday presents. Ugh, no. Neither of these. Again, needs to be done. (Additional Goal)

12. Organize two boxes of Graves's clothes from the first year and send to my parents' storage unit. I pretty much did this. I still need to send them over. (Additional Goal)

13. Carve out time to keep watching The Sixties, a ten part CNN miniseries on Netflix that I'm loving. Not even once. We've just been busy =) (Fun Goal)

Bonus Goals:
- Renew driver's license. I actually did this at the very end of May (my birthday month) but it came in the mail this month, so I'm telling you about it now.
- Organize diapers. I organized our diaper stash this month. I had all the liners, diapers, and covers out and accessible, but I still needed to sort them by size and get the things we use most even ore accessible.
- Organize and consolidate pile in our room. There's a big pile and it's not finished yet. It's mostly papers, but also a couple of small bags to go to Goodwill and a bin of boy clothes to sort through. I don't know what about it is so overwhelming to me. But awhile back Peyton helped me and we made a big dent in it.

And here are my goals for July. I've been thinking about this some. For my monthly goaling, I'm thinking about making each list a little bit more themed. I mean I try to work around my yearly theme and yearly goals, but what I'm thinking I may do (or at least try out for the next month or so) is making the actual month kind of geared more in a certain direction. Like last month was basically "prepare for/enjoy baby". This month, I want to do a few more things to get on the same page as Peyton. I want to read a book together and I'd like to touch base more regularly with him about planning each week and such. I think we need to communicate more with another kid in the mix and homeschooling is about to get way more intense. I feel like second grade is a big jump and it'll also be the first year of really school with Graves. Then in August we're actually starting back with homeschooling.

1. Continue reading both devotions daily and pray in the mornings and evenings.  I know this is month three of this but I did so well in May and then kind of dropped it in June, so I'm working on it again.

2. Prioritize my relationship with Peyton. This is on my yearly list and it fits with the theme I wanted to work on this month. I'm going to have some specific goals, but as far as this one, I'd like to make sure we really spend a minute to "touch base" each day but also spend a few just enjoying each other's company. (Family)

3. Continue to be intentional about keeping connected with our close friends. I really tried to do this last month and it was harder than I anticipated, as I said. So I'm going to keep doing it! (Relationships)

4. Daily practice some form of self-care and note it. This time I want to be very intentional about this and I think recording it somehow will help. (Health)

5. Read Modern Romance with Peyton. (Creativity/Passion)

6. Prepare to start our new school year in August. I need to do a few things logistically but I also just need to get myself in the right headspace for it. (Education/Edification)

7. Work more with Peyton on managing our time effectively. We've kind of started this (we set up a shared document with yearly, monthly, and weekly to-do lists and we've really started working on planning out what school will look like this year) but we need to get in the habit of using those things and talking more regularly about it all. (Organization)

8. Take a trip to Oxford. This will be our first trip since the baby and I'm a bit excited and a bit nervous. It'll just be overnight and P will be working part of the time, but I think it will be fun (Travel)

9.  Catch up on online budgeting. As I said, I've got to make this a priority. (Finances)

10. Surround myself with music that brings joy. This time I'm going to specifically focus on music. (Joy/Gratitude/Perspective)

11. Write thank you notes for the baby presents we received at the shower my Sunday school class gave and have the children (mainly Annie) write thank you notes for her birthday presents. Ugh, no. Neither of these. Again, needs to be done. (Additional Goal)

12. Carve out time to keep watching The Sixties, a ten part CNN miniseries on Netflix that I'm loving. I really want to pick this back up. (Fun Goal)

Here's to July, a month where we continue to adjust and find new senses of normalcy, to figure out new systems and find new ways to make things work, and to experience new relief when grace finds us. May we work hard to secure and guard our normal, may we be proactive and disciplined about managing our time, and may we allow ourselves and one another grace as we grow and learn. 


Rebecca Petersen said...

What website do you use for budgeting?

Sarah Denley said...

We use Mint and have for years. I know there are other good options out there but we've never had a problem and for us it was so easy to learn/use.